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5 Top Ways You Can Track Jumia Order (2023)

Irrespective of whether you order item on Jumia directly through their website/app or you optin for pay at delivery, tracking Jumia order is necessary.

This also ensure transparency between Jumia and her customers

Tracking Jumia order can help you know the shipping status and current location of your package.

Usually, people don’t use to bother about tracking their goods except when shipment becomes unnecessarily delayed.

But this delay can actually be as a result of the product you are buying. Each product comes with its shipping time frame.

Learn more below 

Table of Contents

  1. Using Jumia Inbuilt platform
  2. Leveraging Emails
  3. Using Jumia Order Tracker
  4. Using Jumia Order Tracking Site 
  5. Calling Jumia Customer Care



How Long Does Jumia Delivery Takes

Jumia delayed delivery can result from many factors including product loss, shipping distance, unreachable contact and ofcousre the type of product you are buying.

All these will determine the shipping time frame.

For lost items, you should definitely expect a refund

However, to know how long does Jumia delivery take, you will need to understand these three (3) basic Jumia shipping methods. They are:

Jumia Express

Jumia Express tagged products

Jumia express tagged products delivery takes between 0-2 days for those living in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Portharcourt.


But for delivery of Jumia express products to other cities in which they operate in Nigeria, the delivery period ranges from 2 to 7 business days.

All Jumia express products are stored, packaged and delivered by Jumia NG from their warehouse so this makes delivery faster.

All Jumia express tagged products are label with the Jumia express logo

Jumia Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping

Jumia standard shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days for those in Lagos, Ibadan, Porthercourt and Abuja.

But for those after the listed regions, delivery time frame ranges from 6 to 14 business days.

For all Jumia standard products, they are stored & packaged by individual or store owners before shipping them to the Jumia collection center. 

The product(s) are then inspected for quality before shipping to the Jumia center near the customer and from where it is shipped to the customer. 

This makes it take a longer delivery time.

All Jumia standard products are not label and comes plain

Jumia Global

Shipped from Abroad

Jumia Global tagged products delivery time frame start at 2 weeks and above for all  those in Lagos, Ibadan, Portharcourt and Abuja as well as those outside these states.

The delivery time frame is usually longer because when a customer orders a product, it is then packaged and shipped by the individual or store owner to Nigeria from overseas.

From Jumia Lagos, it is then shipped to the customer  

All Jumia Global tagged products are label with the Jumia express logo

Please note: All the timelines quoted are business days – Monday to Friday only, and do not include weekends.

However, we have noted that not all customers that buy online actually knows a product tracking number

How do you know your Jumia tracking number?

Learn more below


How To Know My Jumia Tracking Number

Jumia tracker number

Knowing your Jumia order tracking number is easy, all you need to do is follow the step process Below

  • Log in to your Jumia account and click your name (you have to be logged in to see that).
  • Click on “Orders” in the displayed menu
  • Locate the product you want to track and click on “Details”
  • Once its shows that the shipment is in a “shipped” status
  • Go to your email you use in registering Jumia account
  • There you will see your tracking number as shown above


This is how a Jumia Tracking Number Look like



Tracking Jumia Order: Top 5 Ways You Can Achieve That

Tracking jumia order can be achieved through any of the method below

If your order is delayed for no reason, follow the step process below to learn how to track order on Jumia

1. Using Jumia Inbuilt platform

Jumia Tracking Timeline

Jumia platform comes with an inbuilt app that automatically generates tracking timeline when you make an order.

To check Track Jumia Order using the Jumia inbuilt app follow the steps

  • Log in to your Jumia account and click your name (you have to be logged in to see that).
  • Click on “Orders” in the displayed menu
  • Locate the product you want to track and click on “Details”.
  • Click on the button that says “Track This Item” and you will be directed to another page where it will show you the location and status of your order.
  • A timeline showing the current location of your order will be displayed as shown below


2. Leveraging Emails

You can use your email to track the progress of your order.

Jumia emails you each stage it is but once

Order tracking


Most of the time when you order an item on Jumia, an email containing the product information will be sent but as soon as the status of the shipping package timeline marked the “packed &Ready” as shown below, a Jumia tracking number will be automatically generated and sent to your email. 

All you have to do is click on where it says “track package” on the email to see where your order is.

Jumia order tracking using email


3. Using Jumia Order Tracker

Jumia tracking number

Jumia have a dedicated order tracker app you can use to track any of the product you ordered on Jumia 

All you need to do is copy your Jumia tracking number and plug it directly into the website.


4. Using Jumia Order Tracking Site 

There are so many Jumia order tracking site on the net you can use to track your order.

Most of the tracking software works in hands so is usually very easy to use any available one to track your order

Once a tracking number is provided, you can copy it and head over to your favorite app like Ship24 and paste it there for a more optimal tracking experience.

Some of this tracking software can track up to 10 orders at the same time, considering the order has a tracking number.


5. Calling Jumia Customer Care

Sometime, all attempt to track your order might prove abortive and the best bet could be to reachout to Jumia customer care.

You can do so through calling or by reaching out to Jumia mobile via their  whatsapp

Ensure you know your order number before calling because they will need it to trace your package


…read more:



If you wish to save yourself from unnecessary worries over delyed order, you can do so by tracking your order from day one upto delivery. 

You could actually track the progress of your order using the order tracking methods above.

However, if you’ve lost your tracking number or never got one in the first place, contact customer service with the product order number to help you out.


There are instances when the item you purchase has been shipped and delivered but might still say payment pending in the order tracking, simply call the customer care.

Also note that where you optin for pick up, you can’t pick up immediately you place your order, the  customer service representative will give you a call within 1-5 working days for when your order is ready.

If this guide has been of help don’t forget to share.

How are you currently tracking Jumia order?


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