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Jumia Spin and Win 2023: Tips on How To Claim It

The Jumia spin and win or otherwise known as Jumia Wheel of Fortune is a seasonal game which involves spinning a wheel to win a gift or voucher. 

Otherwise, the Jumia Wheel of Fortune is like a game consisting of a revolving wheel with arrow to indicate win, loss or percentage discount.

Items you can in are majorly vouchers and physical products

Voucher won can be use to buy anything on Jumia for free 

The idea is to see how loyal you are to the brand and by rewarding you with free vouchers as a way of showing appreciation for being part of their success story.

Jumia spin and win can get you jaw-dropping gifts daily from Wednesday to Friday 12:00AM

You can win a voucher worth 20K, 30k or 50K depending on your luck.

However, many have also wonder how to claim these vouchers which we are going to look into below

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Jumia spin and win


Tips on How To Claim Voucher Won With Jumia Wheel of Fortune

When you win a voucher or any other gift item using the wheel of fortune, follow the steps below to claim it 

  • Open your Jumia App
  • Go to the Official Jumia spin and win page
  • Click to spin the wheel of fortune
  • Take a screenshot of the item the wheel of fortune stops on.
  • Post the screenshot on Facebook with the hashtag #JumiaWheel[Month]_[day]_[Year] E.g #JumiaWheelNov_5_21 for November 8, 2021, etc. Check out this sample for example here
  • Get your friends and family to like and share your post. The post with the highest likes with a minimum of 1000 likes wins.
  • Winner will be announced by 11 AM the following day.


  • The Winner will have to come to Jumia’s HQ in Lagos to receive their prize .
  • Previous winners are not eligible to win.
  • All Jumia employees and vendors are excluded from participating.


How To Win Jumia Spin and Win

To boost your chances of emerging a winner, follow the steps below

  • Download the Jumia App
  • Ensure you are using a strong internet connection
  • Spin the wheel
  • Snap picture and post on social media with the tag: #JumiaWheel
  • Send message to your friends and family to like it or better still, run an advert to that page
  • Ensure you are using your real name and picture on Facebook
  • Follow Jumia on social media to get first hand information regarding the promo



What To Expect With Jumia Spin and Win Promo

Jumia spin and win in Nigeria is just like a test of love and loyalty you have for the brand. 

It involves a lots of dedicated effort and shows of love for the brand to participate

Usually, when you spin the wheel of fortune, you stand the chance of winning a voucher and these vouchers can be use to purchase anything on Jumia for free

Aside from Voucher, you also stand a chance of winning a gift item which could be Laptop, smartphone, etc

However, as a loyal fan of Jumia, you will be required to post on your social platform and ask your friends and family to like it, the more likes you have, the better chances you have of emerging a winner.

Winners will be picked and announced through various channels; however, as part of their terms and conditions, you will have to come down to their headquarter in Lagos to claim your gift. 


Is Jumia Spin And Win 2023 Real

The Jumia Spin and win promo offer is real and legit and can be verified from their official website.

However,  as a rule of thumb, you have to be careful with promos online or offline that are not coming from the company directly. 

Scammers also leverage promo offers like this to lure their victim.

You can always verify the authenticity of any promo on Jumia by simply visiting the official website and always ensuring that you are using the right website which is 

Visit Jumia Official Website


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Verdict On Jumia Spin The Wheel 2023

Jumia spin and win promo offers is indeed a guaranteed way to score free vouchers and other gift items at no cost. 

You can’t go wrong by giving this free opportunity a try today.

The Jumia black Friday is on at the moment, you can take this advantage to checkout with the promo.


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