You are currently viewing Jumia Voucher Code 2023: Up To ₦3,000 Discount For Free

Jumia Voucher Code 2023: Up To ₦3,000 Discount For Free

Discover an exclusive collection of the latest and FREE Jumia voucher code, coupon codes, and promo deals to save big when shopping for your desired product on Jumia 💰

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✨ Our Jumia voucher codes are carefully selected and dedicated to you, ensuring reduced prices, free shipping, and exclusive discounts on every purchase.

Whether you’re a first-time user or a loyal customer, our Jumia voucher code collection will save you both money and time.

Jumia Vouchers is a development by to appreciate its new and existing customers for patronage by giving out discount offers using codes.

Please note that these voucher codes can enable you to redeem discounts on almost any product on Jumia Nigeria’s official website.

There is no doubt, taking advantage of a voucher to shop all the time will significantly help you acquire items you want at a discounted price. So don’t miss out

Jonathan Doerr, the MD of Jumia Marketing once said: “Gratitude is a culture that has been deeply woven into the Jumia DNA and the Voucher Fireworks push is a new direction we have taken to give back to our customers and prove to them how much they mean to us” 1.

Jumia voucher fireworks now Jumia promo code has been an excellent way Jumia uses to motivate its customers.

If you are thinking of guaranteed savings on every item purchased online, then you can’t go wrong with these free Jumia Voucher codes.

Note:– Each of the Jumia discount codes provided is valid only for a limited time and day, therefore it is advisable you buy now without procrastinating, this way, you are sure of guaranteed savings on things you buy on Jumia.

10% Off

Enjoy unbeatable deals on your favorite products up to 73% Off + 10% free Jumia promo code this anniversary season

Valid On 1K Worth of Order and Above

More Less
Expires on: 06/30/2023



How To Use Jumia Voucher Code

  • Get a valid Jumia discount code here
  • Copy the voucher code.
  • Paste or enter the voucher code at checkout in the coupon box section.
  • Click the button to apply it
  • The voucher value is deducted from your purchase.
  • Confirm your order to complete the purchase.

How To Use Jumia Voucher

Note: If no code is supplied with your coupon, you’ll be redirected to a Jumia promotion where your savings is applied automatically.

If you are new to Jumia, checkout with these, Jumia Voucher Code For New Users


How To Get Jumia Voucher Code for Free

How to get Jumia voucher code for free

If you wonder how to get a Jumia voucher code in Nigeria for free, is here for you but as you could guess, Jumia also has quite several free bundle offers designed for both new and existing customers.

Irrespective of what you want to shop for, Jumia has discount offers for you.

Below are the various Jumia discount packages you can leverage to get a voucher code today for free


Jumia Voucher of The Day

Jumia Voucher Of The Day

How Jumia Voucher Of The Day Works

  • Visit The Jumia Voucher of the Day page
  • Choose from the wide range of Voucher codes
  • Copy the voucher code
  • Click on the product, you choose to buy & click on “Buy Now”
  • Go to the cart, where your product has been added.
  • Now, proceed to checkout & look for the “Apply Code”
  • Enter the code
  • Click on Apply Code and Proceed to Payment


Jumia Voucher of The Week

Jumia Voucher Of The Week

Jumia Voucher of the Week is simply an alternate discount code offer that is put in place by Jumia NG for all its existing and new customers by giving out discounts in the form of voucher codes to be redeemed at the Jumia official website.

The discount might not be much but worth something. This is a great way to start saving on your online shopping.

Besides, using coupon codes does not cost anything only to copy and paste.

The Jumia Voucher of the Week is free and can be used to save on your next item or product you want to purchase.

Check it out below and start saving on your everyday needs

Visit Jumia of the Week


How Jumia Voucher Of The Week Works

The Jumia Voucher Of The Week works in the following steps

  1. Visit the Jumia Voucher of the week page
  2. Copy the voucher code
  3. Paste or enter the voucher code at checkout
  4. The voucher value is deducted from your purchase
  5. Confirm your order to complete the purchase


Jumia Coupon Code

Jumia Coupon Code is simply the best way to score a great deal on Jumia over and over with little to no limitations. 

While the Jumia vouchers usually come with some terms and conditions which could limit user experiences

The Jumia Coupon codes offer unlimited usage with little or no conditions. This could come in the form of great deal savings of up to 70% OFF in some instances or using codes that could be used at checkout.

If you agree with me, it makes sense that you shop and apply a coupon code whenever you make purchases online.

