You are currently viewing LG Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria (2023)

LG Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria (2023)

LG Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria starts at N198,000, however, this depends greatly on the type you want.

If you live in a country like Nigeria, there is no doubt, the weather condition can be unpleasant at times, especially in your place of work or at home.

Air conditioners serve a multitude of purposes, thereby making them an extremely important appliance in the home or workplace

Besides, having a proper air conditioning system like LG in place not only maintains the right moisture and temperature level but also improves air quality.

Which in turn can help with impacting our ability to perform and complete work tasks.

Lower temperatures that air conditioners create can help reduce dehydration as they lessen the likelihood of excessive sweating.

Air conditioning can be indeed really very important, however the brand you use also matters

LG AC is affordable, durable, and energy-efficient and most also come with an advanced inverter technology which gives it faster cooling.

Basically, LG Air conditioners have AC across all types, depending on your room and needs, there are various types of LG AC including split, standing, Cassette and Window available in the market.

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Prices of Floor Standing Air Conditioners

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Prices of Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

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Prices of Window Air Conditioners

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LG Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria Buyer Guide

LG has quite a number of Air condition across all types in the AC market but the choice of the ACs can leave one dumbfounded, however, there are quite factors to consider before buying LG Air Condition

Below are factors we need to consider when buying an LG Air Condition

1. Price

Having a first-hand price idea for your Air condition is necessary considering the high price tag some of the ACs come with.

Also having price ideas just as shown above will help with budget and planning

However, you must also note that LG Air Condition comes up with different coils like aluminum, copper, or an alloy with the superior one being copper.

Copper has more resistant to corrosion and will probably cost more compared to aluminum.


2. Budget

Much before buying, you should have a predefined budget otherwise with the wide range of products, there are chances for you to get confused.

This will help you to make a precise decision after a price idea.


3. Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency rating (EER) is a measurement of how much energy it takes to run an air conditioner in relation to its cooling capacity.

A higher number indicates a more efficient unit, which can save money on the monthly electric bill.


4. Size of The Room or Office

One of the things to consider when you want to buy an Air Conditioner is the size of where you want to use the AC for.

You need to measure the room area and this in turn will determine the capacity of the Air conditioner to use.

The larger the room space the more capacity is required from the AC.


5. Consider an Intelligent Cooling system

This is another incredible thing to factor in when buying AC

Some air conditioners have gotten smarter, allowing you to control and adjust them from your smartphone.

You may even be able to interconnect them to other cooling units in your home


6. Voltage Operating Limit

Every AC has a Voltage Operating Limit.

You will find this range printed on the AC label.

Check out if the area you live in has Voltage fluctuations beyond these limits.

If so, you should invest in a stabilizer for your AC to protect it from voltage fluctuations.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. A stabilizer will not cost much when compared to your AC.

Install one and do not worry about voltage fluctuations.

This day, many the LG ACs come inbuilt with internal or external stability which worth taken note of


LG Air Conditioner Price in Nigeria Verdict

LG AC is affordable considering the inbuilt technology.

Do you know some of the latest LG Ac Units also come with Mosquito Away technology?

This technology is based on ultrasonic sound to keep away mosquitoes.

The AC units emit this sound that is beyond the hearing power of humans.

But, it can discourage mosquitoes.

LG uses this technology in their phones, washing machines, and televisions as well.


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