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10 Best Places To Buy Phone and Pay Later in Installments

Buy phone and pay later in installments is a common trend in the developed world with most of their phone stores and brands offering this service.

However, due to the fraudulent attitudes of some people here in Nigeria coupled with the fact that such opportunity is often abused, this has resulted in many online phone stores being skeptical of offering buy now pay later phone services.

Even the few that offer this service are usually backed up by some terms and conditions.

Nonetheless, buying a phone and paying installments in Nigeria is gradually becoming common.

It is natural as humans to desire what is good but when you have no money, the whole desire becomes a mere dream.

But do you know this desire can still be fulfilled, especially when your phone is stolen or faulty beyond repairs or possibly you simply need an upgrade?

There are some trusted online wholesalers and retailers that can offer you the opportunity to own your dream phone and pay small small over a period of say 6 months and above, although backed by some terms and conditions.

Through these stores, you rest assured of getting the best smartphone at the best price.

Your lovely phone store near you might not offer this service and even if it does offer the service, it will come at a high price with lots of terms and conditions. 

To avoid being frustrated looking for where to buy a phone and pay later in installments, we have listed the top best places below.

Although many of these stores offer the buy now pay later phones services, it often comes under some minor terms and conditions which you might want to check out with any of the stores you pick below.


Best Stores Where To Buy Phone and Pay Later In Installments


1. Jumia Flex

Jumia Flex

Jumia Flex is the arm of that allows any eligible person to buy a phone and pay later on Jumia which can be up to six months or more


These items include phones, electronics, computers, and a host of other goods on Jumia ng.

However, currently, the JumiaFlex is not available but there is a better option

To buy now pay later phones on Jumia, you will need to have a Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card.

The Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card works by allowing you to borrow money from the bank to finance your transaction on Jumia

The credit card usually comes with the pre-loaded approved credit limit and can be used to make purchases as well as POS and ATM withdrawals.

However, you will be required to pay back later at the frequency agreed with the bank.

The fun part is that credit card usage also earns you reward points and helps build your credit profile online.

Both new and existing Standard Chartered Bank customers can enjoy this service

At the point of checkout, after shopping, select  Pay with Standard Chartered Credit Card as the payment option.

Once the option is selected, you will be directed to the JumiaPay portal where you will be required to fill in the details of your Credit Card accordingly and complete the order.


2. Spredda


Spredda is another top-recommended online store that offers payment methods that include Buy Now and Pay Later options.

At Spredda, you can purchase virtually any mobile phone, appliance, electronics, computer, and other things.

Their pay in installments option is made possible through PayQart and Lay-by

PayQart is a third-party application that lets those that opt for the option of buy now pay later to receive their purchase now and spread the cost over a period of 6 months.

PayQart in a nutshell, allows you to buy a phone and pay later in installments in Nigeria

Lay-buy is a free installment payment option that allows you to reserve products or phones of your choice while you make easy payments over a maximum of 3 months.

To qualify for a Lay-buy payment, you will have to pay a minimum down payment of 20%.


3. Spar Nigeria

Spar Nigeria

Spar Nigeria is a top online shopping store in Nigeria with large inventories from which you can shop for anything.

The Spar Nigeria buy a phone and pay in installments is made possible through PayEasy

PayEasy allows its customers to buy any of their favorite products through Spar Nigeria and pay in installments.

Spar NG PayEasy is backed up by some eligible criteria which you have to meet up before you are qualified.

Eligible Criteria

  • Must be age 22 years and above
  • You must be a working-class or business person of not less than a year in the field
  • You will have to provide a statement of at least six months
  • BVN is also required


4. SlickMobile


SlickMobile is a dedicated mobile phone store that offers quality and the best deals in the smartphone world.

You can buy phone and pay in Installments. In fact, you can buy any type of phone of your choice and opt for a buy now pay later flexible payment option.

As a SlickMobile shopper, you can buy a smartphone today and pay monthly for up to 6 months with low-interest rates.

However, this payment option is backed by some requirements that must be met before applying.

Eligible Criteria

  • Provide 6 months’ salary or business bank statement
  • Work ID card or Employment letter
  • A valid ID card
  • BVN


5. Pointekonline


Is an online Tech company that sells phones and other tech gadgets.

They offer to buy now pay later phone services as a payment option.

