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Jumia Brand Festival 2024: What Deals To Expect

The Jumia Brand Festival is more than just a shopping event, it’s a celebration of brands and products you will love.

The products are from Jumia and top partner brands at the best prices you can’t get elsewhere.

How will you feel buying original products cheaply directly from the manufacturers? This you will experience in the Jumia brand festival 2024.

Top brands including your favorite ones are what to expect this season, the likes of  Adidas, Infinix, Coca-cola, Oraimo, Samsung, Umidigi, Nivea, Diageo, Defacto, etc

The brand festival was initiated to help create awareness of authentic products you can buy via Jumia directly from the manufacturers without any middleman.

There is no doubt, that everybody wants the best quality at the cheapest price.

According to the head of brands at Jumia Nigeria, Moyosore Oduwobi said  “The festival will provide our consumers with a wide range of quality products from top global manufacturers. Today’s consumers want quality at the most competitive market prices. For this campaign, we have partnered with different international brands to make their products accessible to customers in Nigeria and for them to shop directly from the original product manufacturers and more importantly, save more while doing so.” 1

There is no doubt the campaign is here to help us get the best at affordable prices

Expect a bundle of deals on all brand’s products at the best of prices you can’t get elsewhere accompanied by bundles of deal offers you can use to score more discounts.

Year 2024 Brand Festive Deals



When Is Jumia Brand Festival 2024

This year’s brand festival is yet to be announced but as usual, it is expected to take place in the month of September 2024

The campaign is going to be characterized by lots of bountiful offers including vouchers, flash sales, and a treasure hunt game.


Lots of brands will also be showcased to sell at cheap prices across different categories.


 7 Things To Expect in Jumia Brand Festival 2024

1. 10% Off Extra Voucher Code

If there is one guaranteed way to score the best deals on the Jumia platform, it is by the use of vouchers.

Lots of authentic products to shop for and lots of discounts to expect including a 10% Off voucher

Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest fashion trends, high-tech gadgets, home essentials, beauty products, or more, Jumia has got you covered. And now, with this extra 10% off voucher code, your shopping experience is about to get even better!

Click here to get 10% Off your shopping today.


2. Upto 70% Off in Flash Sales Deals

The Jumia flash sales usher in a lot of products at highly discounted prices up to 70% off.

You can take advantage of the Jumia brand day to shop your favorite brands while enjoying a discount

Please note that Jumia flash sales are very limited

Hence, the first to order wins the race.

Most stocks on the flash desk can finish up very fast

Order your favorite items today

Here are available flash sales deals


3. Jumia Brand Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure hunt games allow participants to search for treasure in a particular direction but an unrelated category 

The fastest eyes and fingers win the game.

Products on the treasure hunt desk are given at almost 99% off.

There is a timetable for this year’s treasure hunt game, you can learn more here

Also, you can learn what it takes to win the game here


4. Free Delivery on Jumia Express Tagged Products

Lots of products are on offer and lots of orders are expected but do you know you can save on shipping as well

Jumia is committed to giving you free shipping on most  of its Jumia express-tagged products

All that is required is for you to start your order today.

This offer is limited to those in Lagos, Ibadan, Porthercourt, and Abuja.

Expect a fast shipping turnaround as well

No coupon is required, just click here to access the products.

At checkout, an automatic free shipping discount will be applied to your cart.


5. Daily Jumia Hot 10

The Jumia Daily Hot 10 gives you the opportunity as a customer to vote for your favorite products. 

The top 10 upvoted products win and will be featured in the Jumia daily top 10 list products at ridiculously cheap prices.

All it takes is for you to vote for your favorite product here and expect it to be featured on the top 10 daily hot list with a high discount.


6. Exclusive Cheap Products Across All Brands on Jumia

Each brand in the Jumia platform has a day set aside for it to be showcased.

You can check out your favorite brand day here and save the date

Shop your best on the brand day and enjoy better prices.

All brands look up to the day for exclusive offers which I believe you will not want to miss.


7. Upto 57% Off on Phones

The festive period will be characterized by top phone brand offers as well including Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, MI, iPhone, etc

This means you should expect better prices across the phone categories with discounts up to 57% Off plus free shipping on any Jumia Express tagged products. 

You can enjoy phone deals here 


Benefits of Buying Jumia Brand Products

Buying Jumia brand products comes with several advantages that make them a compelling choice for consumers.

Jumia, as a well-established e-commerce platform, has cooperated with top brands to provide original products directly to its users

Here are some benefits of buying Jumia brand products:

Quality Assurance:

Jumia brand products undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Jumia works closely with these manufacturers to maintain consistent quality across its product range.

By buying this product, you are sure of the best quality directly from the manufacturer

Value for Money:

Jumia brand products are often priced competitively, offering good value for money.

As Jumia operates as an online retailer, it can leverage its network and scale to provide cost-effective products without compromising on quality.

Buying Jumia brand products allows you to access affordable options that meet your needs.

Wide Range of Products:

Jumia offers a diverse range of products under its own brand, spanning various categories such as electronics, home appliances, fashion, beauty, and more.

Whether you’re looking for tech gadgets, household essentials, or fashion accessories, Jumia brand products provide a comprehensive selection to cater to different preferences and requirements.

Trusted Brand:

Jumia has built a strong reputation as a reliable e-commerce platform, serving millions of customers across Africa.

As a trusted brand, Jumia strives to maintain the same level of reliability and trustworthiness in its own products.

By purchasing Jumia brand products, you align yourself with a reputable name in the e-commerce industry.

Free Shipping:

Jumia brand products are readily available and come with a free shipping tag

Because its either Jumia products or a product from Jumia accredited brand partners, shipping tend to be cheaper and in most cases free depending on your area of resident

Warranty and Customer Support:

Jumia brand products typically come with warranty coverage, providing you with added protection and peace of mind.

In case of any issues or concerns, Jumia’s customer support team is readily available to assist you.

They can guide you through the warranty process or help with any questions you may have about Jumia brand products.

Supporting Local Economy:

Jumia, as an African-based e-commerce platform, focuses on promoting and supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

By purchasing Jumia brand products, you contribute to the growth of local industries and economies, fostering entrepreneurship and job creation in the region.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Jumia brand products are developed with a focus on meeting the unique needs of African consumers.

Jumia understands the local market and tailors its products accordingly, incorporating features and designs that align with regional preferences and requirements.

This commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures that Jumia brand products resonate with African consumers.


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Jumia Brand Festival 2024 is no doubt a time to enjoy original products directly from the manufacturers at cheap prices

Lots of deal offers that guaranteed discounts are expected to be enjoyed including free vouchers, flash deals, Jumia Hot 10, free delivery, and a treasure hunt game.

As a shopper, you will definitely enjoy the best quality at the best prices this season.

All that is required of you is to start shopping 

Here is a 10% Voucher you can use to score more deals

If this resource guide has been helpful, don’t for to share and comment below

What are you shopping today for the Brand Festival 2024?


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