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Top 10 Places To Buy Cheap Food Stuff in Nigeria 2023

Many wonders where to buy cheap food stuff in Nigeria especially when it comes to online.

With these top 10 online foodstuff stores in Nigeria, you rest assured of a robust online platform where you can buy any of your favorite foodstuff or groceries without stress from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone.

These groceries stores also offer home delivery services and top-notch support.

You don’t have to bother picking it up yourself, simply buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep without stress.

Below are the top 10 where to buy cheap food stuff in Nigeria including beverages and fresh food.



1. Jumia Groceries

Jumia Groceries

Jumia is one of the best places to buy cheap food stuff in Nigeria 

With lots of varieties to choose from, you can only be limited by your budget.

Currently, Jumia ranks among the best online groceries stores in Lagos with large inventories and uncommon foodstuff to buy.

Through their fast logistic system, you can get same-day delivery if you order early before the afternoon. 

Jumia is also in partnership with some of the Nigerian best grocery producers thereby making it easy for them to offer these products at very cheap prices you can not get elsewhere.

The fun part is that you can still use Jumia coupons to enjoy further discounts on things you buy.

Jumia is very reliable and can be indeed trusted for all your grocery shopping.



2. Konga

Konga Groceries

Konga is no doubt another top-notch place to buy groceries online in Nigeria.

With Konga, you rest assured of enjoying the best deals on all of your canned foods and grocery shopping.

Konga offers a wide variety of groceries to include, including Rice, Pasta, Noodles, Beverages, Snacks, fruits, processed food, and even alcohol. 

Through their competitive offer prices, you can save more money especially when you are buying in bulk or bundles.

Without a doubt, Konga can offer you all your grocery needs within budget.


3. Supermart

Supermart Nigeria

If you are looking for where to buy cheap foodstuff in Nigeria, look no further as SuperMart is top-notch and one of the best eCommerce stores in Nigeria you can go to when you want to buy fresh foodstuff across the country.

At Supermart, you can buy items that range from groceries, and fresh food to everyday essentials.

As a customer, you can choose from their wide range of assortments including products like fresh meat, vegetables, Nigerian and foreign ingredients, drinks, alcohol, snacks household essentials, and even beauty products. 

You can buy any of your favorite items in units or in bulk.

But you tend to get more discounts with every bulk purchase.

Supermart offers same-day delivery across Lagos with 3 hours turnaround.

As a new or existing customer, you tend to enjoy free return or replacement of any item that does not meet your expectation.

There are lots of exciting offers to be enjoyed when you shop through Supermart


4. Pricepally


Pricepally is currently one of the best places to buy cheap food stuff online in Nigeria.

On Pricepally, foodstuffs are sourced directly from farmers and wholesalers thereby making them cheaper and fresher.

You can shop through their web portal or mobile app which can be found both on IOS and Android.

Principally has a feature called Pally that enables users to buy bulk items at a cheaper price through a sharing formula.

If you choose to Pally an item, you will be prompted to state how many people you plan to share with.

After picking the number of people you want to share with, your share of the item will be added to your cart.

All ordered items can be delivered within 24hrs.

Through Paywithspecta, a Pricepally customer can buy any of his/her favorite fresh food and enjoy flexible installment payments.

Currently, Principally is available only in Lagos and Abuja


5. Nkataa


Nkataa is one of the robust platforms where you can buy fresh food, groceries, vegetables, drinks as well as prepared meals.

It is currently one of the biggest grocery stores in Abuja with a wide variety of goods that range from groceries, cooking ingredients, ready-made meals, household items, and lots more 

Aside from the online store, Nkataa also has its own physically located supermarkets where you can walk in and buy all your favorite foodstuff.

They also have a walk-in bukka with local and international dishes for you to enjoy.

However you want it, raw or cooked, Nkataa is ready to serve you.


6. Mart

Mart ng

Mart is another robust online grocery store in Abuja, Nigeria with undeniable varieties of foodstuff to choose from.

Foodstuffs from Mart are collected from other top foodstuff vendors and restaurants across the country.

Their collection of products includes Fresh fruits, vegetables, hot food, household items, drinks, beverages, and hot meals.

Mart has one of the fastest delivery systems but is limited to the capital city, Abuja.

As of today, Mart is one of the best places for cheap food stuff in Nigeria with a fast delivery turnaround.


7. Foodlocker


Foodlocker is a one-stop shop for fresh foodstuff and groceries items in Nigeria with a heavy presence in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Their products are sourced from smallholder farmers and fast-moving consumer goods companies.

The foodstuff at Foodlocker comes in varieties from grocery to fresh foods at affordable prices.

When supplied with wrong orders or damaged / spoiled foodstuff, you can claim a refund which can be arranged within 24hrs.

Foodlocker food prices are affordable with a top-quality customer care line to help you through any challenge or issue you might have.


8. TheMarketFoodShop


Themarketfoodshop as the name implies is an online food marketplace in Nigeria where you can buy fresh food, groceries, and even prepared meals at affordable prices.

They are currently among the top 10 places to buy foodstuff in Nigeria today

They can be relied upon for your day-to-day food needs.

Delivery of order items takes between 24hrs -72hrs however this depends on your location.

The fun part is that items not listed on the website can also be ordered by simply chatting with their support system.

You can also use Themartketfoodshop to send fresh or locally made foods to the USA, UK, and Canada at little to no extra fees.


9. Applecart NG

AppleCart NG

This is a top grocery store in Lagos with local food that cuts across fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, tubers, seasoning, and meat.

Applecartng is a nice foodstuff shop with fresh food for your day-to-day needs.

You might just have to be patient with their delivery system as it can take upto 72hrs for ordered items to arrive.


10. Myfoodyshop


Myfoodyshop is an online grocery and fresh food store in PortHarcourt, Nigeria

It offers the opportunity for you to buy more food at affordable prices.

A flat rate shipping fee of N700 is charged per order however additional charges might be added for orders outside Porthercourt.

Myfoodshop has an option for shoppers to hire personnel that can help them with shopping for anything for a small fee.

Myfoodyshop also has a bundle package of any soup ingredient you want to buy

Each of the ingredient bundles comes with all the necessary spices for a delicious soup.


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If you think of a better place to buy foodstuff in Nigeria online, think no further as this list of the top 10 best groceries stores is made up of the best store to buy fresh food and groceries in Nigeria without stress.

The fun part is that you can order from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone and get it delivered to your home without stress at little to no fee.

As a new or existing customer, you can return at no cost any item ordered that does not meet your specification or needs.

Start shopping today for your favorite foodstuff online in Nigeria without the need to go to the market physically. 

Order now and get your foodstuff delivered to your doorstep at ease without stress leveraging any of the above online foodstuff stores in Nigeria.


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