You are currently viewing Top 10 Major Delivery Companies in Nigeria (2023)

Top 10 Major Delivery Companies in Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking for delivery companies in Nigeria? In this resource guide, we are going to look at a comprehensive list of the top 10 major delivery companies that offer quick and reliable services.

It is no doubt that delivery companies are growing rapidly in Nigeria, especially in recent years. The delivery market which is now on-demand has seen the coming to life of some global brands.

Through these logistics brands, people can now place orders online from the comfort of their own homes and have them delivered ASAP.

In view of this, there’s a need to know the best delivery companies in Nigeria in order to ensure the safe delivery of your packages.

Let’s get to it!

Top 10 Best and Reliable Delivery Companies in Nigeria 

Don’t be surprised by the number of delivery companies out there. Diligent review is needed to be able to fetch the good from the bad ones.

Leverage these our top 10 delivery companies listed below today to enjoy the best of services at prices you can’t get elsewhere.

In fact, you can start selling hot products through the power of eCommerce in conjunction with any of the following logistics companies that are proven to be legit with real physical and online presence recognized across the country.

Below are our top picks for delivery services based on credibility and affordability

  1. Jumia Logistics Services
  2. Konga Logistics
  3. GIG Logistics
  4. Red Star Express
  5. Tranex
  6. DHL Nigeria
  7. FedEx Nigeria
  8. UPS Nigeria
  9. Sendbox
  10. Kwik Delivery


1. Jumia Logistics Services

Jumia Logistics

Jumia Delivery offers one of the best & cheapest delivery services in Nigeria and the fun part is that it is open to third parties as well.

Individuals and business alike can engage their service to deliver products to cities across Nigeria. If interested, you can signup here

Jumia Delivery is a top-notch delivery company committed to delivering quality services to its customers.

The fun part is that you can also use Jumia to store your goods in their widely distributed warehousing facilities across the country.


They offer a range of delivery options, including express delivery, next-day delivery, and standard delivery depending on your choice.

Jumia Delivery is very reliable, they have an extensive network of delivery agents – trained and experienced delivery agents who work tirelessly to ensure that packages are delivered on time and in good condition.

These delivery agents are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that helps them navigate through traffic and locate addresses quickly.

For any inquiries, Jumia makes their customer service available 24/7 to answer any questions and resolve any issues that customers may have.

They can be reached through multiple channels, including phone, email, and social media.


2. Konga Logistics

Konga Logistics

Konga is a Nigerian retail and e-commerce company. However, through its logistics service, Konga ensures the timely shipment and delivery of packages.

Ever since it emerged, Konga Logistics has been offering effective and prompt door-door delivery services across the nation to help manage the entire supply chain process for E-commerce businesses, individual and small businesses.

For eCommerce sites, they have user-friendly API solutions which provide clients with an extensive range of built-in features for effective integration. This means you can integrate your eCommerce sites to enjoy Konga Logistics to pick up as well as deliver products and services to customers’ doorstep

Konga also has tracking options so you’ll always know whether your goods have reached their destination.

The possible downside with Konga logistics is the fact that there’s no international delivery. Its delivery is only within Nigeria.


3. GIG Logistics

Gig Logistics

GIG Logistics is a reliable delivery company that is committed to quality, effective and on-time delivery of services to its customers across Nigeria and the globe.

They are one of Africa’s indigenous logistics companies founded in 2012 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted and reputable logistics providers in Nigeria.

GIG Logistics offers a variety of delivery options to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

They provide pick-up/delivery and express drop-off services including overseas shipping

You can easily ship into Nigeria from UK/USA your desired products using their service.

GIGL overseas shipping allows you to ship items from any store abroad, anywhere in the world, down to your doorstep in Nigeria.

For instance, you can shop on Amazon and they’ll help you ship to your doorstep in Nigeria. GIG Logistics is available in virtually all the major cities in Nigeria.

Through their app Giggo, you can calculate a cost estimate for local and international shipments from the comfort of your phone

They are really trustworthy and can be relied upon to fulfill all your logistics problems

To get started, you will need to sign up with them first

In a nutshell, you can leverage GIGL to take care of

  • Overseas shipping
  • Domestic logistics and
  • E-commerce logistics


4. Red Star Express

Red Star Express Logistics

Red Star Express is one of the most trusted delivery and courier services companies in Nigeria that handles logistics to solve shipping challenges and connect with customers to reach new markets.

They are a reliable delivery company that offers high-quality delivery services to individuals and businesses across Nigeria and the globe

Red Star Express offers both domestic and international logistics solutions and their services include:

  • Haulage and Tracking solution
  • Port logistics services
  • Warehousing
  • Agro logistics
  • Supply chain consultancy services
  • Pharma Logistics
  • House and office relocation
  • Project management (special projects)

The company is one of the oldest logistics companies in Nigeria founded in 1992 and ever since has grown to become one of the most trusted and reputable delivery companies in the country.

