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10+ Hot Selling Products in Nigeria 2022

There is no denying the fact that knowing a high demand & hot selling products in Nigeria can help you profit greatly.

These compiled lists of top of the ladder & best selling products are based on popular demand and number of times they have been sold. 

In short, these lists of products are mostly the hot selling products on eCommerce stores like Konga and Jumia.

Although these products cut across many niche, notwithstanding they can help you even in deciding the niche to focus on in 2022 while starting a business or blog.

These products can be either sourced locally or imported, however to make a high profit margin, importation could be the best bet.

If you know your way around the importation business, that will be fine otherwise start as a middle man, source your products locally from major markets and sell at retail prices to prospective customers.

This way, you can be guaranteed of the product to focus on especially when you start the importation business.



Fast & Hot Selling Products in Nigeria 2022

1. SmartPhone



Smartphones are built with functionality that makes life easy ranging from making and receiving calls, to browse on the go, access email and social media to keeping track of daily goals and many more.

There is no doubt, Smartphones are very important to our day to day activities.

This makes this device a most wanted in the Nigerian market.

Demand for a Smartphone today is very high, no one want to be left out, everybody want to be connected and loved.

The Smartphone can be either Android or IOs as long as it has the inbuilt functionality of a smartphone.

China is the major source market, but you can liaise with the companies or major dealers to buy at discounted prices.


2. Power Bank

Power bank

If you have a Smartphone or other battery powered device, you need a Power Bank to top it up on the go and as well as when needed.

Power Banks can provide stable power in times of need and besides, the epileptic power supply in the country makes a power bank one of the most demanded in the market. 

Virtually every rechargeable battery powered gadget can’t function without its battery being charged.

With inadequate power supply, using a Power bank to charge our devices becomes inevitable.

Because of the inbuilt functions, many of Smartphone battery loses battery charge easily.

It just makes sense of it to have one, it can help you save your battery life and gives you confidence when there is power failure.

Taking advantage of this hot demand, you can start a business in the field, buying and selling.


3. Gas Cooker

Gas Cooker

In Nigeria today, if there is one thing that is most apparently used for preparing meals, is the Gas cooker.

Besides, the epileptic power supply in the country makes Gas cookers even more reliable compared to Electric stove or Microwave.

Notwithstanding, if you think of Kitchen appliances that are in high demand, you can’t go wrong with a Gas Cooker.

This is a product that is worth taking a look at.


4. Home Theatre

Home Theatre

People this days are stressed up from one thing or the other, the traffic jamb, job hustle, etc

Many need that thing that will bring emotional feelings, that relaxation mood and a sound system can help.

A home theatre can provide an entertainment option suitable for watching TV and movies at home with excitement.

Home Theatre can also be of benefit if you enjoy experimenting with media on the best quality possible in your home.

Inshort, have you wondered why people love music, while it makes many to be in that relaxation mood without thinking of their worries.

A Sound System is therefore a hot product that you can venture into the buying and selling.


5. Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper

If there is one hot selling product in Nigeria you should definitely look up for is the Hair Clipper

Aside from Hair Cutting, a Clipper can be used for cutting armpit, pubic hair, body hair, etc. and in some cases you can use it to cut pet hair.

Hair Clipper can also be used for personnel hygiene, avoiding possible disease infection that can be associated with the use of public clippers.

The Hair Clipper can be of any brand as long as it can get the job of hair cutting done neatly but preferable, pick from any of these Clipper brands

Although sourcing for high quality also matters because this will determine how long you are going to be in business.


6. Wrist WatchWrist Watch

The whole essence of a Wrist watch is to tell the time but these days, there is even more to it especially with the emerging smart wrist watches making it possible to perform basic smartphone functionality including calling, organizing, schedule & weather reports.

Besides, it makes us track our time to avoid wasting it on unproductive things.

All this makes wrist watches, especially Smart wrist watches one of the hot selling products in Nigerian market.


7. Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoe

Canvas shoes are lightweight and can be used for sport activities and worn for casual outing.

Using it to complement your casual wears and casual outing is becoming common.

The demand for it is equally high and this makes it a hot selling products in Nigeria


8. Groceries


There is no denying the fact that we must all eat and this can be in varieties that is why you see grocery stores springing out in almost every nook and Cranny of a community or state to meet this demand.

