A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review

Curious if A2 hosting worth going for or not. While that is the essence of this A2 Hosting Review but before we dig down, let’s find out about A2.


A2 Hosting Overview

A2 Hosting is one of the leading web hosting providers around.

While they are not as famous as BlueHost or Hostgator, they remain one of the top-notch hosting company when it comes to providing a blazing fast web hosting service, 99.9% uptime and powerful customer support.

Its original name was Iniquinet and it was founded in 2001 by Bryan Muthig, and by 2003, the company was renamed A2 Hosting after Ann Arbor, Michigan, the town where it all began.

This independently owned web host now owns data centers across the globe powering thousands of websites.

To find out if they are reliable and true to their claims, we decided to carry out A2 Hosting review, testing it against uptime, load time (speed), customer support, price and a host of other great features.



A2 Hosting Review: Pros & Cons

In this A2 Hosting review, we’re not only going to look at what’s good about A2Hosting but also what’s bad about it, and whether it’s right for you and your company.


Pros of A2 Hosting


1. Awesome Speed

If you’re new to web hosting, you need to understand this, speed is king.

It’s so important that giant e stores like Amazon stands to lose up to $1.6 billion per year if their site were slowed down by just 1 second, so you can see why it’s important to take website speed serious.

A2Hosting understands this very well and they’ve done their homework, using a slick combination of software and latest technology to keep sites light and speedy!

They manage this by ensuring that the majority of A2’s plans come with Turbo servers which are said to increase page loads 20x faster.

Users can also decide to stick with A2’s SwiftServer features, which include the choice of four data centre locations, Cloudflare CDN and the choice to upgrade to Cloudflare’s Railgun Optimiser and A2’s Performance Plus.

Higher tiered plans, inevitably, offer more advanced server features such as HTTP/2, Cloudflare Plus and A2 Optimised Site Accelerator for even better website speed.

Nonetheless, with speed comes reliability and with A2, networks are monitored 24/7, and quadruple redundant network support is available to keep your site connected during downtime.

When i tested A2 powered hosting website, the server response was very impressive and speed test equally awesome

2. Excellent Uptime – 99.9%

With robust facilities and uninterrupted networks, A2Hosting is confident to its hosting reliability and guarantee a minimum of 99.9% uptime for each user regardless the plan and billing cycle that they have chosen.

They are so confident and transparent with thier 99.9% uptime guarantee that as a great move to support confidence, they offer service credit of 5% paid fees for the month, for each hour your site is unreachable.

As you can see from the chart below, A2Hosting has coordinated its actions with the words, delivering an average of 99.99% uptime in the last thirty days.

However, despite these impressive uptime, be sure to read A2’s Server Maintenance Policy which states that servers and related hardware may be brought down for service or maintenance management and does not contribute to their uptime commitment.

3. Fantastic Customer Support

You can contact A2 Hosting’s customer support through a variety of popular channels as shown above

You can submit tickets to individual departments, like sales, support and billing, or simply call them or chat to them via their website’s live chat service.

Their FAQs and knowledge base offer a world of helpful resources. It’s quick and easy to access this information and I haven’t come across something which I haven’t found an answer for!

Even majority of A2 Hosting review sites confirm to the credibility and beginner friendly of their support system.

A2 Hosting’s live chat helpfully tells you where you are in the queue and provides an average wait time. When initiating my first live chat, my estimated time was 17 minutes, but I was connected within around 5 seconds to a very helpful advisor!

In a nutshell, A2 Hosting’s customer support team, dubbed the Guru Crew, is some of the best you’ll get in the business. We contacted them on multiple occasions during our test run with A2 Hosting, and they’re nothing but helpful.

4. Free Upgrade & Free Account Migration

One key noteworthy features that need mention in this A2 hosting review is the ability to upgrade as well as migrate to any of their hosting plan for free.

These features alone comes with cost attached when you use other hosting companies.

A2 Hosting makes it increasing insanely easy to upgrade your site to any of their hosting plan.

This imply, if you’re just starting, you can begin with a small Shared Hosting plan and eventually make your way up to a Dedicated Hosting plan.

Likewise, if you wish to migrate your current hosting to A2, they will be more than happy to do it for free. These singular feature cost hundreds of dollar with other web host companies we have reviewed.

5. Money Back Guarantee

If you decide you don’t like A2 Hosting within your first 30 days of using it, the company has a great money-back guarantee policy.

As long as you cancel within that 30-day, you’ll get a full refund.

Most companies offer a refund policy like this, sometimes with a bit of a longer or even shorter period but not committed when it comes to implementations.

A2 Hosting remains committed, they even takes things even a step further. If you cancel after your first 30 days, you’ll get a prorated refund, as in you only pay for what you already used.

6. Ease of use

A2Hosting comes with a simple user interface, and its very easy to use.

It integrates cPanel as its control panel, which makes it easy to manage the domains, software, databases and emails accounts.

Besides, customers can also get access to Softaculous in cPanel so that they can install most popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and OpenCart to their account with 1-click.

A2Hosting also provides A2 SiteBuilder to walks customers through 3 simple website building steps. And things cannot be easier and faster to select the website theme until publish it to the web.

