You are currently viewing Jumia Express 2023- Fastest Way To Get Your Products

Jumia Express 2023- Fastest Way To Get Your Products

If there is one guaranteed way to get fast delivery of Jumia items, is by buying Jumia Express-tagged products.

Stay tuned to discover the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to ship whatever you buy on Jumia for FREE by buying Jumia Express labeled products 

All “Jumia Express” tagged products are stocked, packed, and shipped by Jumia thereby making delivery extremely fast.

Also, these products which are mostly from the top brands on Jumia are guaranteed to be available and have the best quality packing as every product undergoes Jumia scrutiny before storage.

Product warranty and free return services are also there to help you in case you don’t like the product 

Jumia believed in adding value to its customer shopping experience as we have seen in its numerous deal offers.

The Jumia Express is no exception and these services are aimed at adding value to its customers through fast and cost-effective shipping turnaround.

It has the fastest shipping turnaround and once an item is ordered, it gets delivered to you as fast as the next business day on thousands of items.

Upto 57% Off

Enjoy Free Shipping today if you buy Jumia expressed tagged products worth 11,999 Naira and above 

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What is Jumia Express

Jumia Express tagged products are items of high quality that are stored in the Jumia warehouse which ensure very fast delivery with no out-of-stock issues.

People who buy these Express Tagged products enjoy very fast delivery.

It is the same as buying any products on Jumia but with a faster shipping turnaround.


All Express tagged items are delivered with the same shipping charges but are cheaper compare to other products and do not require any subscription.

Choosing express item(s) on Jumia ensures you get premium services without extra charges.


How Do I Get Express Delivery on Jumia?

To get Express delivery on Jumia, you will need to shop for Jumia express-tagged products

Not all products on Jumia are tagged  with an express badge as shown below

Jumia Express Logo

To find out if a product is available with Jumia Express or not simply look for the Express logo on the product

Jumia Express Sample

Or simply click here to see items qualified for Express on Jumia.


How Jumia Express Works

  • Products are sent by vendors to the Jumia warehouse
  • Products are then inspected for quality and qualification by Jumia Team
  • Once approved, the product is then labeled as Jumia Express
  • A customer buys a product with the express tag on Jumia
  • Jumia package and ship the order
  • The product is then delivered to the customer in express timing


Is Jumia Express free?

Jumia Express tagged products shipping on 11,999 Naira worth of cart items is free. But this is limited to Lagos, Abeokuta, Abuja, and PortHarcourt. 

Any shipping of Jumia express-tagged products beyond these cities will attract a shipping fee


Pros & Cons Of Jumia Express


  • Fast Delivery

All fulfillments are done by Jumia, thereby making delivery very fast 

As I have witnessed, some delivery are made the next business day after the order

While sometimes, you can even get your order same day in Lagos if you order before 11am

Currently, Jumia is offering free shipping in Lagos, if you order items labeled Jumia Express worth 11,999 Naira or more you will automatically enjoy free shipping. Check out this offer here

  • Low Shipping Cost 

Shipping can cost money especially if you are ordering different products at the same time. 

With Jumia Express, shipping costs are less and if you buy more than one item from different vendors, you pay almost the same cost as if you are ordering just one item.

Besides, shipping on express products is cheaper and you are better sure of the quality.

For products not labeled Express on Jumia, delivery tends to take time especially when you are ordering products from different vendors, each vendor will ship each item independently resulting in a higher shipping cost.

  • Receive All Orders at Once

With Jumia Express, all items ordered can be shipped at the same time even if they are coming from different vendors as long as items are ordered at the same time and are going to the same address.

Next, when you order multiple express-tagged products, expect delivery of the items at once.

  • Buy Quality Products

All Express products are stored by Jumia and therefore undergo thorough physical checks for quality before accepting them from vendors.

You don’t need to be afraid of counterfeit as long as you are buying Jumia express-tagged products.

All the necessary checks had been carried out by Jumia

  • Better Customer Service

Buying Express-tagged products is buying from Jumia directly and therefore you enjoy top-notch attention when the need arises.

Whether you want to order an item or cancel, you enjoy a quick response.

  • Available

All Express tagged items are available as per stated on their Website.

You don’t need to be afraid if what you order will be available.

All quantity of items on express are automatically updated when fulfillment is made thereby eliminating human error of not manually updating as in the case of non-express tagged products

  • Free Shipping

If you buy Jumia Express items in large quantities, you tend to qualify for free shipping.

Besides, you tend to save more when you buy express products, especially in large quantities.



  • Impulse buying:
  • Not all products are on Express, you might want to buy what you do not plan to just to enjoy fast delivery or free shipping.


How Long Does It Take For Jumia Express To Deliver?

Buying Express products on Jumia guaranteed fast shipping.

Delivery tends to be within a day or a maximum of 8 business days from the time you ordered the item(s).

If an order is placed before 2 pm first delivery attempt will be within 1 – 3 Business Day

If an order is placed before 2 pm first delivery attempt will be within 5 – 6 Business Days

If an order is placed before 2 pm first delivery attempt will be within 6 – 8 Business Days


Can I Get the Same Day Delivery On Jumia?

Yes if you order before noon, you likely get same-day delivery. However, this depends on your location as not all areas are easily accessible


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Shop Jumia Express Products | Upto 57% Off


Buying Jumia Express tagged products is just the best way to get items purchased on Jumia very fast.

Also, you can leverage the free offer that comes with the service by buying in bulk and enjoying cheaper or free shipping rates.

In a nutshell, buying Jumia Express tagged items will save you both time and money as shipment tends to be cheaper and you are sure of fast delivery and authenticity of what you are buying.


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