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Jumia Christmas Sales Promo 2023: What To Expect This Season

Jumia Christmas sales promo is another mouth-watering flash sales experience and crazy discounts across all products ranging from gift items, and fashion to smartphones, household items, groceries, electronics, and much more.

The Christmas season is known as a time when family and friends come together to celebrate a special occasion.

The celebration becomes complete with a lot of food, drinks, sharing of gifts and more.

To complement the season, Jumia says they will be given Promo sales discounts of up to 50% off.

Jumia Christmas promo is an annual shopping event during which you can – and should – take advantage of the best deals of the year.

In fact, this is a great opportunity to shop for items you missed during Black Friday as well as shop for Christmas and new year.

Christmas CapAs we prepare for 2023 Christmas, Jumia offers you awesome deals to get yourself and your loved ones various products that are perfect for gift items.

These promo offers are available to both Jumia’s existing and new customers.

And as we all know, Christmas is the season of loving, giving, and sharing.

It is the season of happiness and it is also the season of shopping online to the fullest.

If you take part in these exclusive shopping deals, you are sure to make lots of savings from your shopping.

As one of the best online shopping stores, Jumia is stocked with items to make your Christmas and new year the best.

The top deals available are gift items, groceries, clothing, and Christmas decorating ornaments at the best prices.

Christmas Promo Sales




When is Jumia Christmas Sales 2023 Date

The Christmas promo sales 2023 commencement date is yet to be announced but as usual, the starting date is December 2023 with lots of goodies and discount offers to enjoy

Because Christmas sales happen in December, there is the possibility that you still have an entire list of gifts to buy.

Therefore, it is expected that anyone unable to take part in the Black Friday offers should plan and take part in the Jumia Christmas sales promo.


The Jumia 12 Days Christmas Deals 

This year’s Christmas promo sales according to Jumia are going to be completely different.

The Jumia Christmas sales deals are expected to eclipse 2023’s best Black Friday deals and the advance way strong through the week up to the 12th day with the best of deals cutting across all categories.

But you might wonder how Christmas promo sales stack up to Black Friday.

While it’s no secret that Nigerians today are gradually becoming addicted to online shopping because of the ease it comes with and other benefits.

But as more and more people rely on the internet for pretty much everything, an increasing amount of shopping is done online.

So while Black Friday is traditionally the best day for deals and sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas and other holidays, Christmas promo sales are now almost just as lucrative.

In fact, the best time for Christmas and New Year shopping is now.

A wide range of items that would make your Xmas enjoyable is in stock

If you miss the Jumia Black Friday deals, it is time to get things right and take part in the Christmas promo sales.

The Christmas promo sales are sure to brighten not just your day but make you look forward to more



What Deal To Expect From This Year’s Jumia Christmas Promo Sales 2023

Jumia Christmas deals

The best Christmas deals can rival even the best Black Friday deals – so if you miss out on Black Friday, don’t fret!

You still have another 12 days to lay your hands on some pretty sweet deals on tons of name brands.

But don’t sleep on these, this is one of the biggest deals days of the year, unparalleled in the amount of savings it can offer!


What To Expect From Jumia Christmas Sales 2023 Are

1. Up To N3,000 Off Vouchers Every Day

Voucher codes can be a great way to save big and enjoy an unbelievable shopping experience.

And to make things easy for you, we’ve found impressive discount codes across everything from tech and beauty to toys, fashion, and children’s cloth.

With these voucher codes, you can get up to N3,000 off on any item purchased.

These are among the top deal to expect in this year’s, Christmas sales.

See below the exclusive voucher for you today


2. Up To 70% Off Flash Sales Every Day

Flash sales have been a great way to save on tons of products on Jumia.

You can enjoy up to 70% off any item.

Flash sales deals don’t last

Flash Sales are known to disappear within the shortest possible time frame, so you are expected to order as soon as you sight your favorite product.


3. Free Shipping 

Jumia will offer free shipping as an extra part of their deals, which is amazing because it’s like you are shopping at the store, just worry about receiving your merchandise, Perfect!

So, expect free shipping across a lot of Jumia products to complement the ongoing discount offers

Free shipping will be available for any order of upto 4,999 Naira and above 

Free Shipping Offers


4. 15% On Jumia Brand Stores

This Year Jumia Christmas will be characterized by lots of Jumia brand partners

According to Jumia, each brand will be showcasing its products throughout the Christmas celebration season 

Lots of discount opportunities will be given including an automatic 15% Off on Jumia core brand partners across different categories and products.

Checkout Jumia Brand Stores


5. Amazing Deals Offers Across Jumia

Jumia is stocked with lots of inventories for you to shop from.

And to make it easy, lots of amazing offers will be on display with unbeatable discount opportunities across the entire Jumia shopping site.

An additional 10% discount will be available for all our readers here

So this is the perfect time to grab holiday gifts for your family and friends at a great price 


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You will get similar amazing deals on Jumia Christmas Promo Sales as you would on Black Friday online, so if you miss the Black Friday sales, Jumia Christmas promo sales will definitely ensure you can catch all the excitements missed.

To enjoy the Jumia Christmas promo sales in full, it is also advisable to download and install the Jumia App

With this app, you can get exclusive offers and also quickly purchase your items with just one tap of your finger, how cool is that?


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