Groceries like rice, pasta, noodles, cooking oil, condiments, can food, wheat flour etc are among top demand.

Sourcing these items from the producer in large quantities and selling them at wholesale or retail prices can get you some huge profit.


9. Beard oil

Beard Oil

Beard oil can be very profitable if you promote it among beard lovers.

It is natural for someone that keeps beard to want it look neat or better still, grow it, the more.

This makes this product inevitable among beard lovers and in high demand.

Sourcing this Beard oil and selling locally can indeed help you profit a lot.


10. Earbud Bluetooth

Earbud Bluetooth

If you have been driving in the city of Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja or Kano you will agree with me  that it can be tedious with traffic jam here and there

During this period of Traffic Jam, calls or messages that demand urgent response might arise and it is against the Law of the land to pick up the phone while driving. 

The best bet could be to use an earbud Bluetooth to achieve that short communication.

Besides, you can synchronize with your phone to receive calls and even listen to music while driving or while in the office.

 Its wireless connection Makes it suitable for going places without worry

Earbud Bluetooth is currently among the trending and hot selling products in  Nigeria you can venture into. Its simply lucrative.


11. Women’s Clothes

Women Clothes

Women Clothes business is one of the most common businesses in major cities.

Even though we have that of Men and Children Clothes, Women wear is more lucrative.

In general, clothing business is very profitable but to make it big it is advisable to have physical location as well as online present

Either of the category of Cloth business you choose, be sure of quality because that is what keeps you in business for long.


 12. Men’s Shoe

Men shoe

Men’s Shoe can be very lucrative especially if you specialized in children, teenagers and Adults Male shoes.

Shoes are generally a most have since people must wear one, therefore making it a lucrative business to venture into

Depends on the market you are targeting, Female shoes too can be very lucrative.


13. Fridge/ Freezer

Fridges and Freezers

Fridge or Freezer is a large appliance and can help greatly by keeping food safe from bacteria.

It can be used to keep fresh food items or even leftovers

Beside, the harsh climate condition of Nigeria and Africa in general makes people naturally to like cold drinks

Fridge or freezer is therefore inevitable in a modern home.

It can make life easier.

Specializing or going with one of the best fridge brands can help you profit locally.


14. Microwave


It has never been an easy task to take out food that is as cold and warm it up in a matter of minutes

Even frozen meat once heat up in a Microwave, defrost within minutes.

There is no denying the fact that microwave is a must-have in the kitchen

Aside from its benefit, Microwave can also be used to complement your electric or gas stove

Buying & seller Microwave can be lucrative especially if you can source it from places like China.


15. Generator


If you live in a country like Nigeria then there is every certainty that you have been failed before by Electric Power supply. 

When you  live in a city with dense population, you will agree with me that having generator as a backup power supply is inevitable.

Even though you don’t have the money to start buying and selling over 12KVA Generators, you can think of drop-shipping or better still start with the small brands.

In fact, small generators are very profitable especially if you can source it international and sell locally.


16. Blender


A Blender is a staples addition to kitchen appliances. It can be used to blend vegetables, fruit and even nuts.

A blender is simply an essential gadget of the kitchen that buying and selling can be lucrative

With so many brands, you can simply start with the popular ones.


17. Bracelet


Bracelets are used to complement fashion wears.

These days, it is even common to see bracelets with digital watches.

This type of bracelets is high in demand which makes it very lucrative.

Sourcing in China and selling locally can indeed make you lots of profits.


18. Flash Drive

Flash Drive

In today’s world, carrying files from one place to another is no longer necessary as long as you can convert it to a digital format.

Beside physical damage you can encounter, carrying files from one place to another can lead to a document getting lost.

With a flash drive, you can carry your files safe and sound in digital formats.

Infact, Flash Drive these days is one of the common interfaces for connecting peripherals.

It is very portable and comes in different sizes that can be use as backup.

Flash Drive is very important in the digital world and its benefits can’t be over emphasis. This makes it one of the best hot selling products in Nigeria and good for business purposes.


