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5 Tips You Can Use To Identify Fake Elepaq Generator

Learning how to identify fake Elepaq Generator can indeed save you time and money you could have otherwise wasted in buying the wrong one.

Elepaq Generator is considered one of the best generators in Nigeria today both for home and small businesses. 

They are generally cost effective, energy efficient, affordable and easy to maintain. 

They also come with AVR as well as overloading protection.

However, if you don’t take your time to read guides like this one, or possibly engage an experienced technician in search for the original Elepaq generator, chances are you might end up buying the fake.

In the Nigerian Generator Markets, there lots of Fake Generators, some are easy to spot while others might demands some little digging, but if you are watchful, then you will not fall in the wrong hands.

To identify Original Elepaq Generators, there are some key things to look out for.


How To Identify Fake Elepaq Generator

Here Are Top Tips To Help You Identify Fake Elepaq Generator


1. Coil Wire

Copper Coil Wire

Generator Coil wire are generally made up of 3 types, The Full Copper, Aluminium and Brass

You can easily identify fake or original gen through checking the copper wire. 

Copper coil wire is the best while Aluminium coil is not so good and mostly found in cheap generators.

Warranty Guaranteed

The Brass is the worst of them all and you should never go for it, it is very weak and easily breaks down.

Original Elepaq Generator comes with 100% Copper Coil wire, and this type of coil is the best.

You will notice that the wire copper just as seen above is reddish-brown.

Although some fake generator manufacturers might spray a coil wire to look like copper, but a close look at it will shows some uneven painting and in some instance when touch, it stains

So always be on the lookout for the Coil wire, it has to be 100% Copper


2. Anti-Counterfeiting Elepaq Label

Elepaq SV25000E2 12KVA

Every Elepaq Generator comes with an enlarged Anti-Counterfeiting Elepaq Label, if missing or tempered with, don’t buy as it might have been compromised.


3. Notice The Spelling

Elepaq Generator are produce by either Elepaq or Constant

There used to be Elepaq Senwei, but it is no more as “Senwei” is now a brand on its own. More on the difference below

Any Elepaq generator that is not Elepaq or Elepaq Constant, it is a fake

Also any Elepaq Gen that is misspell means a red flag, be Watchful


4. Engraved Name on the Body

Some of the Elepaq generator parts come engraved with the Elepaq name but not as prominent as found in other brands.

Although this might be a lightweight means of identifying fake Elepaq Gen, on the whole will help you in conjunctions with other methods as mentioned above.


5. Engine Block

Fake Elepaq gen are lightweight due to the presence of aluminium and in some cases might look fragile. 

The Block also often looks shiny and the sound might also be unstable/uneven compared to original where sound only changes when home/office appliances are turned on and afterward becomes stable.

In a nutshell, ensure the Gen is tested. Although generally, Elepaq generators are noisy, the fake can pose some unregular sound.

Is Elepaq Generator Good

Elepaq Generator is good, they are practically designed for homes and small businesses or offices, very affordable and comes with inbuilt AVR as well as overload protection.

Although they can be noisy when compare with other brands but when you run it a distance away from home, that noise will sold the problem


Pros of Buying Elepaq Generator

  • Elepaq generators compared to other brands are cost effective and efficient for home and small businesses.
  • Save fuel cost as it consumes low fuel
  • They comes with fuel sediment cups which prevent dirt or water from flowing to the carburetor from the fuel tank inorder to ensure longevity and durability
  • Comes in varieties and capacity, depending on your electricity consumption needs and budget.
  • They are easy to maintain and fix and their spare parts are readily available in Nigeria.


Cons of Elepaq Generators

  • It can be a bit noisy when compared to other brands.
  • Knowing the capacity that will work for your home or business can sometimes pose a challenge.


Difference Between Elepaq And Elepaq Constant

Elepaq is the main body that produces Elepaq Generators which are more reliable and stronger than Elepaq Constant.

They can power more of your appliances as specify by the KVA, however, on the other hand, Elepaq Constant is the cheaper version of Elepaq, they are also strong but not as strong as Elepaq Generators but when compared with

Senwei, Elepaq Constant are more reliable as they are made up 100% Copper.


Difference Between Senwei And Elepaq 

Elepaq and Senwei partner to provide cheaper generators called ELepaq Senwei but this partnership is no more as Senwei is now a brand on its own.

Although Elapaq is more expensive than Senwei, where the two are presented, it is advisable for you to go for Elepaq.

Elepaq Generators are made with 100% copper, strong and very durable, can withstand the test of time while on the other hand, Senwei Generator Coils are made up of Aluminium with traceable copper, which is weaker than copper and can only power light home appliances.

A typical example is with Elepaq 4.5kva

Where a 4.5kva Elepaq generator can power a deep freezer, 1 Airconition, TV, Home Theatre, water pump, along with most fans and bulbs in the house or office.

A 4.5kva Senwei Generator can only power your home appliances, like TV, Bulb, Electronics and even pumping machines but not strong enough to carry AC. If overload, can easily breakdown

In most instance, when using Senwei, you will have to switch one appliance for the other

But one great advantage Senwei has over Elepa is that it is cheaper. It is best recommended for use on light appliances

In a nutshell, if what you need a gen for is just to power tv, fan and bulb you can go for Elepaq Senwei but if you need it to power a fridge, iron or any other powerful equipment, Elepaq or Elepaq Constant is more reliable.

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Elepaq generator is affordable, stronger, durable, reliable, consumes less fuel, easy to use and to maintain.

Although there are many fake generators arounds, using some key indicators to identify them as mentioned above matters.

If you are not technically inclined, and not still convinced on how to spot the fake, it is advisable to engage the service of a technician.

Really, if you are thinking of buying a generator for your home or small business then, you can’t go wrong with Elepaq Generators, but be watchful as there also fake ones.


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  1. Kafid Ozigi

    Which of the brands can I get to power a pressing iron? I’m a tailor.

    1. ShopOnlineG

      To be on the safer side, go with Elepaq 4.5KVA or above

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