Jumia Voucher Of The Day 2020: Up To ₦3,000 Discount

Jumia Voucher Of The Day 2020: Up To ₦3,000 Discount

Do you know you can get discount e voucher codes of up to a surprising ₦ 3,000 for absolutely FREE on Jumia NG.

With this codes you are sure of getting the best deals on every item purchased on Jumia Nigeria

Inshort, the Jumia Voucher Of The Day comes with all the wishes of a shopper.

Jumia Voucher Of The Day

Jumia Voucher of the day is a development by Jumia NG  to appreciate its new and existing customers for patronage by given out discount offers using codes.

The vouchers saves you money and the hassle of looking for Jumia coupon codes and deals all the time.

Jonathan Doerr, the MD of Jumia Marketing once said “Gratitude is a culture that has been deeply woven into the Jumia DNA and the Voucher Fireworks push is a new direction we have taken to give back to our customers and prove to them how much they mean to us”.

With Jumia Voucher Of The Day, you can get cumulatively up to ₦3,000 off your orders on smartphones, apparel, accessories, appliances, mobile phones accessories, gadgets and more.

Jumia voucher fireworks now Jumia voucher of the day has been a really good way Jumia  motivate its customers.

Really, if you are thinking of guarantee savings on every item purchase online, then you can’t go wrong with these Jumia Voucher codes.

Note:- Each of the promo code is valid only for a limited time and day, therefore it is a first come first serve thing.



Jumia Vocuher Of The Week

Jumia Voucher Of The Week

Jumia Voucher of the week is simply an alternate discount offer put inplace by Jumia NG for all its customers.

It involve given out incentives to selected products using voucher codes to be redeem at checkout.

The discount might not be much but worth something. A great way to start saving on your online shopping.

Besides, using coupon codes does not cost anything only to copy and paste.


How Jumia Voucher Of The Week Works

Jumia Voucher Of The Week works in the following steps

  1. Visit Jumia coupon of the week page
  2. Copy the voucher code
  3. Paste or enter the voucher code at checkout
  4. Voucher value is deducted from your purchase
  5. Confirm your order to complete purchase

If you agree with me, it makes sense that you shop and apply a coupon code when ever you made purchases online.

Even when coupon codes don’t reduce the amount you pay on a good, they might reduce the amount you pay in shipping fees.

In the simplest sense, coupon codes put more money in your pocket.


Jumia Official Voucher Code Page

With so many Coupon sites trending around, some with genuine and some with non genuine coupon codes have also came into being.

To officially unveil real working voucher, Jumia felt the need to create a dedicated page for all customers to enjoy.

With this Jumia Official Voucher Code Page, you are rest assured of getting first hand working coupon from Jumia official website.

Visit Jumia Official Voucher Code Page


Jumia Deal Of The Day Promo

Jumia Deal of the day

Do you know you can get up to 57% discount on Mobile Phones, Cloth, Laptops, Kitchen Utensils, wristwatches, Clippers and whole lots of other products products without using codes.

Here, the Jumia Deal Of The Day is yet another discount opportunity to get amazing goods at ridiculous lower prices.

It is simply where you get daily deals at prices lower than actual market price.

Indeed, Jumia is very generous, aside from the daily free vouchers that is always being dash out, you can still shop your favorite products at highly discounted prices using this deals.

Checkout Jumia Deal of the day


Jumia Promo Code Terms & Conditions 

Jumia Nigeria has released some key conditions to consider when using their Promo codes . This also explain why you might not see the redeemable coupon box

  • Only one voucher is redeemable per order
  • Every vouchers have a limited period of validity
  • Vouchers may not be redeemable against discounted items
  • All Vouchers may only be valid for particular brands and categories relevant to the campaign
  • Vouchers may have a minimum order value
  • Note – vouchers can only be used once
  • In the case that you return your item, you voucher’s validity will not be renewed
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to redeem your discount voucher retrospectively

In other words:

    • Voucher codes can be used only once by each customer.
    • Some vouchers are available only on the Jumia app. These vouchers cannot be used on the website.
    • Vouchers are limited in quantity. Once a voucher is used up, it is stamped with the “All Gone” badge.
    • Jumia reserves the rights to make changes to or disable a voucher without prior notice.
    • Orders made using a voucher that are deemed to be fraudulent will be cancelled by Jumia without notice.
    • Some vouchers are available only to new Jumia customers – Customers who have never shopped on Jumia before.
    • All vouchers have expiry dates.


Jumia Voucher FAQs

Below are Jumia Frequently Ask Questions


What is Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Logo

Jumia Nigeria is an online shop that involves shopping online with the option of pay on delivery or online.

It provides you with countless of products and services from phones, fashion, and home to computing, cameras, and games. It offers more items, but you are still ensured of its authenticity.

As at today, Jumia is the biggest online retail store in Nigeria, offering deliveries to entire 36 states of Nigeria.

Initially, it takes a week for it to deliver in States. But, now, the delivery time is, on average, from 1 to 5 days.

Aside from that, it has a free returns policy that gives freedom to shoppers in case the item handed to them are not in accordance with their deal.

Anyway, it has a prompt nationwide delivery, so you can return and exchange the item in just a few days.

Jumia aim at providing you with the best product at the cheapest price hence the idea of given out huge deals and coupons. 

Today, Jumia offers you all and lots more at prices which you can trust. They provide e Voucher Of The Day on a wide range of products, special coupons on some selected goods and huge deal discounts for day to day shoppers.