Even when coupon codes don’t reduce the amount you pay for a good, they might reduce the amount you pay in shipping fees.

In the simplest sense, coupon codes put more money in your pocket.

For more on the best way to get coupons for daily shopping, check out these Top 10 Coupon And Deal Sites For Extreme Savings In Nigeria, or get one here

Jumia Coupon Code of the Day


Official Voucher Code Page for Jumia 

With so many Coupon sites trending around, some with genuine codes while others without, fake or nongenuine Jumia coupon codes sites have also come into being.

To officially unveil the real working voucher, Jumia felt the need to create a dedicated page for all customers to enjoy.

With this Jumia Official Voucher Code Page, be rest assured of getting a first-hand working voucher code for Jumia.

Checkout Voucher code for Jumia by clicking the link below to get up to 57% off your order today

Visit Jumia Official Voucher Code Page


Jumia Flash Sales

Jumia Deal of the day


Jumia Flash sales are yet another discount opportunity to get amazing goods at ridiculously lower prices.

It is simply where you get daily deals at prices lower than the actual market price.

Do you know you can get up to 77% Off in discounts across many products just by leveraging Jumia Flash sales?

Amazing discount for  Mobile Phones, Cloth, Laptops, Kitchen Utensils, wristwatches, Clippers, and whole lots of other products.

Indeed, Jumia is very generous, aside from the daily free vouchers that are always being dashed out, you can still shop your favorite products at highly discounted prices using these deals.

Checkout Jumia Flashsales


Available Voucher Code for Jumia Nigeria (June 2023)

FREE Shipping On N9,999 Order & Above
Save Big On Phones/Electronics
Deals On Jumia Home/Office Appliances
Jumia Trending Fashion/Beauty Deals
Jumia Groceries Extra Discount
Jumia Health & Beauty Deals
Top Deals for Men Only
Jumia Anniversary Exclusive Deals
Jumia Voucher Codes For The Day
Exclusive PAYDAY DEAL Offers For You
Top deals On Cool Home Gadgets

More Ways On How to Get Jumia Nigeria Promo Codes

Jumia Front Page Header

The Front page of Jumia especially the front page header animation with scrolling bars, usually comes with the latest promo sales offers which you can leverage to enjoy bountiful offers on Jumia

Best of all, you can get a Jumia promo code and special offers to enjoy extra discounts on your favorite products absolutely for free.

Take your time to scan through the header animation to get the latest deals and coupon opportunities.

Checkout Today’s Offers


Check For Voucher Codes Regularly 

Jumia Vouchers are easily exhausted because they are a discount opportunity that lots of people are looking for. 

By frequently checking on must couponing sites in Nigeria, you can get a valid one to use Jumia on the other hand, Jumia releases new voucher codes and promotions from time to time, so it is a good idea to check for them regularly. 

You can do this by visiting the dedicated Jumia coupon page or visiting the Jumia website


Become a Jumia Affiliate

If you are an influencer, blogger, or better still you can sell, then think of being an affiliate with Jumia.

Jumia Affiliate also tagged “KOL” will also give you the opportunity to promote offers in other countries

This way, you can get some free money to shop for your favorite products

However, to get started, you will need to sign up for Jumia Kol, the official Jumia affiliate program platform.

But please note, being an affiliate is not as easy as you think, you need to understand how it works and have an audience you can sell to, be it on your blog or social media.

Sign Up for Jumia Kol


Leverage JumiaPay

JumiaPay is Jumia’s official payment gateway as well as a reward hub. 

You can get lots of Vouchers codes for Jumia to enjoy bountiful offers and still get rewarded when you buy airtime, data, internet subscription, or pay bills.

Through JumiaPay, you can also use the shake and win app to score great deals.

Sign Up for JumiaPay


Download and Use Jumia App

All Jumia App users are regarded as premium customers and therefore treated with lots of showers of love in the time of daily free offers, free coupons, and special offers.

