You are currently viewing 27 Best & Cheap Online Clothing Stores In Nigeria (2023)

27 Best & Cheap Online Clothing Stores In Nigeria (2023)

You will never want to shop in-store again because this list comprises the top 27 Best & Cheap Online Clothing Stores in Nigeria that can be relied on for shopping virtually anything clothes.

These online fashion stores are not just top best but also the most trustworthy, reliable and offer better quality you can’t get elsewhere.

These days, especially with social distancing as the new norm, shopping online is inevitable and getting the best place for your fashion doesn’t have to be difficult.

Although we have quite a large number of online stores in Nigeria but getting a store that is dedicated to fashion and that offers quality and best of prices can be challenging sometime.

To this, we have listed below the best online clothing stores in Nigeria.

Whether you are looking for an outfit for the workplace or a designer cloth for any outing, you can’t go wrong with any of these companies or merchants listed below.



Best Place To Buy Cheap Clothes Online in Nigeria

1. Payporte 


Payporte is an online female clothing store in Nigeria for women that is designed to bring the beauty in you.

Every lady is important and deserves to be seen.

To this, Payporte offer affordable fashion both online & in-store

Their inventories cut across majorly, dresses, jeans, sleeves, body suites, skirt and more

Payporte sell high quality and affordable clothes & all that makes a woman presentable.


Their presence cut across the globe, including Nigeria, the UK, USA and infact China.

Buying from them simply means you are getting the best of prices you can’t get elsewhere. A truly international taste.

Payporte is indeed very diverse when it comes to women clothes  and can be very reliable for your fashion needs.



All Things Chic

All Things Chic is a one stop fashion destination for online shopping in Nigeria. At All Things
Chic you can find a wide range of trendy women’s clothing and fashion accessories.

They deliver to all states in Nigeria and are known for high quality products, great customer
service and speedy delivery.

Their product range includes handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelries, purses, hair accessories,
press on nails and other fashion accessories. Their site is easy to use, secure and budget

All Things Chic also offer 10% off every first time purchase when you use the code
WELCOMETOATC” at checkout. Visit their website at


3. BesazBoutique

Besaz Boutiue

This is another fashion destination for shopping online for women’s clothes.

They sell quality women dresses, tops, shirts, trousers, bags, jumpsuits and lots of accessories

BesazBoutique believes in elegance and glamour does not have to come with an expensive price tag.

They believe in providing top-notch and high quality clothes at affordable prices.

As a first timer, you can save 10% Off your order when you sign up for their newsletter.


4. The5kshop


5KShop is a top-notch and one of the best online clothing store in Nigeria for female.

They offer affordable online clothing solution along side physical store presence in majorly Lagos and Abuja.

5KShop is specifically designed for selling female clothes, dresses, Ankara, shoes, tops and accessories.

Just as the name implies, everything you buy here are 5K and below 


5. Sojoee


Sojoee is one of the best place to buy cheap clothes Online in Nigeria.

They have latest women’s wear, footwear, bags and accessories designed for all class of women.

With a large array of women’s clothes in their stock, you are bound to find style or cloth that will appeal to you at prices that fit your pocket.


6. Xtamaliy


Xtamaliy is one of the current women fashion store that provide trending fashion dresses, top, jackets, jumpsuits, etc

They have quite a large fashion inventory for today’s lady.

A browse through their catalogue can land you beautiful clothes to choose from.


7. Mobosfashion

Mobos Fashion

Mobosfashion is a top of the line fashion store in Lagos, Nigeria.

They are among the few boutique companies in Nigeria with clothes that meet international standards.

They sell women blouses, dresses, gowns, jacket, tops, pants and a whole lots of accessories

Mobosfashion also has their own brand called VR (Victoria Robert)  designed in Nigeria, produced abroad.

Mobos is known for being able to meet the needs of today’s confident and savvy women through combining a wide range of beautifully crafted fashion pieces with high quality at an affordable price.


8. Miskay Boutique

Miskay Boutique

MiskayBoutique is one of the biggest women’s wear fashion retailers based in Lagos, Porthercurt & Abuja.