This is to increase user experience and repeated buyers. Inshort, this contribute to their overall success story.


Why Buy Online From Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria with an edge.

Jumia has brought so many good things to the online shopping experience in Nigeria. 

One of the best places to shop for all products including best of smartphones


Here are reasons why buy from Jumia.

  • Free Shipping on some selected products
  • Faster Shipping Time
  • Multiple Payment Options including Pay on Delivery
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Amazing Prices and Deals
  • Most convenient shopping experience
  • Best customer service
  • Authentic and new products
  • They also offer coupons and free vouchers for their shoppers from time to time


What Is Jumia Coupon Code

Jumia Coupon CodeJumia Coupon Code is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on Jumia site’s shopping cart (or checkout page) to obtain a discount on the current purchase.

The Jumia Coupon code is aimed at building trust, increase user experiences, influence consumer purchase decisions especially considering the trust issues many have with online retailers and provide best product at the cheapest.

Jumia Nigeria just like any other eCommerce stores is leveraging coupon code to increase and build trust among its new and existing shoppers.


What is Jumia Voucher Code?

Jumia voucher code  is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

Unlike coupons, Jumia vouchers can be short live but very common way of given discounts on goods & services by merchants, you can learn more on the difference below

However, if you need a Jumia voucher code for today, checkout this current & trending free Jumia vouchers here


How Does Jumia Voucher Works?

The Jumia Voucher Works just by entering your code into the voucher field found on the cart page, or in the third step of checkout. After entering the code – consisting of both letters and numbers – click the ‘Redeem’ button to validate the code and then click Confirm order to pay.

Steps is shown in the three process below:

Simple 3 step process to use voucher codes



What Are The Difference Between Jumia Voucher & Coupon Codes

Might wander if there is any difference between Coupon and Voucher, while there is.

Even though both are computer generated code, they differ in their intent and use. 

Vouchers are meant to give customers one-time discounts (for given amount or based on a percentage of the total amount).

Inorderwords, Vouchers are special offers release to few customers. This could be those that shop frequently, first time customers or those that have bought certain amount of goods.

Coupon on the other hand are meant to give customers unlimited use to be applied at checkout.

But in the real application, all aim at the same thing in that they are all computer generated codes, have expiration dates and offer you an opportunity to obtain special benefits and privileges from the merchant.

Infact, some people called it “coupon codes”, “promotional codes”, “discount codes”, or “voucher codes” either way, they are financial discount offered by retailers to consumers as an incentive to shop.


jumia coupon sample


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Jumia Coupon Code

Pros Of Jumia Coupons

  • Coupons play an important role in attracting customers into a store.
  • Coupons help in furthering the brand image of the retail store without huge investments. It makes the brand popular among the end-users. Individuals talk more about the brand, thus making it a hit amongst the masses.
  • A Coupon is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting a brand with little investment.
  • Coupons make a brand popular as more and more customers visit the store to redeem their coupons.
  • Coupon codes go a long way in influencing the buying behavior of the customers.
  • Coupons also bring in new customers to the store. The individuals, who do not even know about a particular brand, visit the store to use their coupons.
  • Coupons benefit the customers as they can now purchase their desired merchandise at a lower cost.
  • Coupons increase store traffic
  • According to a study carry out by RetailMeNot –  top American coupon site, said 96% of consumers use coupons and as we all know it today, Nigerians online shopping is growing exponentially which entails, it can’t be an exception.


Cons Of Jumia Coupons

Coupons can result in Impulse Buying ( Any unplanned buying is called ‘Impulse Buying’. An individual might not require a particular product but picks it up out of mere emotions and feelings).


How Do I Get a Voucher On Jumia?

Here is how to get a Voucher On Jumia

  • Visit Jumia Official Voucher Code page
  • Select from the wide range of Voucher codes
  • Copy the voucher code of your choice
  • Click on the product, you chose to buy & click on “Buy Now”
  • Go to the cart, where your product has been added.
  • Now, proceed to checkout & search for the “Apply Code”
  • Enter the code & enjoy discounts!


How To Use Jumia Voucher Code

To use Jumia Voucher Code, you simply insert the code at checkout, validate if its working and proceed to payment.

Usually, if the Voucher is working and the product you are ordering meet with their terms & condition in time of order volume for example, the Voucher value will be automatically deducted from your purchase just as shown below

How To Use Jumia Voucher

If you are new to Jumia, checkout this, Jumia welcome voucher code


How Do I Pay On Jumia?

Jumia currently accepted method of payment are through

  • Pay on Deliver
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • JumiaPay.


How To Get Jumia Voucher Code For Free

How to get Jumia voucher code for free

You can get Jumia voucher code for free by:

  • Visit Jumia Voucher code official page
  • Browse through Vouchers
  • Select Voucher of your choice
  • Copy the voucher 
  • Go select your product
  • Apply the voucher
  • Complete the Jumia checkout process

You can also leverage other couponing sites in Nigeria or better still, Subscribe to Jumia Newsletter for possible opportunities. 



Check It Out, Jumia Free Voucher Codes


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    How will I get the vocher

    1. ShopOnlineG

      You can do so in the following steps just as shown above in the FAQ section

      Visit Jumia Official Voucher Code page (Link Above)
      Select from the wide range of Voucher codes.
      Copy the voucher code of your choice.
      Click on the product, you chose to buy & click on “Buy Now”
      Go to the cart, where your product has been added.
      Now, proceed to checkout & search for the “Apply Code”

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