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Airtel Data Plan, Prices & Subscription Codes

Speak of one of the best data providers in Nigeria and for sure Airtel Nigeria will be top of that list. With the Airtel data plan, you get the chance to see and purchase data of your choice.

Since when Airtel launched its GSM services in Nigeria in the latter parts of 2001, the Airtel Network aims to be the most loved telecommunications brand in the lives of the Nigerian people. An ambition that is evidenced in its data plans and prices.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the many data packages that the Airtel network offers, hence the need for this article which will bring to the fore all the Airtel data plans, prices, and subscription codes.

Airtel Data Plan, Codes & Bundles

Find below the very many Airtel data packages, prices, and subscription codes you can leverage anytime

These data packages are broken into different sub-data packages based on plans that suit you.


1. Airtel Daily/weekly Bundles

40MB (Valid for 1 day)₦50*141*50#
100MB (Valid for 1 day)₦100*141*100#
200MB (Valid for 3 days)₦200*141*200#
1GB (Valid for 1 day)₦300*141*345#
350MB (Valid for 7 days)₦300*141*300#
750MB + 1GB YouTube night + 200MB Spotify + 210MB TikTok                     (Valid for 14 days)₦500*141*500#
2GB (Valid for 2 days)₦500*141*504#
6GB (Valid for 7 days)₦1500*141*1504#


2. Airtel Data Plan Monthly

The Airtel Monthly data bundles are usually valid for 30 days after which it expires.

However, if you purchase the same data again after a period of 3 days, your unused data will roll over.

1.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming₦1000*141*1000#
2GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming ₦1200*141*1200#
3GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming₦1500*141*1500#
4.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming₦2000*141*2000#
6GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming₦2500*141*2500#
10GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming ₦3000*141*3000#
11GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming ₦4000*141*4000#


3. Airtel Mega Bundles

If you’re a heavy data user, you will definitely need the Airtel mega bundle as it offers the freedom of heavy data usage across multiple devices.

20GB + 4GB YouTube Night + 450MB Spotify + 510MB Tik Tok + 510MB Airtel TV Streaming (Valid for 30 Days)₦5000*141*5000#
30GB (valid for 30 days)₦8000*141*8000#
40GB (valid for 30 days)₦10000*141*10000#
75GB (valid for 30 days)₦15000*141*15000#
120GB valid for 30 days)₦20000*141*20000
240GB (valid for 30 days)₦30000*141*30000#
280GB (valid for 30 days)₦36000*141*36000#
400GB (valid for 90 days)₦50000*141*50000#
500GB (valid for 120 days)₦60000*141*60000#
1TB (valid for 365 days)₦100000*141*500000#


4. Airtel Everyday-ON plans

The Airtel Everyday-ON plan may not be that popular, but if you want to always be ON the internet, then this plan is for you.

This plan makes you spend a particular amount of data every day, while the other part is saved for the next days of the duration of the bundle.

15GB (500MB every day for 30 days)₦3000*141*3002#
45GB (1.5GB every day for 30 days)N6,000*141*6002#



5. Airtel streaming plans

The Airtel streaming plans are only available for a few selected streaming platforms, be sure to confirm before purchasing.

500MB (valid for 3 days)₦100*141*106#  
7GB (valid for 30 days)₦2,000*141*2001#
15GB (valid for 30 days)₦3000*141*3001#
30GB (valid for 30 days)₦5000*141*5001#


6. Airtel Social Plans

20MB  for WhatsApp only (valid for one day)₦20*948*4#
40MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter only (valid for one day)₦50*991*4#
200MB (valid for 5 days)₦100*688*3#
700MB (valid for 25 days)₦300*688*1#


7. Airtel Instagram Bundles

250MB  (valid for 1 day)₦100*141*105#  
1GB (valid for 1 day only)₦200*141*205#


8. Airtel Facebook And Whatsapp Bundles

100MB (valid for 1 day)₦25*141*254#  
200MB (valid for 7 days)₦50*141*54#
500MB (valid for 30 days)₦100*141*104#


9. Airtel Opera Bundles 

This package is used only on the opera mini browser and the opera news app

25MB (valid for 1 day)₦20*141*253#
100MB (valid for 7 days)₦50*141*53#
300MB (valid for 30 days)₦100*141*103#


10. Airtel SmartTrybe Plans

The Airtel SmartTRYBE Plan is only designed for customers of the Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 and Smart Talk 2.0 tariff plans. To subscribe to this plan in order to enjoy the bundle, dial *312#.

1.5GB (valid for 7 days)₦500*141*505#


11. Airtel Router Plans

This plan is dedicated to those with the Airtel Mifi or Router

You can work in any Airtel office to buy a Mifi or Router if you need a bundle that is suitable for heavy data users or office setting

While Mifi is pocket-friendly, Router is desktop friendly.