A browse through their website search engine can land you a catalogue of clothes to choose from.

As a first timer, you can land a coupon code to redeem a discount on anything you buy . Just subscribe to their newsletter to enjoy this discount offer.

They also have a 5K online outlet where everything is not more than N5,000.


9. Obeezi


Obeezi is a trusted online clothing store for men where you will find best prices in fashion, wristwatch, shoes etc

In terms of payment, apart from online payment options through their secure website they also offer cash on delivery.

However, you will enjoy up to 10% Off instantly when you decide to use their online payment option to make payment. 

When you buy from Obeezi, you are automatically qualified for a 7 days return policy for products that do not meet with what you saw.


10. DavidWeg

David Wej

DavidWeg is a leading online fashion store in Nigeria for men.

They specialize in designs, production, marketing and distribution of premium and ready to wear men’s apparels and accessories.

DavidWeg Fashion is a key player in the Nigeria lifestyle brand and a leading figure in the online clothing space for men.

They sell men’s suite, shoes, designer cloth, Gift a lady can package for her man and lots of accessories including Hats, Sucks, Cufflinks & Studs, Wallet, Collar pins, etc


11. Russul Boutique

Russel Boutique

RussulBoutique is one of the top men’s boutiques in Lagos with men clothing that cut across shirts, trousers, suits, shoes, watches among others.

For every cloth they sell except accessories, they offer a size chart or specific size description.

They also offer coupons for enjoying discounts on their website when you ask for it.


12. GeesCollect


GeesCollect is a leading fashion store specializing in men’s cloth and accessories.

They offer compelling men clothing, shoes, suits and accessories. 

It is indeed a home for gentlemen.

They are trusted and can be relied upon for shopping your favorite cloth online.


13. AjeboMarket

Aajebo Market

AjeboMarket is a top-notch fashion store for men with an edge.

It is a leading figure in the online clothes space for men.

They are trustworthy and offer guarantee on any item purchase from them.

AjeboMarket has a wide collection of designer men’s wear ranging from T-shirts, Vest, Polo, Shirt, Jersey, Jeans, and a host of others.

For men who are keen about shoes, AjeboMarket has a large collection of shoes in different brands & styles to compliment your look.


14. BobosClothing


BobosClothing is an incredible place for shopping for men’s clothing online.

When it comes to getting a quality suit, BobosClothing is simply the best.

They also sell clothes and accessories ranging from blazers, shoes, slippers, leather sandals, wedding ties, shirt, casuals, jeans etc

They sell quality cloth and can be relied upon for best designer suit.


15. Justkidsngr


Justkidsngr is an online store in Lagos Nigeria, specifically designed to meet the clothing needs of children.

They have a large collection of clothing and accessories in stock. This range from boys & girls cloth to toys, learning tools, shoes, backpacks & lunch boxes, etc

Their inventories are usually for ages 12months to 15 years.

They offer affordable clothes and also offer free shipping when you purchase items worth N25,000 and above.

Their websites are easy to navigate and offer easy ways to get what you want. You can search by category, brand or simply by using their website search engine.


16. Ruff n Tumble Kids

Ruff n Tumble

Ruff n Tumble Kids is a leading designer, manufacturer & retailer of children clothes in Nigeria

They have both in-store and online retail outlets.

Their in-store presence cut across the country with major dominant place being Lagos

Ruff n Tumble Kids sell top-notch and high quality clothes which is of international taste and standard that can last the test of time.

They sell clothes of all children ages from age 0 to 16 years for boys, girls and teenagers.

Their unique brand, TIMOTIWA – a ready to wear afrocentric cloth, a mixture of African print fabrics (Ankara) and contemporary trendy designs that gives that African look.

They indeed have large inventory from which you can choose clothes of your favorite for your children at highly discounted offers.


17. Dafunshop

Dafun Shop

Dafunshop is a leading online retail store for kids with inventories that range from Clothes, Toys, Games, books, apparel, Accessories and educational products for age 0-15 years

They offer retail as well as wholesale packages for those that might want to resale.

