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How To Use Jumia Shake and Win Promo To Enjoy CashBack

Do you know as a Jumia Shopper, you can use Jumia Shake and win promo offers to enjoy awesome cashback

Jumia Shake and Win is a promo opportunity hosted for JumiaPay users in which you shake your phone to win a prize every day with only one shake per 24hours.

This discount offer is limited to Jumia Pay App users and can only be played once within 24 hrs.

Winners can win up to 100% cashback on Airtime & bill payments.

All that is required of you is to download the App and fill the steps below to get started.

More on how to leverage Jumia Shake and Win Promo To Enjoy CashBack below

Download JumiaPay App




How Does Jumia Shake and Win Works

  • Download the JumiaPay App
  • Login or create an account
  • Click on the Shake and win Tap or Banner
  • Shake your phone until the box is open
  • Prize won will be reveal to you
  • Go ahead and make purchase to enjoy the prize offered

NOTE: You can shake your phone once every 24hrs. In every shake, you stand a chance to win a prize.


How To Use Jumia Shake and Win Promo To Enjoy CashBack

To enjoy a cashback using the Jumia Shake and Win, follow the steps bellow:

  • Download the JumiaPay App
  • Login or create a new account
  • Click on the tab or banner to go to the promo section
  • Shake your phone until the box is open
  • Go ahead to make your purchase and discount will be automatically applied
  • Checkout and see your cashback in your wallet


What’s Up For Grabs in The Jumia Shake and Win Offer


Although more on the benefits of JumiaPay App bellow but what you must note is that every shake & Win opportunity comes with its unique bundle promo. 

In some instances, you might stand to win 10% Off your next Electricity bill payment, while in other instances you might stand to win up to 100% in the next Data or Airtime subscription.

But no matter the case, as long as you download the App and have an account with JumiaPay, you stand a chance to win each day you shake your phone.

Once you win, the discount will be automatically applied to the product for example, once you are given 20% off airtime. When you click on any airtime of your choice to make a purchase, the discount will be automatically applied, hence you will get 20% off any airtime you purchase, be it MTN, Glo, 9Mobile or Airtel.

Please note that, aside from this Jumia Shake and Win Promo offer, you can also use the JumiaPay App to score some cashback as well as deals.

You can learn more in this article on How JumiaPay (formerly Jumia One) Works


Jumia Shake and Win Terms and Condition

  • To participate in JumiaPay Shake & Win, you must be an existing or registered JumiaPay user or better still, signup for one.
  • Jumia decision in respect to all matters relating to the Shake & Win Program shall be final and binding.
  • JumiaPay reserves the right to vary, delete or add to any of their terms and conditions from time to time at its discretion. 
  • The terms and conditions prevail over the contents of any brochure or other promotional material advertising the Promotion.
  • An order in JumiaPay refers to any order in a service that belongs to the Recharge & Pay category. e.g. Airtime, Internet, Electricity bills, etc..
  • Users must have successfully completed the phone number verification procedure at the time of the first purchase.
  • Users must have a valid payment method associated to his/her account.
  • Cashback bonus will be credited to JumiaPay wallet within 72 hours after completion of the transaction.
  • Monetary rewards are disbursed to JumiaPay wallet every Wednesday and cannot be withdrawn
  • Bonus cashback amount is never withdrawable. It can only be used to make new purchases on JumiaPay or any Jumia companies using Jumia Pay as a payment method.
  • Jumia or its employees including the third-party providers used by Jumia shall not be responsible for any losses, damages, injuries sustained by the Referrer or Referee or another person in connection with this Referral Program.
  • JumiaPay shall not be held responsible for the loss or expiry of any cashback bonus
  • The collection, use, storage and disclosure of any personal data by any person shall be governed by Jumia privacy policy and Jumia Terms and conditions.
  • This offer is valid on JumiaPay Android version 2.7.1 & above and iOS version 2.7.2 and above.
  • Any dispute arising in connection with this referral program shall be governed by the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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More About JumiaPay App

JumiaPay is a payment method as well as a one-stop platform where you can Recharge your phone, pay utility bills, make hotel reservations, book a ride, order food from your favorite restaurants and more

The fun part of this services, is that you get cashback as well as deal offers including the Shake and Win promo just by simply using the JumiaPay App

Another benefits of the App is that, after your first login, you can access the app via your fingerprint or pattern lock.

No payment is completed on the app without sending an OTP (One Time Password) via a registered phone number or email, that way you can be assured no unwanted transactions can be performed. You also get an email for every transaction performed on the app.

Another fun part of the App is that you get an instant refund whenever a failed or incomplete transaction occurs.

There is no doubt, you can use the App to save more whenever you use it to make transactions on Jumia.

The Jumia Pay App is also a cross-platform payment app which means it works on several platforms like Android devices, IOS platform as well as the Web.

So irrespective of the platform you are using, JumiaPay is here for you.


What Can JumiaPay Be Use For

JumiaPay is an all in one payment solution as well as deal offers, it can be use for many things among which are

  1. The JumiaPay App can be use as payment platform on goods you buy on Jumia
  2. It can be use to access the Jumia Shake & Win Promo opportuinity. 
  3. JumiaPay also makes it possible for one to make payment for basic utilities including, Airtime, Data, TV subscription, Electricity & Internet
  4. It gives game lovers the opportunity to buy Gift cards for their favorite Video games such as PES, FIFA, Playstation, Xbox live and many more 
  5. You can also use the App to access Jumia loans, investment opportunities as well as insurance
  6. Access the Jumia Offer bundles including trending promos, vouchers and deal offers
  7. Earn cash back on Airtime and data purchase, bill payments, game vouchers, etc
  8. JumiaPay can also be use to pay for educational services including JAMB
  9. If you are a sport bet lover, JumiaPay can also be use to credit your betting wallet.


How To Shake To Win

  • Download the JumiaPay App
  • Login or create an account
  • Click on the Shake and win Tap or Banner
  • Shake your phone until the box is open

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Is Jumia Shake and Win Promo Real

Don’t even think otherwise, Jumia Shake & Win is 100% real, i have scored lots of deals and use it to save on data as well as airtime purchase all the time and this is applicable to many.

A try will convince you, infact a try will get you addicted. Get started here


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Verdict On Jumia Shake and Win

Jumia Shake and win is simply the way to go if you are thinking of guarantee way of saving on your data or airtime purchase, TV subscription, Game vouchers, etc

You can’t go wrong if you download the JumiaPay App today to enjoy this free promo offer.



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