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Konga Black Friday 2023: What Deals To Expect This Season

Konga Black Friday called Konga YAKATA  Plus is a shopping event of the year that feature huge discounts of up to 90% Off across all categories ranging from Smartphones, fashion, baby dress, electronics and lots more.

Aside from the discount offers, there is also going to be plenty of deals channels ranging from free vouchers, flash sales, Treasure hunts, Free Shipping and a host of others.

The Konga Yakata is usually when Konga showcases its most spectacular deals across items in stock.

The Yakata sale is widely regarded as the biggest sale event of the year and set to run across its various platforms both online, offline and across its physical stores in Nigeria.

Unfortunately the countdown for Konga YAKATA Black Friday Sales 2023 is yet to be on but as usual it is expected to take place in early November 2023 to early December 2023.

During this period, you are expected to get prepared as Konga will give out unbelievable discount offers at ridiculous cheap prices.

In this year edition, inorder to give both new and existing customer lots of discount, Konga is partnering with a top financial Institution, Access Bank Plc and others to provide shoppers with extra 10% off discounts

There has never been a time to save harder than now. This is the perfect time to keep your piggy banks intact while you wait to cash in on the biggest sale of the year.



When is Konga Black Friday 2023 Date

Konga Yakata Black Friday Date

The Konga Black Friday 2023 otherwise known as Konga Yakata annual shopping event is yet to be officially announced, but as usual, it is expected to take place in early November, 2023 to early December, 2023 with lots of goodies on offer for you to enjoy.

Basically its Black Friday every Friday with major Fridays within the covered period being taken over by huge discounts offers.

But you must note that 2023 Konga Black Friday is not going to be limited to Fridays as usual but runs through the stipulated period.



What Deal to Expect From Konga 2023 Black Friday

Just as with every Konga Black Friday sales, the year 2023 Konga Yakata Plus is expected to be one of the best with deals upto 90% Off cutting across all categories.

According to Konga, this year Black Friday is going to be one of the best ever with discounts of up to 90% off instantly.

The fun part is that, these discount offers will run across many of the categories and products on the Konga Platform.

This is simply the right time to shop your favorite products

Konga Discounts Channels


Here Are What To Expect In Konga Yakata Plus 2023


1. Upto 90% Off Konga Flash Sales Deals

The Konga Yakata 2023 would be exposing you to the coolest offers on the Konga Website including best of Konga Flash deals.

The Flash Sale will goes live every day by 10AM, 12PM, and 4PM

The flash sales product are available on Konga website only

However, inorder to enjoy this discount, once you find an item, add to cart, checkout and make payment very fast because Flash sale deals typically sales out very fast and can be very limited in quantity.

Basically, fastest fingers wins the race

Checkout Today’s Flash Sales


2. Konga Treasure Hunt

Konga Treasure hunt is an incredible discount offers that feature highly-sought-after discounted items that will be hidden in different places on the website.

These items come with discounts offers of up to 99% off and are open to the general public but restricted to the fastest fingers only.

The 2032 KONGA YAKATA TREASURE HUNT is the most anticipated event of the YAKATA season, This could be your opportunity to get that item you’ve always dreamt of at a much less price than your budget.

The Konga Black Friday 2023 treasure hunt will take place every Friday by 11AM & 4PM throughout the Yakata Plus period

You cannot afford to miss out on the thrill and excitement

Note that Treasure Hunt item would be hidden anywhere on the Konga Website.

However, once a treasure is found, make sure you order immediate and is confirmed before you Jubilate as Item belongs to the fastest finger only


  • Only one unit of an item per hunt is up for grabs
  • The Item will be hidden in an unrelated category on the website. For instance, a gadget may be hidden in the shoe section on the website.
  • Once you find the item, Order it FAST!

See Treasure Hunt Offer


3. Free Shipping Across All Products

The Yakata 2023 comes with a free shipping on order of item(s) worth 5,000 Naira and above.

Shipping can be very expensive especially when you live in a remote area.

This season, Konga is giving you the opportunity for us all to shop at amazing prices and still enjoy free shipping.

However, product with this free offer are limited, click on the link below to see products that are qualify for this free offer

Qualified Free Shipping Products


4.  App Only Deal

Konga appreciate all her customers both new and old but gives more preference to those that are on her app

As a way of appreciating this loyal customers, Konga is offering exclusive deals

Only those on the official App will enjoy this offers


Download Konga App


5. Konga Cyber Mondays

The Konga Black Friday is going to be characterized by free deals across all categories every Mondays

These Monday deal offers is limited, so you really don’t need to waste time when it comes to ordering.

The Monday deals is a great way to make necessary purchases and save money on your favorite products throughout this festive period.

Checkout Available Deals


6. Free Konga Voucher

Voucher is no doubt one of the best ways to score great deal while shopping online.

The year 2023 Yakata sales will be characterized by bundles of deals across all products.

You no longer need to worry about not getting deals on your online shopping

Simply leverage this coupon offers to start enjoying on every thing you buy on Konga today

Checkout Current Konga Vouchers

7.  Live Auction

On all of Konga social media platforms, there are going to be live auction of products.

