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Top 10 Best Phone Brands In Nigeria (2023)

There are quite a number of top trending & best phone brands in Nigeria and as a matter of fact, ever since the mobile system was introduced into the Nigerian market and society precisely on 6th August 2001 by President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerians have come to embrace it.

There is no doubt that the advent of mobile telephony in Nigeria revolutionize the communications sector and how people do business.

Thanks to some of these brands as listed in our Top 10 Best Phone Brands In Nigeria 2023, made it easy for Nigerians to afford mobile phones.

I remembered going at the days, in the early days of mobile communication in Nigeria, only the rich could actually afford it.

But as of today, even children are seen with all kinds of Mobile Phones, thanks to these top smartphone brands.

If you agree with me, one of the reasons for the success of Smartphones in Nigeria is the affordability and communication ease it comes with.

However, no one would inadvertently say that these brands of smartphones tend to be better than the others, because of what one pocket can afford.

So as long as a phone serves its due purpose, i.e. makes and answers calls, sends and receives messages, takes pictures and records videos, and has the functionality to browse, an average Nigerian is overly comfortable.

However, if you are not on a tight budget, then that is when brands and class tend to influence purchase decisions.

Based on research by Counterpoint, the five brands that made up the Nigerian smartphone market are Tecno, Samsung, itel, Infinix, and Huawei accordingly.

However, there is no certainty or concrete proof of this.

Our list of the top 10 smartphone brands in Nigeria is based on popular demand and market surveys.


Top 10 Best Phone Brands in Nigeria 2023


1. Tecno Mobile

Tecno Mobile Website

Tecno Mobile is no doubt one of the best phone brands in Nigeria.


This renowned Chinese phones and tablets maker, Tecno Mobile is situated in Hong Kong the commercial nerve of the country.

It all started in 2008 when the China-based company decided to focus on Africa as its key market and accordingly launched the Tecno brand strategy.

Through years of efforts, Tecno has achieved success with its outstanding and unique marketing strategy and has now become one of the most popular mobile phone brands in many countries in Africa.

The brand takes pride in churning out high-quality gadgets at pocket-friendly prices.

Besides, it has been recognized as the NO.1 Dual SIM mobile phone brand in Nigeria and other African countries.

Tecno, as a mobile phone manufacturer, takes pride in making feature phones, low and high-level Android-enabled smartphones as well as high-grade tablets.

Whether you want a premium or a low-quality device, whatever your pick is, Tecno has something for everyone at unimaginably low prices.

Tecno smartphones are some of the highest quality and durable smartphones that are currently available and most are equipped with almost all the essential features that you desire in a phone.

Tecno Company has come up with a wide range of collection of smartphones to suit various needs

General, the reviews of Tecno phones are pretty good.

Their phones are known to excel in design, display, software, performance, battery life, camera, value for money, and many more.

The official Tecno Mobile website is

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2. Samsung Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Website

Samsung stands as one of the most popular and oldest brands in the industry of manufacturing phones and tablets.

And without a doubt, Samsung remains the biggest name in the Android world.

If you’re considering purchasing a new phone, logic dictates you may be looking to pick up a phone made by the Korean giant.

They have been successful in effectively producing gadgets that resonate with users all around the world.

They are known for their durability and last longer than other average smartphones and Android phones.

Asides having a durable structure, they have a sleek and unique appearance that makes them look beautiful.

Samsung also has mobile phone features which could be educative, informative, creative, and entertaining.

They generally are built to accommodate your personal needs and desires.

Samsung Mobile’s official website is

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3. Infinity Mobile

Infinix Mobile

There is no doubt, Infinix Mobile is one of the top 10 phone brands in Nigeria.

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings -the brands that sell Tecno & Itel

The Infinix Journey all started back then as a joint adventure of Mobiwire (ex Sagem wireless) and Earning Way to form Infinix Mobile in 2012 in Hong Kong.

This implies that in the real sense of it, Infinix Mobile’s origin can be traced back to 1942 when Sagem entered the telecom industry. 

Ever since, Infinix mobile phones have extended partnerships from its investors to a wide range of industrial giants such as Google, Gameloft, Facebook, etc.

There is also a shared value to make the customer have a unique experience.

With sleekness and durability coming into play, the Infinix brand is perfectly described as the complete device that will get you around the world.

Infinix Mobile Official website is

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4. Nokia Mobile


Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications and information technology corporation that produces quality and durable mobile phones that allows people to connect to the rest of the world with great ease.

It was a leading global mobile phone brand that produces quality and durable mobile phones that allows people to connect to the rest of the world with great ease.

Nokia phones are well known for their quality build, reliability, affordability, and long battery life.

Nokia Technology brand has been able to develop trust with its customers for years in Nigeria’s telecom market and has made a massive name for itself.

It also set a benchmark for other mobile phone brands to step up their game in Nigeria.

Nokia used to be one of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers but it fell behind with the advent of iPhone and Android smartphones.

In 2014, Nokia’s Devices and Services division was sold to Microsoft.

In 2016, Finnish company HMD Global bought a part of Microsoft’s feature phone business and has a licensing agreement that allows it to make smartphones under the Nokia brand ever since, Nokia has bounced back to producing smartphones at affordable prices.

Despite being bogged down by the spectre of Windows phones and all but vanishing from the market, you can now buy Nokia phones again.

