Shop Fast & Enjoy Free Delivery Using Jumia Prime

Shop Fast & Enjoy Free Delivery Using Jumia Prime

What Is Jumia Prime

Jumia Prime is a paid subscription package that enables you to shop on Jumia with zero shipping fees for a preset duration. This covers all items on Jumia, Jumia Express and Jumia Global.

Available in different locations at varying prices but currently in Lagos, Abuja & Ibadan only.

If you enjoy shopping on Jumia, the Jumia Prime is an opportunity to save even big money through free delivery on purchased items.

With Jumia Prime, you can now reach the next level of convenience and benefit from FREE delivery for everything you buy on Jumia.

However, you must note that usage of your Jumia Prime subscription is based individual and limited to your family.

Jumia Prime cannot be used for professional usage.

Professional usage is qualified when more than 50 orders per month are placed.

More on Prime terms and conditions Here

Nonetheless, Prime is basically some of the smartest money saving tip you can employ.

With time we expect more important features to be bundled with the Jumia Prime just like the popular Amazon prime that now covers a whole lot of important functions.


How Jumia Prime Works

How Jumia Prime Works

The Jumia prime work in the following steps

  1. Buy & subscribe to any of Jumia prime package
  2. You will receive an email to confirm subscription
  3. Wait for between 1 to 24 hours to get activated
  4. Shop your favorite products
  5. Enjoy your free delivery service. Your Discount will appear at the last step of checkout


Jumia Prime Key Features

All Jumia Prime Packages comes bundle with the followings  

  • Unlimited free delivery
  • Duration: 1 or 3 Months subscription
  • No minimum order size 
  • Covers all items on Jumia, Jumia Express and Jumia Global items
  • Activated within 24 hours maximum


Jumia Prime Subscription Plan

For now, they operate only in Lagos, Abuja & Ibadan

Here are Jumia Prime Subscription Plans

1 Month3 Months6 Months


Pros Of Jumia Prime

jumia prime subscribe

Here are the Pros of Jumia Prime

  • Pay less with Jumia Prime

A lot of the value of Prime comes from the fact that shipping costs money from many of Jumia’s competitors.

And Jumia also usually has the lowest prices for popular items.

So as a Jumia Prime Member, you tend to pay less total with Jumia prime provided you do a fair amount of online shopping.

  • Jumia Prime saves money as well as time.

You can experiment this by adding up the shipping cost you could have paid if you are not subscribed to prime, you will be surprise that little shipping costs when add ups especially if you are a regular online shopper, will amount to huge money over some time.

  • Enjoy Jumia Prime Sales

Jumia Prime Sales is a special discount offers to all Jumia Prime subscribers where you can partake and enjoy unbelievable discounts on your favorite goods and services.

The Jumia prime sale offer all Jumia prime subscribers exclusive deals that can be redeem by any member by 3pm daily.

You can take part in the Jumia Prime sales by:

  • Subscribing to Jumia Prime
  • Check back every 3:00 pm to partake and enjoy discounts

Other benefits of Jumia Prime include premium customer service, keen to your orders and also you are entitle to free same day delivery on eligible items as well as other Jumia bonuses.

Subsibe To Jumia Prime

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Why You Might Not Want a Prime Membership

The value of Jumia Prime really depends on your buying habits. For some people, I think it’s absolutely worth it. For others, it’s not worth it at all.

Of course, not everything about Jumia Prime is worth the membership. There’s the question of how often you shop on Jumia?

If you don’t buy online much or you are not a regular Jumia shopper, then, you don’t need it.


Jumia Prime Terms & Condition

The followings are the terms and conditions that comes will all Jumia Prime subscriptions:

  • Jumia Prime subscriptions are available through prepayment only.
  • An activation Email will be sent to confirm the activation of Jumia Prime Service.
  • Jumia Prime subscription plans are limited in quantity and when all available subscriptions have been purchased no more shall be available.
  • Usage of your Jumia Prime subscription shall be individual and limited to your family.
  • Jumia Prime cannot be used for professional usage. Professional usage is qualified when more than 50 orders per month are placed.
  • No more than 3 addresses can be used per individual account using Jumia Prime Services.
  • Jumia Prime subscription is non-refundable and non-cancellable.
  • The renewal of Jumia Prime is not automatic. To benefit from Jumia Prime advantages when the subscription period has ended, a new Jumia Prime subscription must be purchased.
  • The Jumia Prime’s free delivery applies to Jumia Global products however doesn’t cover International Delivery Fees.
  • Jumia may refuse the inscription to Jumia Prime service to any client.
  • Jumia ensures that the Jumia Prime services will be maintained during the whole duration of the subscription however doesn’t ensure the permanent availability of Jumia Prime subscription.
  • The Jumia Prime is not purchasable and usable by J-Force agents.
  • The promoter of this promotion is Jumia (Ecart Internet Services Nigeria Limited).
  • Jumia Force agents and any other agencies associated with this Offer are not eligible to enter.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the Competition and these Terms and Conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the Promoter’s control.


Jumia Prime FAQs

Q: Why Should I Subscribe To Jumia Prime?

A: Basically, the main benefit is free shipping costs on all of your orders.


Q: Do I Get Exclusive Access to Some Items?

A: Yes but at the moment i think is still in a beta test, more important functions aside from the free shipping will be added soon.


Q: Does Prime Automatically Renew Subscription?

A: No. When the subscription period has ended, to continue to enjoy the Prime service, , you will have to subscribe again.


Q: How Much Does Jumia Prime cost?

A: The membership fee for Jumia Prime depends on the package you opt for. See pricing above


Q: But Why Can’t I Use The Jumia Free Delivery Instead

A: The Jumia free delivery is limited and you can only enjoy it on promo days. Also not all products are eligible, only some selected few which might not be what you want.


Q: How Can I Sign Up For Jumia Prime?

A: Visit Jumia Prime’s web page, select a package of your choice and follow the instructions. You’ll need a free Jumia account as well as a credit/debit card.



Jumia Prime is a brilliant service offering outstanding value

It is really an incredible service that offers all sorts of benefits. For a modest subscription fee you get free shipping on any product order of your choice.

It’s cheap, useful and save you money. Giving it a try absolutely worth it.



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