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7 Things To Expect In Jumia Tech Week 2022 Sale Promo

The Jumia Tech Week 2022 is a season for shopping best of phones and other electronic gadgets at highly discounted prices.

The year 2022 Jumia Tech Week Sale is yet to be officially announced but as usual it is expected to start early or late March, 2022.

According to Jumia, the year 2022 Jumia Tech Week is going to be one of its kind with amazing and mouth watering deals ranging from best of phones, electronics, etc to be displayed for sale at highly discounted prices.

The Tech week will be characterized by many deals offers including free vouchers, flashsales, Spin & Win Promo, Free Shipping and lots more.

The Jumia Promo Week has always been a great experience ever since when it was called “Jumia Mobile Week”. In Addition to mobile phones, you can now find deals on Television, Computer, appliances and many more.


When Is Jumia Tech Week 2022 Starting


Jumia Tech Week 2022 is yet to be announced but as usual, it is expected to falls around the Month of March 2022 with unbelievable giveaway and top of the ladder free vouchers for shopping at highly discounted prices.

During this period, you can shop for any phone of your choice and enjoy high discount on virtually anything electronic gadgets across all categories.

This shopping event is once a year and you can take advantage of the deal offers to shop for your favorite mobile phone and other tech gadgets.

Jumia is committing all its sales agents into ensuring that the Tech week is characterized by deal offers you never seen before with discounts up to 70% on many of the tech items.

So be rest assured, the year 2022 Tech Week will be lovely.


What To Expect in Jumia Tech Week 2022


1. Free Jumia Tech Week Voucher

If there is one better way to score great deals on Jumia, then you can’t go wrong by leveraging Jumia Voucher Codes. They are simply the best way to guarantee your discount.

Everyday Deals

Your discount will be displayed and substrate from your total to pay.

This Tech Week will be characterised by lots of free Jumia Tech Week vouchers to shop your favorite gadgets including Mobile Phones, Games, Camera, Home System, TV, etc

Below is a free voucher link you can leverage to start enjoying a discount on Jumia.

Jumia Free Vouchers


2. Free Shipping This Jumia Promo Week

How cool will you feel getting your favorite items/products delivered to your doorstep without paying a dime? Cool right. 

While, that is what you will enjoy in this year’s Jumia Tech week

However, to be eligible for this free shipping service, you will need to subscribe to Jumia Prime or Jumia Prime Plus.

When you subscribe to Jumia Prime Package, anything you buy on Jumia will be delivered to you free.

The fun part of it, for One(1) Naira, you can sign up for a 2 weeks free trial which i believe is more than enough time to take you through the Tech week.

Another fun part is that, aside from Tech products, you can also order for others products on Jumia including Groceries, Fashion items, beauty products, etc while paying zero shipping fee.

Besides, as a Jumia Prime Plus member, you are entitled to preferential customer services and faster returns and lots of other goodies.

Subscribe to Jumia Prime or Prime Plus today to take advantage of the Tech Week sale offers to enjoy a better discount at no cost delivered to your doorstep.

Subscribe To JumiaPrime


3. Flash Sales Deals

Jumia Flash sales is another great way to get your favorite product at a highly discounted price.

This is not the typical deal you find, this discount offers can be as high as up to 80% Off.

Flash sales go live 2pm daily during the Tech Week Promo, so you need to keep to time to enjoy this bonanza.

Any other time will

Jumia Flash sale deal can be amazing because you can find your favorite Mobile Phone and other tech products at very low prices you can’t get elsewhere.

Checkout Jumia Flashsales


4. Jumia Tech Week Treasure Hunt

Jumia Treasure is like a game which demands you search for a hidden item in a particular category at a specific time.  In most cases, this item can be up to 99% Off.

Imagine getting an item worth 100,000 Naira for 500 Naira. How cool is that, right.

The Jumia tech week Treasure Hunt will take place only on March 1 & Friday 5th of March at 12am & 6pm.

So be on the watch. You could be the next winner you know.

Jumia Treasure Hunt Deals


5. Jumia Spin and Win Promo

The Jumia Spin and Win Promo is simply a deal offer where you spin the wheel of fortune to win a mouth-watering product.

The item can be anything in the tech field and often comes at a very ridiculous cheap price. Somes, they are offer for free.

Anything you win will be displayed to you after which you can order.

However, if you did not win, you can try your lock the next day.

Jumia Spin and Win Promo will go live at 12noon daily.

So this Jumia Tech week, expect a Spin & Win promo offers.

Note: The Jumia Spin and Win Promo is exclusively for Jumia App users. If you don’t have a Jumia App, you can download one below

Download Jumia App


6. Jumia Free Giveaway

For those that might dream of a big phone, this is an opportunity to get one for free.

The Jumia Free Giveaway is a live session Jumia host for their App users and Social media followers in which any one that participates has a chance of winning some fantastic freebies. 

The freebie can be an iPhone, TV or any Tech gadget

Usually, the Live Giveaway takes place in the form of a livestream shown on the Jumia App, which typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.

Live Giveaways will go live at every 12noon. So be on the lookout

Checkout Available Live Giveaway deals by clicking the link below

Available Free Giveaway Deals


7. Up To 20% Discount With JumiaPay

JumiaPay is a Jumia payment gateway that can be used to pay or buy anything on Jumia.

If you use it to make payment this season, you automatically get up to 10% Off

For those with Mastercards linked with JumiaPay, you are liable for up to 20% Off your shopping on Jumia.

Leveraging the JumiaPay for your payments on Jumia can greatly score you great deals.

Download the App, Sign up and start enjoying discounts including cashback on Airtime and Data purchase using this App.

Download JumiaPay App


What You Need To Participate in The Jumia Tech Week 2022

First Off, you need to ensure that you have the Jumia App installed on your phone since most of the deal will be happening on the App.

Then you also need to make sure you are following Jumia on most of their social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if you are not already.

Lot of deals will be communicated through these social media handles.

Also, taking advantage of some of our Tech Week offers below, will also help you score a great discount this season.


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Jumia Tech Week Offers – Upto 80% Off




There is no denying the fact that Jumia Tech Week can score you great deals on your next tech gadget purchase.

However, to enjoy this year Tech Week, you will need to first off, download the official Jumia Shopping App after which you will follow them on their social media handles including Youtube for first hand information and deal offers.

It is time to upgrade your phone at highly discounted prices.

Take advantage of the Jumia Tech Week 2022 to get one for yourself and friends.


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