They partner with businesses whether large, medium, or small scale to promote and offer convenient and effective logistics solutions including door-to-door, time-sensitive logistics solutions

Red Star Express is a licensee of FedEx corporation thereby making it deliver truly international logistics solutions and experience.

If you ever need logistics solutions to help solve your shipping challenges, then you should try out Red Star Express Plc.

They have a tracking tool to help you track your goods


5. Tranex


Tranex, known as Trans-Nationwide Express Plc is a Nigerian-owned company that specializes in domestic and international express delivery, haulage, freight, and even storage services.

They offer both logistics and courier services with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and several branches in many locations across the federation.

Tranex provides reliable and efficient delivery services across Nigeria.

To monitor your packages, they have a tracking app to help always know where your package is

They also have logistics in all sizes like motorcycles for the fast delivery of light items and lorries for large items and long journeys.

You can leverage this company to pick up your package at any time and get it delivered to your desired destination


6. DHL Nigeria

DHL Nigeria

DHL is another leading logistics and courier services company in Nigeria, covering over 220 countries and territories worldwide while DHL Nigeria is a subsidiary of DHL Express, which provides courier and logistics services to individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

DHL shipping services include both domestic and international delivery covering:

  • Documents and Parcel
  • Air freight, ocean freight, Road freight, and Rail freight.

Its logistics services cover the following:

  • Warehousing
  • Transport and distribution
  • Contract Logistics, etc

As of today, the company has established a strong presence in Nigeria and the capability to deliver packages quickly and efficiently to various destinations around the world.

The company has a fleet of over 250 vehicles and an extensive network of global partners, enabling it to provide reliable and timely delivery services to customers.

DHL Nigeria has also invested heavily in technology and digitalization to enhance its services.

The company has developed a range of online tools and platforms, such as the DHL Express Mobile App and the DHL eCommerce Platform, which enable customers to track their shipments, manage their accounts, and access a range of other services from their smartphones or computers.


7. FedEx Nigeria


FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest delivery companies, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories.

Established in 1989 in the Middle East, FedEx now delivers across Nigeria starting December 1, 2022.

Many people do prefer FedEx for the fact that it is global and assures a 1-4 day delivery time to their customers.

With FedEx, you can ship across the globe and enjoy free packaging as well as free tracking and custom-cleared service


8. UPS Nigeria

UPS Homepage

UPS (United Parcel Service) is a leading global logistics company providing courier and delivery services and supply chain management solutions across Nigeria and the globe at large.

The company helps individuals and businesses manage their flow of goods.

UPS also offers both low & high-volume shipping services including freight and muti-carrier shipping services for businesses with over 30 locations, including offices, warehouses, and drop-off points.

They are indeed reliable and provide convenient and reliable services to customers in all parts of Nigeria.

UPS Nigeria’s courier services include a range of options for customers, including express delivery, standard delivery, and international delivery and customers can also track their packages in real-time using the company’s online tracking system.

In addition to its core logistics services, UPS Nigeria also offers supply chain management solutions to help businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency. These solutions include inventory management, order fulfillment, and transportation optimization.


9. Sendbox


Sendbox is a technology-driven logistics company that provides delivery solutions to individuals and businesses across Nigeria.

The platform can also be used as eCommerce to sell your products

However, its logistics services offer delivery to businesses of all sizes, from small online retailers to large e-commerce platforms.

Their services include same-day and next-day delivery, international shipping, warehousing and storage, and custom logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Through their tracking tool, you can monitor your packages on the go

Prices are based on the route and weight of your package but for items sold using the Sendbox for Business platform, 2.5% of the total value of every product sold on the platform is charged.


10. Kwik Delivery

Kwik Delivery
Kwik Delivery is a top delivery platform that offers a wide range of shipping options to businesses and individuals across Nigeria.

The platform offers fast and affordable delivery services to customers

As a user, you can integrate their app with your eCommerce.

They are also available on the Google Play store and Apple store for your devices

Kwik Delivery’s platform also offers same-day and next-day delivery services with flexible payment options including cash on delivery, bank transfers, and mobile money.

Their customer support runs 24/7 and can be contacted via chat, phone, and email,



Steps To Choosing The Right Delivery Company In Nigeria

Your choice of the delivery company to take care of your delivery needs is crucial to the success and growth of your business, especially if you want to be considered reliable and professional.

With the numerous courier and delivery companies available, it may be challenging to pick the best delivery service for yourself or your company.

How possibly can you then choose the right delivery company?

1. Check for their availability and the areas they cover

Of course, it would be useless choosing a delivery company that does not cover your needed area or that can not be easily accessed.

An ideal delivery company should cover your needed location and should also deal in products in which you specialize.

In fact, this should be the first step to consider before choosing a delivery company in Nigeria.

2. Review their customer service

Dealing with delivery companies that have a bad reputation in terms of customer satisfaction is a step to failure.

