You are currently viewing Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria 2023

Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria 2023

Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria vary, and this variation is as a result of key differences in specifications, capacity, and brand Model and in some instances, the store from which you are buying from, but on the whole, they are affordable.

As one of the top brands in Nigeria, Elepaq has its unique angle, comes with adjustable features to suit various needs, 100% Copper coil, fuel efficient, inbuilt AVR as well as overload protection.

They are affordable but be aware of Fake Elepaq Generators, as they are very common in the Nigerian Generator market.

Elepaq Generators not only support our home but they are also suitable for the business world.

This means you can use it in your house as well as in your business.

The amount of power you need will determine the Generator capacity you will go for.

Elepaq are also not so expensive when it comes down to maintenance and fixing.




Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria 2023

1. Elepaq SV2200 1.3KVA | Price: N50,000 – N55,000

elepaq generator 1.3kva

The SV2200 1.3KVA is one of the most affordable Elepaq brand of generator in Nigeria. It comes with quite impressive features that you might want to look at.

The best key spec of this SV2200 manual start generator is its low fuel consumption rate.


It gen feature a 6-litre fuel (petrol) tank capacity that works fine as a standalone or as a back-up to support your bigger generator.

Elepaq SV2200 features an engine type of forced air, cooled four stroke gasoline engine overload with a transistorized magneto ignition system.

The great thing about this fuel-saver generator is that it can last all night as the continuous operational available time is 9 hours once there is a full tank and the fuel tank capacity is 6.0 litres.

The only downside to this gen is the fact that its manual start. Other than that, its worth the price.

Make use of this portable generator to power your small home appliances like your table top fridge.


3. Elepaq EC5200CX 2.5KVA | Price: N62,000 – N77,000

Elepaq EC5200CX 2.5KVA
The Elepaq EC5200CX 2.5KVA is another top recognized model that is known for durability and low fuel consumption rate.

It featured a manual start, a 15-litre fuel tank capacity, a cooled four stroke petrol engine overload with a transistorized ignition system.

It can works fine as a standalone or as a back-up option.

The EC5200CX power capacity can support an average family house or small business.


4. Elepaq EC5800 2.8KVA | Price: N67,500 – N83,000

elepaq generator 2.8kva

The EC5800 2.8KVA is another top-notch,  affordable and popular Elepaq generator.

It comes with electric Starter and other great and loving features enough to power your home and office appliances like televisions,‎ computers, printers and more.‎

The EC5800 has a sturdy build and has been designed for consistently reliable performance.‎ ‎

It has a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine type and has a recoil manual and electrical starting system for extra convenience.‎

It is a 2.8KVA generator with, OHV, Air-cooled Alternator-Brush, AVR 100% Copper Enamelled Wire Recoil + Electric Start, Battery, Wheel & Handle Kits.

The Elepaq EC5800 Generator is highly efficient and guarantees stable voltage regulation for the effective and smooth running of all your electronic devices.‎

‎With this generator, you will have a reliable backup in the event of a power outage, the fun never stops‎.‎


5. Elepaq EC3800CX 3.5kva | Price N79,000 – N93,000

elepaq generator 3.5kva

The Elepaq EC3800CX is one of the top value for the price tag portable genset on the market today with an enthusiastic approval rating.

Its low fuel consumption generator perfect for all the power needs of a 3 -4 bedroom apartment.

This generator is a manual start, a 3.5KVA with, OHV, Air-cooled Alternator-Brush, AVR 100% Copper Enamelled Wire Recoil and sports a 15L fuel tank capacity and is a petrol fuel type.

The gen worth given a look, click below for more features


7. Elepaq SV6500E2 4.5KVA | Price: N90,000 – N114,000

elepaq generator 4.5kva

The Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Start Generator SV6500E2 is simply an amazing generator that adopts an advanced technology in design and performance peculiar only to the Elepaq Brand.

This generator is ideal to use at any time of the day thanks to its low noise operation.‎

The SV6500E2 has a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine type. It has a recoil manual and electrical starting system for extra convenience.‎

If you wonder what can a 4.5kva generator power 

It will easily power your home and office appliances like televisions,‎ pumping machine, computers, printers and more.‎

For more on their features, check it out by clicking the button below

What i came to realized is that, there are so many model of the Elepaq 4.5kva. See more option here



Elepaq Generator Buyer Guide

Key Things to Consider Before Buying Elepaq Generators

When buying Elepaq generator, it is advisable to consider the followings:

Rated Power

Generator power ratings are in KVA ( kilo-volt-ampere )or VA or W.

A generator with a 1.5KVA could power up a small house with few appliances.

You would need one with a higher power rating to power a factory or business center.

When settling for a model, it is important to buy one which has a higher power rating than what you require, to prevent exceeding the power rating limit.


It is quite obvious that you consider the available space for operating and storing the generator.

Also, consider the direction of the exhaust to prevent the smoke from polluting your house or that of your neighbors.

Starting Method

Elepaq have 3 main starting method.

  • The traditional method of recoil starter (rope). 
  • Key Starter/Button. This usually involve use of key/button to power the generator as found in most latest generators
  • Remote Control. This is highly recommended however could be expensive. Generally, they are easier to use 

Note: Most of the latest Elepaq generator especially, those in the high price tag comes with these 3 starting methods.

Engine Oil

Even though most engine oils would work just the same, it is advisable to check the recommended engine oil for your generator brand as part of maintenance.

Sometimes the engine oil might be expensive, but using a cheaper one could lead to damage to your generator engine, which will cost you more to repair than buying the recommended engine oil.


How To Care And Maintain Elepaq Generator

Like any combustion engine, a generator requires a bit of maintenance from time to time.

Though small-engine mechanics/generator repairers and official dealers in most areas can perform basic services for reasonable fees, common tasks are generally doable even for a mechanical novice.

Changing the oil on a generator is pretty simple, and you should do it either every six months or every 100 hours once you’ve broken in the engine.

Elepaq generator manufacturers recommends changing the oil before long periods of storage, as well.

Note: the easiest way to use a generator is to set it up outside and run an extension cord or two into the room where you need power, you should never run a generator indoors or in an enclosed space.


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Elepaq Generator Prices in Nigeria Exclusive Deals Up To 70% Off

A backup generator for your home is a great investment not only for your family comfort and safety but also for the growth of your business. Don’t get caught off-guard the next time your power goes out.

Take advantage of this exclusive offers and get one for yourself.


If you need a power supply generator, you can’t go wrong with Elepaq Generator

They are simple to use and easy to wheel into position outside the house and plug into transfer switch. Or better still, connected to electrical loads via heavy-duty extension cords.

They are also cost effective generator suitable for home or small business.

It comes with adjustable features to suit various needs.

It consumes low fuel and their parts are not so expensive when it comes down to maintenance and fixing.

Indeed, Elepaq generator worth given a try. 


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