You are currently viewing 5 Major Ways You Can Contact Jumia Customer Care (2023)

5 Major Ways You Can Contact Jumia Customer Care (2023)

Inorder to ensure customer needs are met in a manner that reflects positivity on the Jumia brand, there is a need for a good customer care unit and that is what the Jumia Customer care stands for.

To ensure providing timely, attentive and best of service to customers

And this can in turn give rise to loyal customers with lucrative long-term relationships

Jumia in Nigeria today is no doubt a top-notch ecommerce platform with large inventories and customer base.

The need for a customer care service unit like a dedicated Jumia customer care number, WhatsApp Number, Live chat etc is definitely inevitable.

That is why, inorder to ensure a best of customer service in all spheres, Jumia dedicated these customer care units for the good of all. 

Through these platforms, you can reach at ease for any complaint whether you want to order a product, cancel a product, track a product or even ask a question and maybe just to reach out to them.




How To Contact Jumia Customer Service 2023

Below are the top 5 ways you you can use to contact Jumia customer service department anytime of the day.

1. Jumia Customer Care Number

You can leverage any of the following Jumia Customer Care Number to contact them for your inquiries 

+2341 888 1100 / +23412772367 / +23412778900 / 0700 600 0000

The operational hours:


  • Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm;
  • Saturday, 9am-5pm;
  • Public Holidays, 9am-5pm.

If contacting Jumia directly is not going through, you can simply check with other means as shown below.


2. Jumia Email Address

The official Jumia contact email address is [email protected]

Send an email that includes all of the important information, such as an order tracking number, product type, and your contact information.

Explain the issue you have in as much detail as possible and wait for a response.

Be patient with email responses from Jumia, it can take 24-48 hours for customer service to read and respond to your issue.


3. Via Jumia Various Social Media Platforms

Through Jumia official social media channels, you can contact them.

Jumia NG are heavily present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even Whatsapp

To get started:-

  • Simply log into your social media account 
  • Go to the official Jumia Facebook or Twitter page, 
  • Click on the “message” button. 
  • Compose a short message that briefly explains your problem
  • Wait to hear back from a representative.

NOTE: Avoid including order numbers or payment details until a representative responds to ask for them.

If you don’t hear back from them, leverage other methods of contacting them 

Normally, a customer service representative will be in contact once you mention that you’re having a problem.

Always be polite but firm in your messages, especially on social media where others may be able to see your comments.


4. Jumia Live Chat

Jumia Live Chat

Through Jumia’s official website or mobile app, you can chat with them by simply following the steps below

  • Visit the Jumia Web or App Portal
  • Log Into Your Account With Your Email and Password 
  • Click on Help From The Top Right Hand corner
  • Click on Live chat  
  • Fill your data including your name and email to start chatting
  • Explain your problem by typing it into the text box and hitting send.
  • You can as well request an agent to call you if need be

NOTE: During Live chat with Jumia customer care, it’s advisable you give the representative all of the details, including order number incase if it has to do with a product

If you have a solution, you can as well suggest it to them

5. Jumia Whatapp Number 2023

If you have difficulty placing your order, cancelling an order, or even want to be an affiliate or possible just want to reachout to Jumia for any inquiry. You can do so through the official Jumia what number: 0906 222 2293


How Do I Find My Order Number on Jumia?

Jumia Product Order Number

  • Log into your Jumia account
  • Click on My Account in the top right corner
  • Go to Orders in the drop-down menu
  • Click on SEE DETAILS to the right of the item
  • At the top is the Order Number of the product
  • Highlight and Copy

…read aslo:



Jumia NG and Jumia Global is no doubt a lovely company that has its customers at heart.

You can place an order easily, cancel at will and make inquiries however you like. 

Jumia is a very coordinated eCommerce platform with both buyers and sellers organized to give best of service.

If there is any issue, reaching Jumia is very easy

You can talk to Jumia customer care unit any time through any of the above contact method or by simply checking them out through 07006000000, [email protected] or @JumiaHelpNg.

NOTE: For your safety, NEVER share your credit card details with anyone including Jumia agents.

For confirmation purposes, only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of your card number will be requested if need be.

NEVER share your card’s expiration date or CVV number

What is your best way of contacting Jumia, share with us below


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  1. Ijeoma Celestina

    Jumia Nigeria is giving me impression that it is a scammer because I made for oxygen 2 sensor for pass one month, and jumia texted me that my order would get to me on the 25,the August,2022, and uptil today nothing is happening and there is no sign that jumia would deliver my order which I have paid jumia , my order number is 1686517142, or may be some workers are there to pull jumia Nigeria down.

    1. Willoughby Peter owolabi

      Good morning I make an order of wristwatch +Bluetooth of 72600 and av already paid in to jumia acct dey av nt reply me

      1. ShopOnlineG

        They will definitely get back to you and if they don’t copy the order number and reachout to them via any of the contact medium

  2. Sunday idode

    Why I’m finding it difficult to get my refund

  3. Chukwu Grace

    I ordered 15 colors infant headband and met just only one in the package. I placed a return of which have returned it to the pickup station but have not heard anything from your company nor received any refund. This is the order number..1163447222

    1. ShopOnlineG

      Use any of the contact means above to reachout to Jumia with the order number

  4. Chukwu Grace

    Have returned the item since 8th of oct or there about. What’s my refund status please.

    1. Kalu chukwuemeka Kingsley

      I want a double door refrigerator on this on going promo

      1. ShopOnlineG

        Go to the official Jumia home page and type in “double door refrigerator” in the search bar

  5. Esiobise Wilson William

    Am finding it difficult to transfer my money to my personal account

    1. ShopOnlineG

      Is the money in your wallet a refund or a cashback. If it is a cashback, you can’t withdraw but can use it to buy any item on Jumia

  6. Francis

    Can someone retrieve his or her payment history if it is wipe out

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