Nokia’s Official Website is

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5. Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Website

Primarily known for its iPhones, MacBooks, and iPods, Apple is one of the top & best phone Brands in Nigeria that is loved and embraced by many Nigerians, especially among the high class.

It is very popular but the arrival of the Chinese and other premium smartphone brands in Nigeria makes the patronage and sales of iPhones drop primarily because of high prices.

Nonetheless, it is still a top contender among the bourgeois in Nigeria.

Apple smartphones are very sophisticated and they come with efficient operating systems, the ios

Their smartphones are not only known for powerful operating systems but they are also known for their latest technology and unique designs.

Apple phones come with various sizes of display screens and different price tags, depending on your budget.

Apple iPhone’s Official website is

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6. Huawei Mobile

Huawei Mobile website

This Chinese brand, Huawei is known for producing devices that have superb quality, unrivaled performance, outstanding features, and innovative specifications.

Their greatest selling point is that they are all sold at affordable prices.

They produce devices for those who want to enjoy premium Android features on a low budget. From the high-quality display, good battery life, custom user interface with power manager, super sharp cameras, latest Android operating system, and super-fast processors to sufficient RAM for smooth gaming and general phone usage.

you can be sure that their devices have all that you need

And if you agree with me, nobody that does not like feature-rich smartphones at cheap prices

Huawei phones are simple yet classy smartphones with extremely amazing features.

Their long line of products is majorly grouped into P, Mate, and Y series.

Huawei is now a force to reckon with in the mobile Industry in Nigeria

Huawei’s Official Website is

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7. iTel Mobile


iTel mobile smartphones are considered one of the best budget-friendly smartphones in the mobile market all over the world today.

Over the years, with the continuous production of different models of several mobile phones, this brand has carved a niche for itself in the mobile industry.

iTel Smartphone has released a couple of smartphones that look really amazing and have wonderful features designed to suit your individual needs.

There are A, P, and S series.

The A-series is the basic and entry-level lineup, the S the Selfie lineup, and the P series, is the Power lineup.

It all depends on your need, they virtually have a pocket-friendly version for you.

Itel’s official website is

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8. Gionee Mobile

Gionee Mobile

Gionee was a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in 2002 and based in Shenzhen, Guangdong

It was one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers that is gradually taken over in Nigeria

Gionee offers a wide range of mobile phones including smartphones, feature phones & phablets

Their phones cut across several low- and mid-end segments with high specs features at affordable prices.

With a strong retail presence in Nigeria, Gionee is undoubtedly a Mobile Company that needs to be looked into

Gionee’s Official Website is

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9. Xiaomi Redmi Mobile

Xiami Mobile Website

This is a major Chinese global smartphone brand that has gained massive popularity across India and now Nigeria owing to its sophisticated features and designs that are offered at the most affordable price

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company founded in April 2010 and headquartered in Beijing.

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and rapidly gained market share in China to become the country’s largest smartphone company in 2014.

As of today, is a major player in the smartphone market, and gradually winning the heart of many Nigerians.

Xiaomi’s official website is

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10. Oppo

Oppo Mobile Website

Currently, Oppo is considered to be among the top 10 best phone brands in Nigeria’s Smartphone market.

The Oppo smartphone brand is owned by BBK Electronics, the same Chinese company that oversees a number of major smartphone brands including one fan-favorite – Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus

The brand Oppo is the fifth-biggest phone maker in the world and has outsmarted Apple in China and India and now gradually taken over in Nigeria 

Oppo company specializes in designing innovative mobile photography technology that is enjoyed by young people around the world

The Oppo smartphones are designed to be as sleek and slimline as possible, available in a selection of colors to suit various tastes.

OPPO continually upgrades its smartphone range, releasing new models throughout the year that cater to different types of buyers – from the entry-level to more advanced depending on your specs needs, and budget.

With multiple tiers of smartphones across several generations to choose from, OPPO truly has phones for everyone.

Oppo’s Official Website is

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VIVO Mobile

ViVo Mobile

In addition to this list is this upcoming Smartphone maker that is also gaining popularity at a faster pace, Vivo Mobile.

Vivo Electronics Corp is a phone brand based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It was founded in 2009.

The company is another Chinese smartphone maker to enter Nigeria recently.

Since its founding, Vivo has expanded to over 100 countries around the world.

It makes low-cost Android phones, and those in the mid-range segment of the market.

It worth taken  a look at

Vivo Official Website is


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UmiDiGi is one of the top trending Smartphone manufacturing companies with a Global presence.

Ever since it started out in 2012, the company has grown into a giant company producing high specs smartphones at affordable prices.

They are currently among top ranking smartphone brands in Nigeria with up to 23% market penetration

UmiDiGi phones are really great and offer some really good specs.

UmiDiGi’s Official Website is

Checkout UMiDiGi Phones


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Best Phone Brands in Nigeria 2023 Verdict

As you can see, there are quite a number of emerging smartphone brands in the Nigerian Market.

In reality, the brand with the best specs and affordable price tag will win the race. 

Even though brands matters as we have seen with Nokia, affordability will surely win the race.

If not for the high price tag, Apple iPhone would have been leading, even at that, they still made up the Top 10 Phone Brands in Nigeria.

Among these lists of Best Phone Brands in Nigeria, what is your favorite?


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