11. 1 Unlimited Ultra Plans (Router only)

Unlimited Ultra weekly (valid for 7 days)30GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦5000
Unlimited Ultra Plus      (valid for 30 days)120GB + 5GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦15000
Unlimited Ultra Standard (valid for 30 days)200GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦20000
Unlimited Ultra Diamond (valid for 30 days)300GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦30,000
Unlimited Ultra Platinum (valid for 30 days)550GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦60,000


11.2 Airtel Mifi Plans

To activate the Airtel router plans, dial *370# on your smartphone or visit,

20GB₦5000valid for 30 days
25GB₦8000valid for 30 days
40GB₦10000valid for 30 days
75GB₦15000valid for 30 days
120GB₦20000valid for 30 days
200GB₦30000valid for 30 days
280GB₦36000valid for 30 days
400GB₦50000valid for 90 days
500GB₦60000valid for 120 days
1TB₦100000valid for 365 days


11.3 Ultra Plans

40GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle  ₦10000valid for 30 days
75GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting the main bundle₦15000valid for 30 days



12. Airtel Family Plans

The Airtel Family Plans allows you to share data with a maximum of 5 people as your Family and Friends.

Another great benefit is that you will get 500MB for adding Family & Friends and you will also enjoy Free complimentary 50 Minutes and 100 SMS for communication with your Family and Friends.

Note: All the benefits apply to all the Airtel family plans.

20GB (valid for 30 days)₦5000*141*5009#
50GB (valid for 30 days)₦10000*141*10009#
80GB (valid for 30 days)₦15000*141*15009#
120GB (valid for 30 days)₦20000*141*20009#
200GB (valid for 30 days)₦30000*141*30009#
400GB (valid for 90 days)₦50000*141*50009#


13. Day and Night Plans

This plan allocates different amounts of data for the day and night periods. It is designed for customers with higher night volume.

200MB (150MB for the night period and 50MB for the day)₦60*141*60#
450MB (330MB for the night period and 120MB for the day)₦120*141*120#


14. Top-Up Bundles ( Postpaid )

This plan is only for postpaid Airtel users. It allows postpaid customers to stay connected for the rest of the month after their monthly Data bundle is exhausted.

It is important to note that it can only be used at month’s end



15. Pay As You Use

With this plan, you can access the internet without the need for a data plan, you only get charged a fee of N3/MB you use. To use the Airtel pay as you use, dial *400#.


How To Buy Data For Airtel

There are many ways one can buy data for Airtel. Moreover, all the Airtel data bundles have been discussed in the previous sections of this article, do well to go through them.

Here are the various methods you can use to buy data packages of your choice

  • Using Airtel data code
  • Use of MyAirtel App
  • Use of the official website

How To Buy Data For Airtel Via Code

You can purchase any of the Airtel data bundles by using *141#

  • Dial *141#
  • Select 3 (Data Bundles) to access more data bundles.
  • Select the data bundle you want and complete the purchase


How To Buy Data For Airtel Using Myairtel App

Myairtel App is the official app of Airtel in Nigeria. It allows its customers to buy airtime or data, as well as balance checks and bill payments.

  • Log in to Myairtel App or download it through the Google play store or App Store.
  • If you’re using it for the first time, enter your phone number and other required details
  • On the homepage, select the buy airtime or data icon.
  • Complete the purchase.

How To Buy Data For Airtel Using The Official Website

  • Visit using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • On the homepage, enter your mobile phone number in the provided space and click on “Buy Airtime/Data”.

Moreover, you can as well navigate through their different data bundles and choose the one you want, and then click on the “Buy Now” link.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be required to enter your phone number.

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How To Activate Airtel Cheapest Data Plan

If you’ve ever been searching for Airtel’s cheapest data plan, then search no further. 

How about I tell you that you can actually get 250MB for just ₦25? Sounds cool, right? Yeah, that’s what you get to enjoy with the Airtel Night Plan!

Download more movies, browse more, and enjoy more with the Airtel Night Plan.

How To Activate Airtel Cheapest Data Plan

The code for Airtel’s cheapest data plans is *412#

  • Dial the number (*412#) and reply to the prompt “3” (Night Browsing— ₦25 for 250MB).
  • Select whether to auto-renew or stop data after the subscription has been exhausted. That’s all, enjoy your browsing!

You can simply just dial *412*3# to enjoy Airtel’s cheapest data plan (Airtel Night plan).

NOTE: You can only use the night plan bundle between 12 am and 5 am. You can as well purchase the bundle as many times as you want but you can’t exceed the daily limit.

How To Deactivate Airtel Data Plan

To opt out or cancel your Airtel data subscription especially if you were in auto-renewal.

  • Dial *362#
  • Select option 2 (opt-out)

More simply, just dial  *362*2# to deactivate your Airtel data plan

  • To deactivate your Airtel Android Bundles: *438*100#
  • To deactivate your Airtel Mega bundles: *408*100#

You can also deactivate your Airtel data plan auto-renewal via SMS

  • Go to the messaging app on your mobile device.
  • Create a new message and type STOP
  • Send the message to 141

You can as well text STOP AUTO-RENEW to 440 or you can text STOPAUTORENEW to 440

If you carefully follow the instructions, your Airtel data plan or auto-renewal will be canceled.


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