7. Extra Security Protection

The security of a website is very important as it can be easily hacked or attacked by virus.

These days, website security is even more important than ever. And A2 Hosting provides perpetual security with their free, dual firewall, brute force defense, virus scanning, and security monitoring.

I also found that A2 offers some preventive, helpful measures like HackScan, a hack protection scanner for Perpetual Security and Free KernelCare, which run rebootless kernel updates automatically, to keep hackers away from your website.

I’m definitely impressed with A2 Hosting’s security features.

8. Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL (this is particularly important as Google Chrome now pushes “not secure” notifications on non-HTTPS websites)

An SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that verifies a website’s identity and encrypts data sent between the website and their server.

This offers an added layer of security that is vital for sites accepting payments. It also changes your site address from “http://www.example.com” to “https://www.example.com.” as shown below

A2 Hosting offers several SSL certificates to fit your site’s needs, including a basic SSL for free and an Advanced SSL with top-level business protection.

9. Website Staging

A2 now includes website staging for WordPress and Joomla sites.

With staging, you can create a copy of your live site and test out changes on the staging site—without affecting your production site. Then, when you’re satisfied that your new changes are working properly and everything is okay, you can push these changes out to your live website.

Staging is usually only included in more expensive managed hosting plans, so it’s great to see A2 including it at no additional cost.

10. Green Web Hosting

A2 Hosting supports the environment, so you can feel good about choosing them as a web host.

Since 2007, the company has partnered with Carbonfund to battle climate change.

If caring for the environment is something you’re passionate about, you can save the planet just by having an A2 Hosting account.

All of their servers are “carbon neutral” because they purchase carbon offsets. When you purchase carbon offsets, you’re funding projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

These kinds of projects are responsible for restoring forests, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings or transportation, or upgrading power plants to create less pollution.

For every amount of energy A2 Hosting uses, they’re buying carbon offsets to make the world a greener, cleaner place.

In addition to fighting climate change, the company also allows employees to telecommute to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions.

They also recycle older servers rather than throwing out old hardware, plant trees during special promotions, and reduce trash by using coffee mugs instead of disposable coffee cups.

The company was also one of the first providers that offered Solid State Disk Drives (SSDs). These drives use much less energy than traditional HDDs.

Cons Of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a pretty sweet website hosting provider, but there are certain things that can be done better.

None of them is a real deal breaker but are worth mentioning.


1. Intro Plan Is Limited

The smallest plan A2 Hosting has to offer is comparatively limited. It can host a single domain with no more than 5 databases and 25 mailboxes.

It is tailored for small, starting websites that don’t have many technical requirements and maintain a relatively low number of people behind the scenes. As far as intro deals go, I have seen much better.

2. Turbo Booster Only in Biggest Plan

This imply you need to upgrade to enjoy some extreme fast speed.

However this is not much to be worried about as the average website hosted on A2Hosting Shared lite plan is is still much, much faster than most other web hosts

3. More Expensive than Average

A2 hosting tends to be more expensive than the average web host

All those fancy pros comes at a price.

Like other web hosts, they also employ a common procedure of providing the lowest possible price if you sign up for a longer term.

Traditionally their cheapest shared hosting plan advertised at $3.92 meant you needed to sign up for 36 months.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting’s plans offer a range of desirable features including unlimited RAID 10 storage and transfer, a free SSL certificate and SSD hosting.

Each plan also includes as cPanel 11, off-site backups, A2’s “perpetual security”, free site migration and Softaculous, with one-click installation of CMS software such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.

Also, all plans come with free Cloudflare CDN and for little over a dollar, Linux users can activate the Railgun Optimiser for even faster load times!

Shared hosting plans are the starting level services from A2. They are good for small businesses

Although A2 Hosting is not the cheapest hosting provider on the market, but with a high-quality service and speed they offer, 99.9% uptime and plenty of features at your fingertips, it’s hard to complain.

Notithstanding, the cost for A2 Hosting is still very reasonable and it does come with a 30-day money back guarantee

How Do You Sign Up for A2 Hosting?

The signup process for A2 Hosting is very easy. After selecting your billing cycle and entering your account information, you are presented with a number of options you can select.

The two main points to keep in mind here are to be sure and select the data center closest to your area (US, Europe, or Asia),

Note: Although the optional services presented to you are definitely useful, they will cost you more money. I do appreciate that A2 Hosting does not pre-select any of these additional cost items—like some other web hosts do.

Another great thing about the signup process at A2 Hosting is that you can pay your bill via PayPal, credit card, or check.

It usually takes very little time to sign up, and almost instantaneously you’ll receive a group of emails including a welcome from A2 Hosting’s CEO Bryan Muthig, order confirmation, installation details, and your welcome email containing your account details (website and admin URLs, nameservers, ftp information, etc.).


As we can see from this A2 Hosting review, A2 has a lot to offer for a wide range of people.

If you’re someone wanting to start a small blog, A2 has a hosting plan for you. Or, maybe you’re someone wanting to move a high-traffic site over to a web host.

A2 Hosting, also has excellent plans for you to choose from as well

A2 Hosting leans on the pricey side, but with the quality you get, you can’t go wrong with entrusting your site to them.

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