Dafunshop children’s clothes are affordable and they also offer free shipping to those that purchase items that are worth atleast 25,000 in total within Lagos.

You can land a great deal by simply browsing or by using their search engine on their website.


18. Newbee


Newbee is another online store in Nigeria for children’s needs.

Through you can buy your baby needs at best prices and still have them delivered to you at your doorstep.

Newbee offers flexible payment options as well as cash on delivery for those that might be skeptical of buying online.

Notwithstanding, they are genuine and can be relied upon for your children clothes shopping.


19. Babybliss

Baby Bliss

Babybliss is a very reliable online retail store for children’s clothes. 

With large stock in their arsenal, you can shop virtually for anything ranging from clothes, Diaspers, Baby Gear, Toys among others.

They indeed provide shoppers with a variety of products that will take you from newborn all to the teenage years.

Babybliss worth shopping on


20. ShopKiddiesWearHouse

Kiddies Wear House

ShopKiddiesWearHouse is a leading and top-notch online clothing stores in Nigeria for children.

They have a large stock of children’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

Their products are of high quality and affordable.

With more than 10,000 inventories, you are sure of getting something of your choice for your children.

They also offer size guides to enable you to pick the right item for your children and they offer good customer service when you contact their support team for advice.


21. TheShopVille

The Shop Ville

TheShopVille is a top of the ladder online retail store for children.

ShopVille sell clothes & accessories for babies, toddler, kids and even mothers.

They are among the few online children’s stores where you can get virtually everything you want in one place.

ShopVille have large inventories that features todays brands in the children space including Graco, Fisher Price, Chico, Britax, Medela, Lansinoh, Safety First, Pampers, Huggies, Tommie Tippie, Similac, Enfamil, Gerber, Johnson and Johnson and many more.

On their website, every product is neatly categorized and you can enjoy up to 70% off on some selected categories. 

They are very reliable and trusted. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact them for assistance. 

ShopVille indeed worth taking a look at.


22. Jumia NG


Jumia is no doubt a leading figure when it comes to online shopping store in Nigeria for clothes

They are stock with the latest and best of deals.

They sell Men, Women and Children clothes including shoes, watches and other accessories. 

Jumia NG is very trusted and reliable and besides you can virtually shop for anything you need including day to day essentials needs and luxuries.

To further enhance your shopping experience, they have coupon you can use to score some great deals


23. Dexstitches


Dexstitches is a modern online boutique for men and women.

They offer quality men and women clothes at the best prices.

On orders of clothes that the cart worth N45,000 or above you will be qualify for free shipping

Their clothes includes, T-shirt, Polos, Corporate wears, bags, Kaftan, Agbada, etc


24. Garmsport


Garmsport is an online fashion store in Nigeria you can rely on for clothes and accessories.

They are among the few online cloth stores that offer amazing discounts on clothes you buy from them.

As a first timer, you are entitled to 10% off and if you order items worth 30,000 and above, you will enjoy free shipping as well.


25. Konga


Konga Nigeria is one of the best online stores in Nigeria you can leverage to get cheap clothes online. 

They sell both Men & Women clothes even including that of children age 0-18

Konga has a deal package they offer from time to time and also they offer free shipping on some selected clothes.


26. Kaiglo


Kaiglo is another top-notch online fashion store for men & women.

They offer amazing deal packages on clothes they sell.

They can be used to shop virtually for all your clothing needs at best prices.


27. LagMall


Is one of the best online clothing store in Nigeria.

They offer Female, Male & Children clothes at the best of prices.

LagMall is one of the few companies where you can land great discounts

They are currently among the trending & cheap online clothing stores in Nigeria today.


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If you are indeed in need of quality and affordable clothes, you can’t go wrong by choosing from any of these above listed online clothing stores in Nigeria.

They are simply the best place where you can buy cheap clothes online in Nigeria

Most of these companies listed above comprises lists of stores for women, men and children while some deals in all sex

These stores also offer both online and in-store outlets with good customer support.

Checking out with any of these fashion stores in Nigeria from the comfort of your home, phone or computer, can save you great on your next shopping for clothes.

What is your favorite store?

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