Lots of exclusive discount offers for you to enjoy and the best way to get Jumia Voucher Code Today for free

Download Jumia App


Free Shipping

To enjoy free shipping, you need to take into considerations items labeled with Jumia Express

These items are shipped and fulfilled by Jumia and thereby making fast shipping

For nontagged products, large items, and remote areas, you can subscribe to Jumia Prime to enjoy free shipping on every item you buy on Jumia 

Notwithstanding, these your favorite items on Jumia will help you save on shipping fee

Eligible Free Shipping


Jumia Promo Code Terms & Conditions 

Jumia Nigeria has released some key conditions to consider when using their Promo codes. This also explains why you might not see the redeemable coupon box

  • Only one voucher is redeemable per order
  • Every voucher has a limited period of validity
  • Vouchers may not be redeemable against discounted items
  • All Vouchers may only be valid for particular brands and categories relevant to the campaign
  • Vouchers may have a minimum order value
  • Note – vouchers can only be used once
  • In the case that you return your item, your voucher’s validity will not be renewed
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem your discount voucher retrospectively

In other words:

    • Voucher codes can be used only once by each customer.
    • Some vouchers are available only on the Jumia app. These vouchers cannot be used on the website.
    • Vouchers are limited in quantity. Once a voucher is used up, it is stamped with the “All Gone” badge.
    • Jumia reserves the right to make changes to or disable a voucher without prior notice.
    • Orders made using a voucher that is deemed to be fraudulent will be canceled by Jumia without notice.
    • Some vouchers are available only to new Jumia customers – Customers who have never shopped on Jumia before.
    • All vouchers have expiry dates.


Jumia Vouchers FAQs


What is Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Logo

Jumia Nigeria is a leading online eCommerce store in Nigeria with large inventories from which you can shop virtually anything ranging from phones, fashion, and home to computing, cameras, Appliances, and games.

Jumia is currently the biggest online retail store in Nigeria, offering products that cut across many categories and deliver to the entire 36 states of Nigeria.

They offer both online payments as well as Cash on Delivery options.

Initially, it takes a week for it to deliver in States, but now, the delivery time is, on average, from 1 to 5 days.

Aside from fast delivery, they have a free returns policy that gives freedom to shoppers in case the item handed to them are not in accordance with what they see.

Jumia don’t sell counterfeit or second-hand materials and also ensures all their sellers comply with the quality check procedure, anybody found guilty is terminated from selling on the Jumia Marketplace. 

Jumia aims at providing you with the best product at the cheapest price hence the idea of giving out huge deals and coupons. 

Today, Jumia offers you all and lots more at prices that you can trust. They provide e-Voucher Of The Day on a wide range of products, special coupons on some selected goods, and huge deal discounts for day-to-day shoppers.

This is to increase user experience and repeated buyers. In short, this contributes to their overall success story.


Why Buy Online from Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria with an edge.

Jumia has brought so many good things to the online shopping experience in Nigeria. 

It is currently one of the best places to shop for all products including the best of smartphones, cloth, Appliances, etc at affordable prices.

Here are reasons why buy from Jumia.

  • Free Shipping on some selected products
  • Faster Shipping Time
  • Multiple Payment Options including Pay on Delivery
  • Secure Online Payment
  • Amazing Prices and Deals
  • The most convenient shopping experience
  • Best customer service
  • Authentic and new products
  • They also offer coupons and free vouchers for their shoppers from time to time


What Are The Different Types of Voucher Code For Jumia 

Jumia offers different types of voucher codes to both its new and existing customers to help them save money on their online purchases. 

These voucher codes vary in terms of discounts and the products they apply to, however, all are aimed at giving discounts to shop for your favorite product. 

All of these types of vouchers can be found on Jumia Voucher dedicated page

Below are the different types of Jumia voucher codes available for customers to use:

1. Percentage-based discount codes 

These types of voucher codes offer customers a percentage discount on total purchases.

For example, a 10% discount voucher code will reduce the total cost of the purchase by 10%. These voucher codes can apply to specific products or the entire purchase.

2. Fixed-amount discount codes

These types of Jumia voucher codes offer customers a fixed amount of money off their total purchase.

For example, a voucher code for 500 Naira will reduce the total cost of the purchase by 500 Naira. 

These voucher codes can apply to specific products or the entire purchase.

3. Free delivery codes

The Free Shipping or Delivery voucher codes waive the delivery fee for customers. 

This can help customers save money on shipping costs, especially if they are making a large purchase.

4. Seasonal/holiday voucher codes

Usually, these types of voucher codes are available during specific seasons or holidays like Jumia Black Friday, Anniversary, Ramadan, or Christmas. 

They offer significant discounts or other incentives to customers who make purchases during these times.

5. Loyalty voucher codes

These voucher codes are given to loyal Jumia customers as a reward for their continued patronage. 

These customers may receive exclusive discounts, free shipping, or other incentives.

If you are the type that usually buys in bulk, you can apply for this type of voucher

6. Referral voucher codes

These types of voucher codes are given to Jumia Affiliate’s top partners as an incentive to refer more customers, friends, and family members to buy from Jumia. 