The highest bidder goes home with the product after payment is made

The auction is going to be live on social platforms

All that is expected of you is to connect with one of Konga social media channel to take part in the auction.

Exact time for auction to take place will be communicated through these channels every day


Some Of the Categories to Expect With Great Deals

Some of the categories to expect with great discount ranges from smartphone, laptops, home appliances, generator, electronics and host of others.

Konga Deals    

….also read:


How to Get The Best Bargain From Konga Black Friday 2023

To find the very best Black Friday deals, it’s important to map out a strategy:  


1. Make a Research and List Products You Would Like To Buy

It is recommended you do a research into the products you’d like to buy before Black Friday, including which specific product is the best for you and how much it currently costs, so that you can assess how much you’re saving.

Or better still add the product to your cart while you’re logged in and keep it there for Black Friday. As soon as the event starts, buy it.  


2. Use KongaPay

KongaPay is a free online payment service that enables you to make payments online securely, instantly, and cost-effectively.

As a customer, you will received an additional 5% further discount if you use the KongaPay to make the payment.  


3. Take Advantage of Konga Daily Deals Offers

Regularly check the Daily Deals page on Konga to see their latest Deals, which tend to sell out quickly.

The Konga Deals are time-limited so if you see something interesting for yourself, don’t wait until the next day.

Even if you add it to your cart but don’t finalize your purchase, it will go back to its original price.  


4. Go for Quality Over Quantity

Think about what you want to purchase rather than just grabbing anything and everything from the shelves. If not you’ll end up leaving with lots of items you don’t need and might regret buying.

It’s always better to pick the one big product you really want and need, rather than loads of smaller, unnecessary ones.  


5. Do Check Social Media For Giveaways

From time to time, checkout Konga Social Media page , like Facebook & Twitter.

You’ll be able to see some exclusive deals only available on social media.

Or better still, checkout our Konga Coupon page for latest Konga vouchers and deals


6. Take Advantage of Free Offers

Konga often offer free shipping on some selected products across all categories during Black Fridays, which means that you will have your items as many as you want, delivered free of charge.

This is an essential factor that shoppers who want to save money often take into consideration when shopping because the shipping cost might sometimes get quite pricey.  


7. Take Advantage of Other Konga Promotional Methods

During Black Friday, lots of Konga discount channels will also be use to offer discounts across all products.

With these channels, you can get further discounts and better shopping experience.

So, look it up as there are going to be several of them.  

  • Free shipping
  • App only discounts
  • Treasure hunt
  • Flash sales
  • Social media Giveaway, & host of others
  • Free Vouchers
  • Christmas sales, etc

Indeed, The Konga Yakata Black Friday worth taken a look at as there are going to be amazing offers at unbelievable prices.  


Konga Black Friday Deals

Here are some of the currently trending Deals

  • Up To 80% Deals of The Day – View Deals
  • Up To 25% Discount on  SmartPhones – See Offers
  • Up To 50% Discount on Electronics – View Offers
  • Up To 50% Discount on Laptops & Computers – View Offers
  • Up To 50% Discount on Generators – View Offers
  • Up To 65% Discount on Kid & Baby Wear as well as Toys – Secure Deal
  • Up To 67% Discount on Women’s Fashion – Secure Deal
  • Up To 67% Discount on Men’s Fashion – Secure Deal
  • Up To 25% Discount on Kitchen & Home Appliances – Buy Now
  • Up To 45% Discount on Games and Consoles – Buy Now
  • Up To 80% Discount on Beauty & Personal Products – Buy Now


Grab Latest Yakata Offers & Deals


Konga Christmas Sales Deals 2023

Konga Christmas Promo Sales is an online shopping event created to encourage people to shop during the annual shopping event.

With the holiday season, the corner, Konga Christmas Sales is a great opportunity to shop for Christmas and new year.

This Christmas and New Year according to Konga is going to be completely different.

The Konga Christmas Promo Sales are expected to eclipse 2023’s best Black Friday deals and advance way strong through the week with best of deals cutting across all categories.

The Konga Christmas sales will officially start in December but with the actual date yet to be announce.

Its usually a sale that is expected to run through a week.

The fact that Konga Christmas Promo Sales happens to be in December, there is possibility that you still have an entire list of gift to buy.

Therefore, it is expected that anyone unable to take part in the Black Friday offers should plan and take part in the Konga Christmas Promo Sales as there are going to be top deals that cut across all categories with unbelievable discount offers ranging between 30% to 80% off.

Konga Christmas Sales Promo



It is no longer a secret that there would be a hailstorm of deals everywhere on Konga with deals of up to 90% off across categories.

Indeed, if you want to Shop Stress-Free this Konga Yakata and for Christmas, this is the perfect time to get some amazing bargains!

This season, Konga is also offering Pay on Delivery for those that might be skeptical of ordering online.

The Pay on Delivery will be available in Imo, Ondo, Benue, Kwara and Kogi state. Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Edo, Delta, Ogun, and Kaduna, so start shopping now


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