Thus to avert such unnecessary disaster, you should review their customer service satisfaction as well as their policies to ensure they’re ideal for you.

3. Tracking capability

Another essential step to consider when choosing a delivery company in Nigeria is its tracking capability.

Some delivery companies provide SMS emails, and most times tracking portals, which help update their customers and clients to keep track of their packages and to help them know when they’re ready for pickup or whether they’ve been delivered.

4. Experience

How much experience have they garnered in the industry you specialize in?

Their expertise can go a long way in ensuring that your customers are satisfied with your services

5. Cost and Speed

Timely delivery is of course more than essential.

Both the speed and cost should be favorable and should be what you can take care of.

6. Reviews and Referrals

Another great step to take is to have a review of their services from people who have worked with them before. That way you’ll know better what their services are like.

7. Make a trial

Nothing else can give you a better idea of what the services of a delivery company are in reality other than a trial shipment or delivery.

Your experience with them during the trial delivery will help you to know exactly what to expect in the long run in case you decide to hire their services.

This is most likely the last step to choosing the right delivery company.


Services Offered By Delivery Companies In Nigeria

1. E-commerce delivery

E-commerce delivery encompasses the transport of products or items ordered online from a retailer or e-commerce sites, to the customer’s delivery destination. This transfer of purchased items is made possible by delivery companies.

2. Same-day delivery

In this delivery service, a customer orders an item that can be delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours. That is, consumers get to receive their packages within the day after purchasing them from the retailer.

3. Express delivery

Unlike other delivery services, express delivery is the fastest method and this usually involves the customer paying an extra shipping cost for this type of delivery.

Products on express delivery are usually transported to the consumers anywhere between 24 to 72 hours.

4. Cash on delivery

In this type of delivery service, the customer only pays for his ordered goods when the products get to him.

5. Return and exchange services

An ordered purchase that you send back is a return shipment. These services are mostly offered by e-commerce sites.

In the case of what I ordered vs what I got, return and exchange services help you to return or exchange the products if they do not fit or meet your expectations.


Challenges Facing Delivery Companies In Nigeria

On some occasions, people end up having bad experiences with delivery companies in Nigeria.

Cases of delayed delivery are quite rampant. However most times, the fault may not be totally from them.

So let’s discuss some of the challenges these companies face in Nigeria.

1. Poor Road Infrastructure

Undoubtedly, the state of our roads has hindered the smooth delivery of goods and services in the country. Most parts of the country can not be penetrated by delivery companies due to bad road networks.

Moreover, the state of our roads has made delivery companies spend more due to the frequent breakdown of their vehicles. Besides, some locations are not well linked by good roads.

Definitely, road infrastructure is a major obstacle to effective courier and delivery services in Nigeria.

2. High cost of logistics

The state of our roads, and PMS price, amongst many other factors, have led to an unnecessary increase in the price of logistics in Nigeria. As a result, delivery companies are at a loss due to low patronage.

3. Security concerns

When there’s no security guarantee for the lives of drivers or even the goods carried, effective delivery services are greatly hindered.

Sadly on a daily basis, delivery companies have to deal with the issues of goods theft or the kidnap of their drivers. This of course hinders their progress and poses a great challenge.

4. Low level of technology adoption

A lot of Nigerians do not engage in e-commerce, hence, the need for delivery companies may not be as high as it’s supposed to be.


Solutions To The Challenges Facing Logistics Companies In Nigeria

It is one thing to identify the challenges faced by delivery companies, but the more important thing is to proffer solutions to them.

1. Investment in road infrastructure: Government should do better in carrying out one of its primary obligations of providing good road infrastructure.

This will not only ease the burden on delivery companies but will also help other businesses to thrive as well. In this way, quality timely delivery will be more than possible.

2. Partnership with local logistics providers: Most delivery companies may not know their way through remote locations, hence the need for a favorable partnership with local logistics providers.

This partnership will go a long way to ensuring that delivery companies can offer their services in virtually all locations in the country.

3. Implementation of security measures: Security is a crucial role of the government in society. Security is vital for the smooth running and growth of businesses.

Thus, the government should do more to ensure the implementation of adequate security measures.

Besides, delivery companies are not also left out in this regard, they should put adequate security measures in place while carrying out delivery services.

4. Adoption of technology: The world has far gone digital but in this part of the world, we’re still dragging our feet, especially in the adoption of technology.

People should do more by engaging in e-commerce and delivery companies should implore the use of technology in their operations.

Technology can help in tracking delivery, helping in security, and so many other areas.

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Final Thoughts

The delivery market is ever-expanding in the country and in this article we’ve practically discussed all there’s to know about delivery companies in Nigeria.

In fine detail, we’ve looked at the major delivery companies in Nigeria and the services offered by Felixery companies as well as the challenges they face including the possible solutions.

Do you have questions? You can drop them in the comments section.


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