19. Pressing Iron

Pressing Iron

Looking neat is a serious business. Nobody want to look bad

Ironing your cloth can bring the beauty in your clothes

Electronic Iron can be very convenient and can iron cloth neat.

This device is also in high demand. Venturing into it can fetch you lots of money.


20. Torch Light

Torch Light

If there is one thing that is certain in Nigeria, is the epileptic power supply and there is no way this will happen in the night or during the sunset that you will not need a torch light.

Torch light is another effective tool for Security Officials and Guards in general.

It is also good for night drivers as well as people that leave the house early before sunrise and those that come back home late.

All these benefits makes it a hot selling products in Nigeria.

Buying and selling of Torch Light can be very profitable especially the rechargeable ones.

Venturing into the business is therefore lucrative.


21. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle Pricing

Electric kettle is among the hot selling products in Nigeria because it has so many uses.

From boiling water for cooking to boiling water for taking baths.

Electric Kettle can be very fast in boiling water compared to traditional methods while saving you money you could have otherwise wasted on Gas or Kerosene.

We are in a modern age and it is inevitable that Power supply is also getting better, having Electric Kettle among your Kitchen Appliances is therefore a must.

Selling this product can be lucrative.


22. Necklace 


Have you not notice that these days, people not only want to look neat and good but also want attention. Necklace can help you achieve that.

Besides, you can use it to compliment your fashion.

Sourcing from China and selling locally can indeed be profitable.

Lots of people have made a living selling Jewelries, you too can.

The Jewelry business is a business that is worth taking a look at.


23. TV


The TV set one of a fast selling products in Nigeria because is a must have in the house.

In Fact many can’t do without a Television in their house

Lots of people want to connect with the world, they want to see and listen to things happening around the world as well as those that are trending.

Television can help you achieve that and infact, TV can indeed keep you company at home.

Why do you think people will not want to spend their money on it?

Sourcing for a dealer or even the manufacturer and selling here in Nigeria can be a very lucrative business to start.


24. Video Games

Video Games

Buying and selling Video Games is a massive business around the world. Kids, teens and adults love to play Games.

As you may have known, nobody wants to feel bored and if you are less busy, you want to feel engaged by doing something.

Games can keep you busy.

Buying and selling Video Game or Game materials can be very lucrative especially if you live around areas with schools or lots of teenagers.


25. Hair Wig & Extension

Hair Wig

If you have love for the fashion industry you can consider trading in the beauty sector.

The demand for Hair wig & extension in Nigeria is high especially with busy schedules, seating for hours to get hair fix is time consuming and the best alternative is going for an hair wig.

Therefore, the hair extension business in Nigeria is a viable and lucrative business.

The fun part is that you can start with little capital, whether at home or online.

With so many different hair extension in the market , the Synthetic, Human hair, European, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair, Wigs, Expression attachment, etc

They come in different inches, colors, different makes and their prices vary too.

Knowing all these different types of hair matters and you can decide to engage yourself with one that your customers love the most.


26. Security & Surveillance Gadgets


CCTV Cameras, Motion Detector, American Bab Wire, Fence Wire, Alarm and many more are all security gadgets you can venture into buying and selling or possibly fabricating.

Everyone wants a sense of protection over lives, properties and increased business productivity but with the prevailing security threat in Nigeria, it just makes living in Nigeria unbearable.

Serving as the solution to these threats through selling security & surveillance gadgets can make you lots of money.

Besides, you can also decide to learn the Process,- installing yourself and make all the profits from products to installation. 


27. Wall Paper

Wall Papers

One of the trending interior decorations is the use of wall paper which can be either plain or 3D.

Wall Papers can look good and they are very easy to install.

It is gradually taken over the painting industry and would be the best bet for you to venture into buying & selling especially if you sell painting products or interior decoration.

It is currently trending and you can make lots of money by buying & selling and even installing for clients. also:


Verdict On Fast Selling Products in Nigeria 2022

Sourcing for products to buy locally or internationally demands that you lookup for hot selling products so as to boost your profit margin.

With these list of 27 hot selling products in Nigeria 2022, you are rest assured of landing a product that can help you with your online or offline venture.


If you enjoy this List of Hot Selling Products in Nigeria, don’t forget to share and comment below


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