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Union Bank Transfer Code: *826# How To Register & Use

We are going to look at Union Bank Transfer Code “*826#”, how to activate, transfer money and check account balance 

There is no denying the fact that, the introduction of electronic fund transfers by the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) in 2004, ushered in a new era in the banking system.

It brought to an end the then-so-common long queues in banks which had frustrated many people and had also stagnated a lot of businesses.

Nowadays, with the aid of bank transfer codes, one can be in a comfort zone to transfer funds, check account balance, BVN, buy airtime or data, and very many other services.

This article will be specifically focusing on the Union bank transfer code and every action and transaction that you can carry out with it, including but not limited to:

Are you ready? Let’s go!


About The Union Bank Transfer Code: *826#

Being one of Nigeria’s elite banks, Union Bank provides its customers with a 24-hour USSD-based mobile banking service, which is the transfer code.

The Union Bank transfer code is *826#.  This code is available 24/7 and on every day of the week (including weekends and public holidays). 

Transactions can be carried out via this USSD code using any of the available network service providers in Nigeria whether MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, etc.

The sweet point is that you do not need data to use the Union bank code in carrying out any of your desired transactions.

With the Union Bank USSD code, you can:

  • Transfer funds to friends and family, even to other banks
  • Pay your bills
  • Buy airtime and data 
  • Access your balance 
  • Access your BVN and so much more!

Yeah, you can do all these and more by simply dialing *826#.

As such, if you’re a Union bank customer and you’ve not yet activated your transfer code, then you’re missing a lot! Never to worry, let’s put you through how to activate your own Union bank transfer code.



How To Activate Union Bank Transfer Code

To activate the Union Bank transfer code, you don’t necessarily need to go to the bank, provided you have your active Union bank account, a registered and active phone number linked to that account, and a debit/credit (ATM card).

Note: The phone number MUST be the one you used while opening your account, that is, it should be linked to your Union Bank account.

Have you got all that? Then, follow the following procedures to register or activate your Union Bank transfer code.

  • On your phone dialer, dial *826# via the phone number linked to your Union bank account.
  • You’ll then be asked to insert your Union bank account number. 
  • Enter the 10-digit number.
  • Next is to enter the last 6 digits of your Union bank debit/credit card (ATM card).
  • Another pop-up will require you to generate your 4-digit secret transfer PIN in order to begin the ussd banking, and that’s all!

With that, you’ve activated the Union bank transfer code on your mobile phone successfully, so go ahead and enjoy banking with ease!

But wait, do you know how to transfer money using this Union bank transfer code (*826#)? Let’s look at that briefly.


How To Transfer Money Using Union Bank Transfer Code of *826#

With your activated Union bank transfer code, you can now transfer money from your account to other accounts, and even other banks too.

To transfer money from one of your Union bank accounts to another:

  • Dial *826# on your phone dialer
  • Select 1 (transfer to Union Bank)
  • Enter the amount and the receiver’s account number
  • Confirm the displayed details and enter your transfer PIN 

Was that complicated? 

A simple way is by dialing the Union Bank ussd code: *826*1*amount* receiver’s account number#

To transfer money from Union Bank to other banks in Nigeria:

  • Dial *826# on your phone dialer
  • select 2 on the pop-up menu (transfer to other banks)
  • Enter the amount and the receiver’s account number
  • Select the receiver’s bank name
  • Confirm the displayed details and
  • Enter your Union bank transfer PIN to complete and authorize the transaction.

More simply, dial *826*2*amount*receiver’s account number# then select the required Bank, and then enter your transfer PIN

That’s basically all there’s to it.


How to Check Account Balance via the Union Bank Transfer Code

Yeah, keeping track of your account details is one that you shouldn’t ignore and the good thing is, with the Union bank ussd codes, it is even simpler, easier, and can be done at any time of the day.

To check your account balance:

  • Dial *826*4# via the phone number linked to your Union bank account
  • Enter your 4-digit transfer PIN to authorize the transaction
  • Your Union bank account balance will then be displayed
  • Also, an SMS containing your account balance will be sent to you


How To Block Your Union Bank Linked Phone Number If Stolen Using Another Person’s Phone Number:

If your phone or your Union bank-linked SIM card has been stolen or you lost it, it is better to block it to avoid your account being compromised.

Rather than running to the bank or waiting until a weekday, especially if it happened at odd hours, you can quickly do it yourself.

You can block such a phone number using a friend’s phone or number. 

Just follow the following outlined procedures:

  • Dial *826*6*the stolen phone number# via another phone number.
  • Select the account you wish to block.
  • Authenticate the operation by entering your Union bank mobile banking PIN and ATM PIN (debit card), in the required spaces.

On the other hand, you can call the customer care of your bank or even your mobile network provider, requesting that they should block it and it will be done for you.

It is that simple, thus, you shouldn’t take the risk of waiting till your account has been emptied already.


Union Bank USSD Codes

Rather than going through the pains of queuing at the bank just to carry out simple transactions, why not sit in the comfort of your home or office to do them via the designed Union Bank USSD codes?

Below are some of the Union Bank shortcodes that enable you to carry out certain transactions and services in your comfort zone.



*826*1*Amount*Account No#

To transfer money to Union Bank

*826*2*Amount*Account no#

To transfer money to other banks


To check your account balance


To buy airtime for yourself

*826*Amount*recipient’s no#

To buy airtime for others


To purchase data


Account limit increase


To block your account from your phone number

*826*6*mobile number#

To block your account from other phone numbers


What To Note About Union Bank Transfer Code

  • Registering on Union Bank’s *826# is absolutely free, however, you may be charged some minute amount for certain successful transactions. 
  • You do not need data to use the Union Bank code.
  • For some successful transactions via this ussd, a fee of ₦6.98 is generally applicable. The former is for your internet service provider and the latter is for VAT. However, these fees don’t apply to all transactions.

Note: Airtime and data purchases via the Union bank codes are free of charge.

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Undoubtedly, the coming of electronic fund transfers has had a lot of positive impacts on businesses and even individuals.

Though, some people complain about the incessant charges but taking a closer look will definitely convince you that it is worth those charges. 

While mobile banking helps to save time and money, it also helps you perform other activities rather than wasting time in queues at banks.

Union Bank is not left out in mobile banking, hence, the introduction of the Union Bank transfer code. Thus, you should grab this opportunity and make the best of it.


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