For example, ShopOnlineG is one of the top affiliate partners with Jumia and these explain why you get exclusive or referral voucher codes to shop your favorite items


What Is Jumia Coupon Code

Jumia Coupon Code

The Jumia Coupon code is aimed at building trust, increasing user experiences, and influencing consumer purchase decisions, especially considering the trust issues many have with online retailers and providing the best product at the cheapest.

Jumia Nigeria just like any other eCommerce store is leveraging coupon codes to increase and build trust among its new and existing shoppers.


What is Jumia Voucher Code?

Jumia voucher code is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

Unlike coupons, Jumia vouchers can be a short life but are very common ways of giving discounts on goods & services by merchants, you can learn more about the difference below.

However, if you need a Jumia discount code for today, check out this current & trending free Jumia voucher here


How Does Voucher Work in Jumia?

  • Get a valid voucher code
  • Enter the code into the voucher field found on the cart page or in the third step of the checkout
  • Click on the “Use” or “Add Voucher” button to validate the code
  • If the voucher is valid, the value will be automatically deducted from your purchase 
  • Click on confirm to proceed to checkout

The steps are shown in the three processes below:

Simple 3 step process to use voucher codes



How Do I Get Free Shipping On Jumia?

Order Jumia Express Tagged products with a total order amount of ₦9,999 & above to enjoy free delivery.

This however is limited to Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and Portharcourt

To enjoy a more robust free shipping plan, you will be required to subscribe to Jumia Prime


Can I Use Jumia Voucher On Jumia pay?

Jumia Pay is a Jumia payment gateway and you can’t use the Jumia voucher code on it. Instead, it has a unique voucher you can use to enjoy the discount and this can be found here


Why Is My Jumia Voucher Not Working

There are many reasons that might attribute to your voucher code not being valid

  • Copying and pasting error
  • Expired coupon
  • Coupons are already used to their limit as every coupon has an expiry date. Vouchers code on Jumia can only be used once per customer in a month


How Long Does Jumia Voucher Last

All Jumia voucher codes have 7 days life span and at the beginning of a new month, they can be either renewed or freshly created.


Where To Get Jumia Voucher Code

Leverage any of these:


What Is Jumia Voucher Used For

It is used to redeem discounts on Jumia at checkout.

It works by entering the code in the coupon section.

Once the coupon is valid, the value of the discount will be deducted from your total amount. 


What Are The Difference Between Jumia Vouchers & Coupon Codes

Might wonder if there is any difference between Coupon and Voucher, while there is.

Even though both are computer-generated codes, they differ in their intent and use. 

Vouchers are meant to give customers one-time discounts (for the given amount or based on a percentage of the total amount).

In order words, Vouchers are special discounts released to a few customers. This could be those that shop frequently, first-time customers, or those that have bought a certain amount of goods.

Coupons on the other hand are meant to give customers unlimited use to be applied at checkout.

But in the real application, all aim at the same thing in that they are all computer-generated codes, have expiration dates and offer you an opportunity to obtain special benefits and privileges from the merchant.

In fact, some people called them “coupon codes”, “promotional codes”, “discount codes”, or “voucher codes” either way, they are financial discounts offered by Jumia to consumers as an incentive to shop.


jumia coupon sample


Pros And Cons Of Using Jumia Coupon Code

Pros Of Jumia Coupons

  • The coupon makes you look smart online knowing that what you know is not common to everyone
  • Coupons give you an upper edge when it comes to getting goods from merchants at a lower cost.
  • Saves you Money you could have otherwise spent
  • Saves you time while shopping online since you already know what you are looking for

Cons Of Jumia Coupons

Coupons can result in Impulse Buying ( Any unplanned buying is called ‘Impulse Buying’. An individual might not require a particular product but picks it up out of mere emotions and feelings).


Does Jumia Do Free Delivery?

The Jumia Free Delivery only applies to selected products, basically or when there is a promo, and in most cases, the total order amount must be ₦9,999 or above to enjoy free delivery.


Do Jumia Vouchers Expire?

Yes, all Jumia promo codes have an expiration date, which is listed on the voucher.

So don’t expect the Voucher code that works today to also work tomorrow.

You need to check out for the expiry date.


How Do I Pay On Jumia?

Jumia currently accepted methods of payment are through

  • Pay on Deliver
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • JumiaPay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Using USSD Code


How to Make Payment With JumiaPay?

With JumiaPay, you can enjoy a discount offer of up to 20% on your airtime, data, and bill purchase.

