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Jumia Flash Sales 2023: Tips On How To Participate & Win

If you think of ways to save big on things you buy online, then is time to start thinking of how to leverage Jumia Flash sales.

Jumia Flash Sales is the new way Jumia is offering unbelievable & mind blowing discount to new and existing customers.

As technology progresses, everything is becoming available online – even groceries.

There’s no denying the simplicity and convenience of shopping online.

eCommerce sellers know too well the race to having the lowest price in this competitive online space.

Today’s informed consumers can easily research, compare, and buy from the sellers with the lowest price.

A flash sale is an opportunity to give consumers exactly what they’re looking for.

Jumia understands the African markets and knows that running a deal with an amazing discount offers gives customers that extra joy to act fast and buy from them.

That JOY,  that smiling face is what Jumia want to see on every face as long as you use their platform.

That smiling face they hope to achieve in with every sale.

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What Is Jumia Flash Sales

Jumia Flash Sales is a sale of goods at greatly reduced prices, lasting for only a short period of time. 

Just as the name implies, Flash sales offers are limited in quantity, which often means the discounts are higher or more significant than regular promotions.


The Flash Sales is incredible, you can get unbelievable offers at amazing prices.

Offers cut across a large selection of Jumia products ranging from electronics, televisions, smartphones, fashion & much more.

The Jumia Flash sales is indeed a top saving tip you can leverage to enjoy amazing and unbelievable discounts.


Flash Sales is available on Jumia App only, if you don’t have, you can download one here

If all items listed on Flash Sales are sold out, don’t worry, just check the Jumia Vote to see when the next Flash Sales will go live.

More on Jumia Vote below

Jumia Flash Sales sample


How Does Jumia Flash Sales Works

You will first need to download the Jumia Mobile App, Visit the official Jumia Flash sales and buy within the time frame. 

Although some Flash Sales may run multiple days. Products are available during the time period of the sale or until they’re sold out.

However, you must note that flash sale are promotions offered for a short period of time.

The quantity is limited, which often means the discounts are higher.

The aim & objective of the Jumia Flash Sales is to to give back to the society as well as maintain it mission of creating a connected digital Africa to improve people’s lives on the continent.

Even though discounting may not seem like a profitable option but it certainly can set things right for a business, just like it does for Jumia.

Statistics for the quarter ended March 31, 2019 shows that Jumia growth rate is incredibly at 58 per cent leading to 102 per cent growth in marketplace revenue.

More often than not, the emotional part of the brains wins when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Therefore, there are several factors that affect online consumer buying behavior and one of them is product discount.

Price perception is everything. If the consumers think that they are getting a deal, then they will be more inclined to make a purchase. This also explains why the spike in sales during promo periods.


How To Participate In Jumia Flash Sales Today

  • Download the The Mobile App
  • Visit the Jumia Oficial Flash Sales page
  • Pick your favorite item from available deal
  • Be time conscious
  • Order items as long as the discount timer is on
  • If you can’t find your favorite item, check the Jumia Vote
  • You can as well participate in voting so that your favorite product can also be featured


What Is Jumia Vote

Jumia Vote enable each and every one to vote for products he/she love to offered for sale during the Jumia Flash sale.

This is a great opportunity to get a Jumia mega discount offer for your lovely products.

Therefore, if you are looking to get some great deals on products you wish to purchase on Jumia, then this is the time to go out and vote.

This is how it looks like. You can as well see for yourself here

Jumia Vote


How To Get Featured On Jumia Flash Sales 2023 Using Jumia Vote

This Is How The Jumia Vote Works:

  1. Visit Jumia Voting webpage
  2. Vote the products you want a discount on by clicking the CLICK TO VOTE button.
  3. You can vote as many products as you want. Voting ends on a set date.
  4. That’s it! Products with the highest votes will be part of the Jumia Mega Flash Sales on set date.


Tips To Remember When Participating In Flash Sales

  • Selected products are offered to the public at highly subsidized prices by Jumia. Discount level can be as high as 90% off depending on the offer
  • The number of products are of a limited quantity.
  • Flash sales go live at a specified time.
  • Flash sales are only available on the Jumia App.
  • Flash sales are usually limited to one item per customer.
  • As selected products are popular and of limited quantity, you can expect them to sell out very quickly.
  • Flash sales typically sell out in seconds.
  • Finding an item and adding it to your cart is no guaranty that you will be able to checkout with it before others.
  • Bear in mind that tens of thousands of people are on the same page trying to buy the same product.
  • It’s really a case of the fastest fingers first.
  • You need to be super quick with your phone and on a fast and stable internet connection to buy a flash sale.
  • Jumia reserves the right to cancel orders it deems as fraudulent.
  • Jumia reserves the right to change products offered for flash sales.


How To Win Jumia Flash Sale 2023

The Flash sale deal can be readily available when Jumia is carrying out a promo but more prevailing during Jumia events as found in the popular events like, Jumia Black Friday, Jumia anniversary etc

To win the Jumia Flash deals, you need to:

  • Download Jumia App
  • Log into your account or sign up
  • Visit Jumia Flash Sales page
  • Click on “Buy Now” immediately you see what you want to buy
  • Don’t leave item in your cart as time frame might lapse
  • Checkout Immediately your favorite item


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The Jumia Flash Sales is an incredible discounts offer and top money saving tip that can be employ by every one for better online shopping experience.

The hustle of sometime keeping wake at night just to participate absolutely worth it considering the amount of discount you can enjoy.

Though is up to you as you can decide to participate in the sale offer in the day time as well. 

Giving it a try absolutely worth it. Its free and the benefits are endless.


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