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How Much is Rite Tek Microwave Oven in Nigeria

If you ever need something that can preserve your food nutrients and prevent any formation of harmful compounds, then you can’t go wrong with Rite Tek Microwave Ovens.

As you might have heard, eating hot food is good as it aid in digestion

Infact, Human body digests warm food quicker as it is easier on the body if you eat warm food. 

However, to get your food quickly warm, Rite-Tek Microwave oven can help you achieve that

It is very convenient and safe. 

This Microwave oven use less energy than conventional ovens or stoves as they directly heat up the water in the food.

And ofcourse, you can better control how much power you use.

Rite Tek Microwaves are generally safe, effective, and highly convenient cooking method. There is no evidence that they cause harm, infact, as a company, Rite-Tec are reliable, trustworthy and offer quality products.

Their products cut across many Kitchen utensils including small and large appliances like Cookware, Cookers,, stabilizers, blender, Refrigerator, Washing Machine etc

You can’t go wrong if you buy Rite-Tek Microwave Oven; very durable and affordable


Rite-Tek Microwave Oven Price in Nigeria

Rite tek microwave ovens are majorly available in 20 or 25 liters with different variations as some are more sophisticated than others.

Rite Tek Microwave Price in Nigeria range from 25,000 Naira to over 60,000

They are available on most of the online stores in Nigeria with the leaning being Jumia and Konga

You can also buy Rite Tek Microwave from some of the trending online and in-stores around the country.



Checkout Available Rite Tek Microwave prices below


Rite-Teck Office

Rite Tec official website is

They can be located on Plot 634, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria – Island Lagos, Nigeria


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Microwave is simply good and can be highly efficient when it comes to cooking or getting food warned but you must also note that not all Microwave are the same. 

While some are good, others are average, likewise, some are bad.

Rite Tec microwave is not only good but durable.

They have anti rust body, a digital function for easy control, inner light and easy pull handle

It also have Glass viewing window as well as beautiful design 

It can generate quick heat for fast cooking of food. 

Another beauty of these product, is that they are affordable



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