 You could use the app to buy Data, top-up Recharge card, and pay other Utility bills and still enjoy cashback

Follow the steps below to make a payment using JumiaPay

  • Go to JumiaNG for your shopping
  • Search Item of your choice 
  • Click on “Buy Now” to proceed
  • Click on “Continue Shopping” in case you want to buy more items or simply click on “View Cart”
  • Click on the Cart Basket at the top right-hand corner
  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Select an Address to which you want the item to be delivered to
  • Click “Proceed To Next Step” to checkout.
  • Pick JumiaPay as your Payment Method
  • Click on “Confirm Order”
  • Click on Pay with JumiaPay Balance to complete your order or if you don’t have enough money in your wallet, you can use your card through the JumiaPay app.
  • Follow the instruction and make the payment

How Do I Order On Jumia?

Follow these easy steps and you will be able to order at ease with Jumia

  • Go to the Jumia NG website
  • On the page of the product click the button “Buy now”
  • Now the green screen appears at the top of the page showing that the product has been added to your customer card.
  • You can continue shopping, or go to an order details
  • You can see at the top right corner the icon of your card, so you can open it at any time
  • Then you are advised to review the card
  • At this stage, you can add or remove the items on your card
  • You can also see there the field for the voucher number, so don’t forget to enter it if you have one
  • If you are a new customer, you will be asked to create the account
  • The next step is to add your address, and click “save and continue”
  • Now it is time to select the delivery method and pick-up station
  • This point can be changed by clicking the “change pick up station” button. Once you have done this, click “save and continue”
  • Now you can go to the payment section and select the payment method
  • After you choose the method of payment press “Confirm order” and it is done
  • Wait for the SMS notification from the pickup station, and take your item. Pick-up stations are situated around the country, you can check the list at Jumia Pickup stations. You have five days to pick up the item.
  • Remember that you can also choose the option “Door Delivery” and receive the item at your home. There is also a shipping fee table to know the costs


How Do I Cancel An Order On Jumia?

You can either contact Jumia agents directly or fill in the order cancellation form available online and submit it.

You will be required to fill in your full name, email address, order number, and possible valid means of identification

On the subject select the ‘I want to cancel my order option then provide a brief description of why you want to cancel your order.


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Jumia Discount Code

Jumia discount codes no doubt can indeed save you money and enhance your shopping experience, however, there are some common mistakes you must avoid to ensure you get the most out of your voucher code. 

Below are the common mistakes to avoid when using Jumia promo codes:

1. Not reading the terms and conditions

Every eCommerce in Nigeria and across the world has its terms and conditions backing their free vouchers. 

You simply need to check that out.

Being knowledgeable in terms and conditions can help you ensure you are aware of any restrictions or limitations a voucher might have such as minimum purchase amounts, expiration dates, or product exclusions.

For example, most Jumia promo code is limited to a 1000 Naira cap discount. 

2. Using an expired voucher code

Make sure to check the expiration date of the voucher code before applying it to your order so you don’t waste your time. 

If the voucher code has expired, it will not be valid, and you will not be able to use it.

3. Trying to use a voucher code multiple times

Must codes on Jumia are valid for one use per customer and for the exceptional coupons that can be used multiple times, usually come with some limitations as to the amount that can be eligible.

So trying to use the same voucher code multiple times can result in an error message or an invalid voucher code.

4. Using a voucher code on non-eligible items

Some coupons on Jumia are limited to certain categories

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the voucher code to ensure that it can be used on the items in your cart.

5. Not entering the voucher code correctly

There are instances where a coupon is typed wrongly or copied but pasted with a missing letter

Either way, it will result in an invalid coupon

Always make sure to enter the voucher code correctly, with no typos or extra spaces. Even a small error can result in an invalid voucher code.

6. Forgetting to apply the voucher code

This is a very common mistake where you enter a coupon and forget to click on the apply button but go straight to click on the checkout page.

This way, the voucher will not be applied

Always ensure after you paste the codes into the coupon box, you click on apply to validate before proceeding to payment.


Jumia Nigeria Contact Information

  • Ecart Internet Services Nigeria Limited
  • Address: 6 Universal Close, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone: 01 888 1100, 0700 600 0000.
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

Learn More On How to contact Jumia 

You can subscribe to our latest coupons or post updates and get notified of Jumia Coupon offers by entering your email address in the subscription box. 

Checkout Available Free Jumia Voucher Codes

If this site has helped you save money, please don’t forget to share the love by commenting and sharing, thank you


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