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6 Ways On How To Check MTN Data Balance (2022)

Have you ever wonder how to check MTN data balance in Nigeria 2022

While there is the need to know your current data balance most especially if you are on a limited data and want to surf the web, stream videos or download file.  

There is no denying the fact that, data to a phone is very important and whether new or old customer, checking MTN data balance should not be difficult.

In fact you need to check your MTN data balance from time to time so as to ensure you are not cut off suddenly. 

Nevertheless, in this resource guide, we are going to look at the top 6 possible ways you can check MTN data balance in Nigeria anytime of the day without delay. 

MTN Nigeria as at today is no doubt a reckoned top mobile company operating in African countries including Nigeria.

Ever since its birth in Nigeria in the year 2001, MTN has connected millions of Nigerians and the further adaptation of mobile phone by Nigerians has given rise to demand for mobile data.

Even though MTN Nigeria has been serving Nigerians with data to connect with the world, general adaptation of mobile by many in Nigeria has given rise to the high demand for data and as we all know especially with 5G network and high end specs smartphones trending these days, data on mobile can be easily exhausted. 

To avoid unannounced data disconnection,  you need to check your MTN data from time to time.

Below are the 7 possible ways you can check MTN data balance without stress anytime of the day from the comfort of your phone.



6 Easy Ways To Check MTN Data Balance in Nigeria

1. Using Code To Check MTN Data Balance

Code to check MTN data balance

To get an instant data balance from the comfort of your phone is by using this code: *559# or *559*4#

Warranty Guaranteed

Once you dial the code *559# or *559*4# on your MTN phone, you will automatically receive a pop up on your phone screen displaying your current data balance.

How To Use Code To Check MTN Data Balance

  • Pick up your phone (Basic or Smartphone)
  • Dial the code *559# or *559*4#
  • A Pop-up with your data balance will show up instantly without delay
  • Close the page when done
  • An SMS will also follow showing your current data balance for your record 


2. Using Optional Code *131# > 4

Code to check mtn data balance in Nigeria

The code, *131# is the official MTN service code that can allow MTN users to do a lots including and not limited to data balance check.

How Using The Optional Code Works

  • Dial the code *131# on your phone
  • From the list of options, pick number 4 (Balance Check) by typing 4 in the typing box and press send button
  • A pop-up with your MTN data balance will show up

Note: An SMS message showing you your data balance will be sent to you as well, so you might not need to screenshot or copy the pop data balance.


3. Checking Using SMS

Code To Check MTN Data balance via sms

You can leverage SMS to get your data balance within minutes without waste of time.

Inshort, this method is good because you can decide to leave the messages in your message box for reference purposes or to track your data usage.

How To Check MTN Data Balance Via SMS

  • Pickup your phone (Basic or Smartphone)
  • Go to the message section
  • Go on to create new sms
  • Enter the number 131 in the recipient section
  • In the body section – the message box, write “2” 
  • Send your message using the mtn sim you want to check the data balance
  • Immediately you send, an auto reply message will surface with your data balance


4. Checking with MTN Mobile App

MTN Mobile App - Data check

The MTN Mobile App is one of the must have as an MTN user because it allow you do a lots of things at ease including checking your data balance.

Infact, you don’t need to take action aside from launching your app and from a glance you will see your data balance

How to Use MTN Mobile App to Check MTN Data Balance

  • Download and install the MTN Mobile App (IOS or Android) or simply login if you have one
  • As first timer, you will be required to input your correct MTN Number and validate using the OTP code sent to you
  • Immediately you log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you will see your data balance, airtime  and lots more.


5. Using MTN Chat Bot – Zigi

MTN Chat bot - Zigi

Zigi is an MTN chat bot that can help you with lots of things including Checking your MTN data balance, Buy airtime, Buy bundles, Check NIN status & NIN registration, and lots more.

You also don’t need to register to chat with Zigi, however, for purchases, you would be required to register, and an OTP would be generated for authentication purposes.

Also Zigi requires no airtime to chat with you, you only need to be connected to the Internet.

Zigi Chatbot is available for you to use on

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

+234 903 300 0001 or

  • Web

How To use Zigi To Check MTN Data Balance

  • Go to
  • Click on the contact section
  • Go to the chat bot(Zigi)
  • You can also Connect on any of your preferred channel Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, etc or simply continue on the web
  • Send “Hello”
  • You will be asked to provide your correct MTN number before you will be able to check your data balance  
  • On the list of options on Zigi
  • Tab on the Enquiry menu, then
  • Tab the Data Balance to view your MTN data balance.


6. Using MTN Customer Care Help Center

customer support

The MTN customer care are available to help you with all your enquiries including checking your data balance

By dialing the customer care line 180, you will be connected with Zigi and through to an agent that will be more than glad to provide you with your data balance over the phone upon request.


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For a better understanding of how to check MTN data balance 2022, you can not go wrong if you leverage the above methods.

Infact, checking your data balance will help you keep track of the amount of data volume you consume.

You can decide to use the USSD code or better still the sms or mobile app and infact you can chat it up with MTN Zigi

All these methods will only ensure you get the desired result i.e instant data balance from the comfort of your mobile phone.

What method are you currently using to check MTN Data balance? Comment below 


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