Is Sandisk USB Flash Drive Good? Reviews & Prices

Is Sandisk USB Flash Drive Good? Reviews & Prices

SanDisk USB Flash Drive is one of the most affordable and quality small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another.

In order words, it is a small electronic device containing flash memory that is used for storing data / transfer from a computer, digital camera, etc

How good is this device is the essence of this Sandisk USB Flash Drive review.

Before we go further, Is SanDisk a good brand for flash drives? Lets find out below


Is SanDisk A Good Brand For Flash Drives?

A Flash Drive sometimes called a USB device, drive or stick, thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive or USB memory

Is one of the easiest ways to move large amounts of data from one computer to another locally.

Unlike with online cloud storage services, you don’t need to worry about login credentials, slow connection speeds, or having someone snoop on your activity.

SanDisk USB Flash Drive are designed by SanDisk, a well known brand and leader in flash memory innovation. 

The SanDisk USB Flash Drive is good, it makes it easy to back up, transfer and share files as well as carry photos, movies, music, and personal data wherever you go.

It is stylish with compact design and generous capacity depending on your need.

It is perfect for the use of storing files, HD movies, operating systems, softwares, etc

It can also be use for adding extra storage to laptops when you need extra space but don’t want to lug around an external drive.

The SanDisk pendrive is available in different sizes up to 254 GB – this pen drive can hold all your must-have files.


SanDisk Flash Drive Review

SanDisk usb flash driveReally, if you need a simple and reliable way to store and share photos, videos and music on the go, you can’t go wrong with a SanDisk USB Flash Drive.

This is because, it works with virtually any computer or electronic device that has a USB slot.

It support USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 ports thereby making it easy to connect to OTG-enabled Android smartphone.

With this drive, you re comfortable leaving your laptop at home and still enjoy vast amounts of content with you to share with family and friends. Whether you need to transport your latest MP3 downloads, vacation videos, or your college thesis, the SanDisk USB Flash drive offers portable storage that you can trust.

It is very convenient and portable and can be use with USB ports on computers, to new ports popping up on cars, DVD players, TVs, photo frames, and more

Intern of Size & Build Quality, the flash drive is easy to carry, very handy and can fit into a port properly.

The Sandisk USB flash drive is also durable enough to toss into a bag without breaking.

This reliable pen drive can give storage capacity you need to store and transfer up to 254 GB of data.

While the drive is optimized for laptops and devices with USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, it is backwards compatible with older devices that have USB 1.1 ports, so you can be assured of near universal compatibility.

The drive offers drag-and-drop convenience, which means you can simply drag the files from your device onto your SanDisk drive, or vice versa, without any steps.

Transferring video files from computer to computer, or from your drive to a USB-enabled DVD player, is incredibly simple.

Drag your video files from your PC to your USB flash drive and then plug the drive into your DVD player — or even your USB-enabled TV — and sit back to enjoy the show.

Another cool thing worthy of note in this SanDisk USB flash drive review is that,  you can download the SanDisk Memory Zone app from the Google Play Store and use it to monitor available memory and efficiently manage, organize, and back up files stored on your Android smartphone.


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SanDisk USB Flash Drive Price In Nigeria

The Sandisk Flash Drive is one of the most affordable USB drive, its comes in different sizes so also its price but on the whole, they are affordable.


Sandisk Pendrive 16GB ₦1,500 – ₦2,200Check it Out
Sandisk Pendrive 32GB ₦2,200 – ₦3,200Check it Out
Sandisk Pendrive 64GB ₦3,500 – ₦6,200Check it Out
Sandisk Pendrive 128GB ₦8,000 – ₦11,000Check it Out
Sandisk Pendrive 256GB ₦14,000 – ₦18,000Check it Out
Sandisk Pendrive OTG₦3,000 – ₦15,000Check it Out



How Do I Download Directly To A Flash Drive?

Here is How To Download Directly onto a Sandisk USB Flash Drive

  • Plug your USB flash drive to your system port
  • Open your preferred browser
  • Make sure download confirmation is enabled
  • Go to the file you want to download
  • Click the Download button or link
  • Select your USB flash drive
  • Select Folder of your choice or simple save directly to the USB flash drive
  • Eject the flash drive before removing it.

How Do I Use SanDisk USB Flash Drive?

  • Plug your SanDisk Cruzer into a USB port.
  • Wait! If its your first time, it will first auto install software that will enable it communicate with your laptop
  • Wait for the “Auto Play” window that will pop up.
  • Open file of your choice

How Long Does A SanDisk Flash Drive Last?

A SandDisk pen drive can last up to 10 years as long as you avoid too many deleting and uploading at the same time.

Also if you use antivirus on your system to avoid corrupting the flash.


What is The Difference Between A 2.0 And A 3.0 Flash Drive?

USB 3.0 flash drive are faster than USB 2.0.

The USB 2.0 standard offers a theoretical maximum signaling rate of 480 megabits per second, while USB 3.0 defines a maximum rate of 5 gigabits per second.


Are SanDisk Flash Drives Safe For Long Term Storage?

Flash Drives generally are mainly for Transfer rather than storage

The best place for long-term data storage is on a computer’s hard drive, with another backup solution such as an external hard drive.

If you use a flash drive as a backup, make sure it’s stored in a safe place.


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