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6 Ways To Contact Opay Customer Care (2023)

Whether you have a question or need help with a transaction, the Opay customer care team will assist you. 

In this resource guide, we are going to find out the various channels through which you can reach them.

Opay is a dynamic financial technology company that offers a wide range of innovative services to empower individuals and businesses in their financial transactions. 

With its user-friendly mobile app and web platform, Opay provides convenient solutions for money transfers, bill payments, mobile recharges, online shopping, and more. 

By harnessing the power of technology, Opay aims to simplify financial activities and promote financial inclusion for all but along the way, they understand that trust and reliability are paramount, therefore, a robust customer care system is indispensable, 

To this, Opay provides efficient and responsive customer care to help address user concerns, resolve issues promptly, and ensure a seamless experience for its customers. 

This commitment to customer care sets Opay apart and contributes to its reputation as a trusted financial services provider.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, Opay offers multiple channels for users to reach out for assistance. These channels are as discussed below


6 Best Ways To Contact Opay Customer Care

Opay understands that users have different preferences when it comes to seeking support and assistance. 

By offering a diverse range of customer care channels, Opay ensures that users can choose the method that best suits their needs and preferences. 

Whether it’s through direct phone conversations, instant messaging, live chat, email, or social media interactions, Opay strives to provide efficient and personalized customer care to enhance the overall user experience.

Below are the various channels you can utilize to contact Opay customer care

  1. Customer Care Number
  2. WhatsApp Number
  3. Live Chat on Opay App
  4. Email Channel
  5. Social Media Channels
  6. Physical Address


1. Opay Customer Care Number

Opay provides a dedicated customer care helpline for users to connect with a representative directly. 


By dialing the Opay customer care number, users can receive real-time assistance with their queries, concerns, or technical issues. 

The customer care number serves simply as a direct communication channel, allowing users to engage in a personalized conversation with a knowledgeable support agent.

Depending on your queries, you can call 0700 888 8328 or 01 8888328 for App & Card related queries and 0700 888 8329 or 01 8888329 for POS Business Queries


2. Opay Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Recognizing the popularity and convenience of instant messaging platforms, Opay also offers a customer care service through WhatsApp. 

Users can reach out to Opay’s customer care team by sending a message to the dedicated WhatsApp number.

Simply add the Opay WhatsApp number, +2349165998936 to your contact and chat them up for any inquiries

The WhatsApp channel indeed provides a convenient way for anyone to interact with customer care representatives, ask questions, and receive prompt responses.


3. Live Chat on Opay App

Opay’s mobile application features a built-in live chat functionality, enabling users to connect with customer care representatives in real-time. 

By accessing the live chat feature within the app, users can initiate a conversation and receive immediate assistance. 

This channel is particularly useful for users who prefer the convenience of interacting within the app while accessing Opay’s various services.


4. Email Channel

Opay offers an email channel for users who prefer written communication or have complex queries that require detailed explanations. 

Users can send an email to the designated customer care email address, providing a comprehensive description of their issue or inquiry. 

Opay’s customer care team ensures timely responses to emails, addressing concerns effectively and providing relevant information or resolutions.


5. Social Media Channels

Opay actively engages with its users through social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Users can reach out to Opay’s customer care team by sending direct messages or posting public inquiries on these platforms. 

Opay’s social media customer care team monitors these channels closely, promptly responding to user queries, and providing assistance.


6. Physical Address

Opay has a physical office where you can work to make inquiries or lay complaint

Office Locations in Nigeria

Lagos Physical address

  • HQ: Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Physical Customer Service Centers

  • 103 Allen Avenue, Mosesola House, Ikeja.
  • 78B Lagos Road Ikorodu.
  • 4th Avenue A Close, Festac Town, Festac.

Abuja Physical address

  • No 34/36 Okotie Eboh Street Utako District.

Abeokuta, Ogun Physical address

  • Dolly House Opposite Laroy Hotel, Abiola Way

Ibadan, Oyo Physical address

  • Anjola Building Opposite Oando Filling Station, Iyana Cele Bus Stop, Along Sango Road, Mokola.

Osogbo, Osun Physical address

  • Opposite Technical Beside Arowolo Filling Station.

Jos, Plateau Physical address

  • Thilda’s Center, Shop 12 Opposite GIG Logistics Dadin Kowa 3rd Gate.

Kaduna Physical address

  • Asd City Mall Katsina Road By Independent Way.

Kano Physical address

  • Amana Plaza Second Floor beside Shoprite Zoo Road.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I create an Opay account?

A: To create an Opay account, you can download the Opay app from the official app store, install it on your device, and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. Make sure to provide accurate information during the registration process.

Q: What services does Opay offer?

A: Opay offers many services, including mobile money transfers, bill payments, airtime and data purchases, transportation hailing, food delivery, and more. With Opay, you can conveniently handle various financial and daily transaction needs using a single platform.

Q: How can I deposit money into my Opay account?

A: You can deposit money into your Opay account by linking your bank account or debit card to the Opay app. Once linked, you can transfer funds from your bank account to your Opay account within the app. Alternatively, you can visit any Opay agent location to deposit cash into your account.

Q: How do I transfer money using Opay?

A: To transfer money using Opay, open the Opay app and navigate to the “Transfer” section. Enter the recipient’s details, including their Opay account number or phone number, and specify the amount you wish to send. Review the information and confirm the transfer. The recipient will receive the funds instantly.

Q: What should I do if I encounter an issue with an Opay transaction?

A: If you encounter any issues with an Opay transaction, such as failed transfers, incorrect deductions, or any other problem, please contact Opay Customer Care immediately using any of the above channels. 

Q: How secure is my Opay account and transactions?

A: Opay takes the security of your account and transactions seriously. They employ robust security measures to protect your information and ensure safe transactions. However, it is essential to keep your Opay account credentials confidential and avoid sharing sensitive details with anyone.

Q: Can I link multiple bank accounts to my Opay account?

A: You can link multiple bank accounts to your Opay account. This allows you to have more flexibility in managing your funds and making transactions. Within the Opay app, you can add and manage your linked bank accounts in the settings or profile section.

Q: How can I update my personal information on Opay?

A: To update your personal information on Opay, open the Opay app and go to the settings or profile section. There, you can find options to edit and modify your personal details such as name, phone number, email address, and more. Ensure the information you provide is accurate and up to date.

Q: How can I contact Opay Customer Care?

A: You can contact Opay Customer Care by accessing the live chat feature within the Opay app. There, you will find options to submit queries or issues directly to the customer support team. Alternatively, you can use any of the channels discussed above.

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Opay’s customer care department serves as the backbone of its commitment to providing exceptional service and support to its users.

With the number of support teams as discussed above, there is no doubt Opay aims to ensure a seamless experience and build long-lasting relationships.

These multiple avenues for communication demonstrate Opay’s commitment to meeting users’ diverse preferences and providing accessible assistance whenever it is needed.


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