Through this installments package, you can buy any smartphone of your choice and pay over a period of 3 months.

The Pointekonline Buy Now, Pay later payment plan is powered by Credpal, a digital lender that provides quick loans to users and allows them to pay in installments.

Interestingly, the platform does things differently, they provide their users with Credit ATM cards which can be used to make purchases.

These cards allow users to access instant credit for purchases both online and offline.


6. 3CHUB

3C Hub Easy Buy

3CHub is one of the top phone companies in Nigeria with major dominance in the offline space. 

They are both wholesale and retail companies that are trusted and tested as reliable.

Through the help of EasyBuy, you can buy a phone of your choice at 3CHub and pay in installments. 

EasyBuy – is a phone financing service company that gives loans for users to buy smartphones of their choice via 3CHub & other retail phone marketplaces.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You will need to work into any 3CHub outlets to buy a phone
  • Opts for Easybuy option as a payment option
  • Submit BVN
  • Submit a valid I.D card and ATM card
  • 30% Down payment is required


7. JustFones


JustFones is one of the top phone companies that offer pay in installments option

They use the CredPal installments payment option to offer the service.

You can buy virtually any gadget on their website with no initial deposit.

To enjoy this payment plan with JustFones, you will have to meet some criteria.

Eligible Criteria

  • Latest 6-month bank statement of your salary account in PDF format.
  • Letter of employment.
  • Work ID Card.
  • Government-issued ID Card.
  • BVN registration details.


8. BuyNowPayLater


This is another company that offers buyers the opportunity to own products for low flexible payments with no initial deposit.

BuyNowPaylater operates basically in Oando State and Akure in particular and this does not mean you can’t qualify if you meet their criteria

However, to qualify for this payment option, you must be a paid employer with evidence.


9. GuddiesPlanet


Gudiesplanet is an eCommerce platform where you can buy phones and other electronics from the comfort of your home and pay later with ease and convenience.

They use Credmart, which helps individuals buy things on credit and pay later.

However, Guddiesplanet is only available to salary earners.

Eligible Criteria

  • A valid means of identification e.g International passport, National ID card, Driving License, etc
  • Bank statement for the past 6 months
  • Work ID Card or Employment letter
  • BVN


10. Likeparadise


Likeparadise is one of the top online shopping destinations in Nigeria for Phones and other electronic gadgets,

They offer the Small Small payment plan to those that want to buy now and pay later

Likeparadise installments payment option is only available to individuals with a verifiable source of income, employed individuals, or self-employed professionals with evidence of sustainable cash flow.

Repayment is within 3 months.


How to Buy A Phone and Pay Later in Installments in Nigeria

Buying a phone on any of these online phone stores demands some level of discipline and commitment. 

If you can’t commit to repayment, it is not advisable and also if you are not sure of constant cash -flow as a salary earner or self-employed business owner, you have to be careful as sometimes, lack of payment can land one in trouble.

Nonetheless, if you are satisfied with the payment terms and conditions, you can go ahead.

Usually, to buy a phone, you will need to pick from the list of companies above that suit your interest, fill in the required form and submit it for approval.

However, one of the key Terms & Conditions peculiar to this Buy Now and Pay Later service is this, you will need to take along a Valid Government I.D Card e.g National ID, driver’ License, or International Passport.

Your BVN may also be requested in some instances.

While others also might demand your salary account statements.

Nonetheless, you can get what you want as long as you obey to follow some of these terms of service.

Below is the procedure for buying a phone and paying in installments

  • Pick from any of the listed stores
  • Browse for what you want in their cataloged
  • Read their terms and condition to see if you can abide
  • Fill in the form as requested by the site
  • Provide a valid means of identification or any other credentials necessary
  • Checkout and enjoy your phone


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To optin’ for a Buy Now Pay Later service often demands some level of commitment, if you are the type that is not good with loan repayment, it is better you stay away.

Or rather you can opt-in for the plan that helps you reserve your phone while you pay usually within short periods say, 1-3 months with any of the listed phone loans in Nigeria

Also, note that this service often comes at a high price tag though not high beyond measure but moderate compared to prices you could have bought outright.

Really, if you are thinking of where to buy a phone and pay later, leveraging any of these listed companies above can indeed save you some time and money. 

If you enjoy this resource guide, don’t forget to share and comment below, thanks


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