You are currently viewing Konga Flash Sales 2023: Upto 70% Off Promo Currently

Konga Flash Sales 2023: Upto 70% Off Promo Currently

If there is one guaranteed way to score a great deal on Konga Nigeria, then you can’t go wrong by leveraging the Konga Flash Sales.

The Konga Flash sales is an initiative by Konga Nigeria to give back to society and to help people see how online stores can help them save big.

Today’s informed consumers can easily make research & compare prices before finally buying.

It just makes sense leveraging this medium of flash sale to give consumers exactly what they are looking for.

Besides, Konga aims to put a smiling face on your face while maintaining high quality at lowest prices across most of its products through flash sales.

Their flash sales promo is therefore aimed at giving you the best deal irrespective of whether you are a new customer or existing one, Konga has a discount offer for you.

With the current Konga trending offers, lots of deals are currently running which you might want to checkout.

Checkout Available Flash Sales Deals



Konga Daily Deals


What is Konga Flash Sales

Konga Flash sales are sales of premium items with amazing discounts offered for sale for just a few minutes/hours/days and goes off when sold out.

Just as the name implies, flash sales items are limited in quantity but often come with high discount offers.


These offers cut across a large selection of Konga products ranging from Electronics, Television, Smartphones, Fashion & much more.

Although Konga daily deal items are known to appear and disappear depending on how fast you act to order but the beauty remains that the time frame is often displayed alongside the number of stock inplace. 

However, you must note that, most of Konga discount sales are known to sell out very fast, so you need to not only place an order when you find an item you want to buy but also checkout to avoid the price reverting back.

The Konga Flash Sales is indeed a top saving offer you can leverage to enjoy amazing and unbelievable discounts on

Checkout Konga Flashsales


How Does Konga Flash Sales Work

Konga Flash sale works in the following steps

  • Download the Konga App to access the website or simply use the Web version  
  • Login or sign up for an account
  • Go to the official Flash Sales page
  • Lookup for your favorite item(s)
  • Ensure the item is live, within a time frame
  • Click on the Buy Button
  • Checkout

Note: Don’t leave your item/product on the cart basket, price might reverse back if the time lapses. Ensure you checkout fast

Konga Flash sales


How To Participate In A Konga Flash Sales or Konga Daily Deal

Participating in the Konga Flash sale or Konga daily deal is simple just, ensure you follow the following steps

  • Go to the official Konga website through the Web or App.
  • Login into your account or signup for one if you don’t have one.
  • Go to Konga Daily Deal Offers
  • Search your favorite item
  • Checkout with any item of your choice.
  • Enter delivery address and make payment


  • Discount are applied automatically
  • Remember to checkout fast so you can be guaranteed of the discount you are getting.


Tips To Remember When Participating in Konga Flash Sales 2023

  • Selected products are offered to the public at highly subsidized prices by Konga
  • Discount can be up to 90% off, depending on the offer as well as the ongoing promotion.
  • Flash sales works within specific time frame
  • As Konga Flash sales products are of limited quantity, you can expect them to sell out very fast.
  • Finding your favorite item and leaving it on cart is not a guarantee that you can still enjoy the discount. Checkout fast and make payment immediately.
  • Bear in mind that lots of people are also trying to buy the item
  • You need to make up your mind as quickly as possible, otherwise the item you want to buy might get out of stock.
  • Konga reserve the right to cancel orders or promo at will
  • Items on Flassales are limited and do not stay long.


When Will Flash Promo Be Available

At the moment, Konga Flash sale is readily available but expect to get an even bigger discount during Konga events like Konga Black Friday, Konga Anniversary or any announced shopping event.

Current Konga Flash Deals


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The Konga Flash sales is an incredible discount offer and top money saving deal that can be leveraged by anyone to get some discount on things you buy on Konga.

Although some of the items of your choice might not be readily available at the time you want to buy but you can check back or better still, leverage other couponing sites to get the deal.

It is however, advisable you always look up your favorite item on the Flash deal table before making that final buy, the product you want to buy might be laying down there.

Some of the deals found on Flash Sales Promo can be as mouth watering as that found on Konga Yakata sales.

Go have a look at the current deals available today by clicking the link below

Current Flash Sales Promo


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