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5 Ways To Check Airtel Data Balance (2023)

If you wonder how to check Airtel data balance, here are five (5) steps you can use to achieve that.

Undoubtedly, Airtel has the fastest internet speed currently in Nigeria, per reports from Ookla. Both its download and upload speed is top-notch.

Being one of the very best internet service providers in the country, Airtel garners a teeming number of customers daily.

In case you’re one of those new to the Airtel Nigeria Network and you’re probably wondering how to check for data balance in Airtel, this article will do justice to that and many more.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you apparently forget how to check your Airtel Data Balance? Yeah, it happens, even to those who are already familiar with it.

To save yourself from such a situation and many more, this article will provide you with 5 different ways that you can use to check your Airtel data balance in Nigeria.

While some of these ways are quite familiar, a few might not be to a good number of people and that’s probably something you should want to explore too.

5 Ways You Can Leverage To Check Airtel Data Balance 2023

More to all these and how they work below


1. How To Check For Data Balance in Airtel Via USSD Code

USSD codes enable mobile phone users to send quick commands and at the same time, receive quick responses.

Many self-care services can be carried out via ussd code; one of which is checking your data balance.

Some of these ussd codes are familiar, but on the other hand, there’s more to the ussd code than you probably know already.

You can check your Airtel data balance via ussd code in different ways. 

The simplest and quickest is by dialing *140# via your mobile phone.

A quick response SMS containing your Airtel data balance or bonus balance will be sent to you almost immediately. Isn’t that easy?


On the other hand, just as it is easy to perform, so it is also to forget. As such, let’s also look at other ussd code methods to use in checking Airtel data balance in Nigeria.

  • Dial *121# on your mobile phone app (basic or Android)
  • On the prompt that appears, reply with 3 (manage my account)
  • On the next prompt that appears, reply with 1 (My data balance)
  • An SMS containing your data balance will immediately be sent to you. 

Was that easy too?

However, you can bypass all those procedures by simply dialing *121*3*1# in order to check your Airtel data balance. That one is simpler, I guess.

Obviously, using ussd code to check your Airtel Data Balance is probably the easiest and the fastest way of knowing your data balance. Let’s look at other methods.


2. How To Check Airtel Data Balance With SMS

Using SMS to check Airtel’s data balance is not that popular, but it is worth it. Somehow, you may even find it to be easier than others. 

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

  • Launch the messaging app on your phone
  • Select Create a New message
  • Type the word, “STATUS”
  • Send the text to 141

A quick SMS containing your data balance will then be sent to you. It’s that easy too.


3. How to Check Airtel Data Balance Via Airtel Mobile App

The Airtel Africa app or Myairtel app is a must-have for Airtel customers. 

The app gives you the leisure to manage all your Airtel services including checking your data balance.

Do you have the app already? Simply log in and you’ll see your data balance and your other account information. 

That’s just all there is about it.

Anyways, if you don’t have the Airtel Africa app already, let’s discuss how to go about it.

  • Visit the Google Play store or the App store to download the Airtel Africa app.
  • Launch the app and register yourself by using your registered number. 
  • An OTP will be sent to you, copy and enter it in the provided space.
  • On logging in, your Airtel data balance will be shown on the home page, provided you are on a data subscription already.

There are many other services provided on the Airtel app which you can explore including checking airtime, data/airtime top-up, and lots more.


4. How To Check Airtel Data Balance Online (Airtel Website)

Using Airtel official website is another good way of checking your Airtel data balance online. The process is quite easy and straightforward.

Quite frankly, many aren’t aware of the many self-care services that can be carried out via the Airtel official website. Below are the procedures:

  • Visit the official website – You will be redirected to the login page where your phone number will be required.
  • Input your Airtel phone number and request for OTP by clicking on the OTP icon just below your number.
  • 3. Input the OTP sent to you in order to log in.
  • If step 3 was successful, you will now be able to view your data balance and your other account details.


5. How To Check Airtel Data Balance Via Customer Care

Another effective way of checking your data balance is by calling Airtel customer service. This method, though unpopular, is actually easy and free as well.

  • On your mobile app, call the Airtel customer care support team via the number, 111. Follow the instructions that will be provided by the interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Select 2 to go to the main menu
  • Select 2 for data and internet settings. Your account information including your data balance and other details will be immediately relayed to you. 

It’s quite easy and cost-free too.

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Keeping track of your Airtel data subscriptions is quite essential, its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Without a doubt, Airtel Nigeria is one of the best telecoms service providers, if not actually the very best currently in the country. It’s no surprise then that it has accrued millions of new users over the years.

Thus, if you’re new to the Airtel network, or an already existing one, I strongly believe that this article has proven to be resourceful in your quest of knowing how to check your Airtel data balance.

What are your favorite ways of checking your Airtel data balance? Comment below


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