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7 Ways On How To Contact MTN Customer Care (2023)

If there is ever need for you to contact MTN customer care for whatsoever reason, here are 7 ways you can reach out to them anytime without delay.

The MTN customer care unit is a dedicated department created to help us with anything you find challenging either as a new or existing customer.

You can reach out to them online or offline

The fun part is that, if you are leveraging the online methods, you can reach out to the customer care line 24/7 to attend to all your inquiries, complaints, and basic service needs.

MTN Nigeria is no doubt a very big communication network in Nigeria with a big customer database. 

Obviously there is no doubt there are many reasons individual and corporate organizations alike might want to contact MTN customer care Nigeria.

But for whatever reason, the care unit is around to help out.

However, note that not all issues can be resolved via contacting MTN online, some you will have to physically visit a nearby MTN customer center.

Here are the 7 ways you can easily contact customer care of MTN without delay when the need arises.



How To Contact MTN Customer Care (2023)

1. Use of Customer Care Number for MTN

One of the fastest ways to contact MTN is by dialing a customer care number.

Basically there are 3 customer care numbers for MTN.

For those calling from an MTN line, those calling using other network & for those calling from outside the country


Irrespective of where you are calling from or the network you are using, you can easily speak with MTN customer care using these dedicated numbers.

These are the different customer care number for MTN you can use today

  • For those using an MTN line, dial 180
  • If you are calling from another network, dial 08031000180..
  • If you’re calling from outside the shores of Nigeria, call +2348031000180.

Once you dial the number, with the help of Zigi, an MTN chat and voice bot, you will be connected to an agent that will be more than glad to help.

However, if the inquiries demands physical contact, you will be directed to go to the nearby MTN customer center.


2. Contact MTN Customer Care on WhatsApp

When it comes to messaging app, WhatsApp is no doubt one of the best means of reaching out to MTN

Through the help of MTN chat bot, Zigi, you can easily get helpful suggestions or connected to an agent that will handle your inquiries.

There are dedicated MTN customer care WhatsApp number you can use, 

09033000001, 09033000002, 09033000003, 09033000004, 09033000005

Any of the above MTN WhatsApp number can connect you to MTN care unit very fast

Save the number and easily contact MTN anytime the need arises. 

You can also use WhatsApp by visiting MTN website or app and select “MTN Chat on WhatsApp” as the subject line. There after, you will be automatically redirected to a WhatsApp platform


3. Using Social Media

Did you know you can contact MTN customer care through major social media channels, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even YouTube

All it takes is for you to know their social media handles

But you have to be careful using social media as there are many fake accounts

Just ensure you are at the right MTN Nigeria social media account. 

Know their social media handles and leave a message, a representative will attend to you

Below are MTN NG social media handles 




  • (Customer Service)




4. MTN Live Chat

MTN Live Chat

Whether you are using the app or website, you can live chat with an MTN agent to resolve your inquiries.

All it takes is for you to toggle the chat bot, enter your MTN number and start chatting. 

With the help of chat bot, Zigi you can get directed in the right direction. 

Aside from chatting on the website or app, you can also live chat on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Telegram


5. MTN Customer Care Email

Email is one effective means of communication peculiar to established organizations.

However, even individuals can use email to channel their complain 

Through email, you can document and keep track of contact progress.

You can reach out to MTN Nigeria via the dedicated email: [email protected]

Email can take a while to receive a reply anyway, it worth the wait if you are conscious of keeping record. 


6. Visit Any MTN Service Center Closest To You

mtn store locator tool

Depending on your location, there are all over Nigeria, MTN service centers where you can walk in and make inquiries or complaints.

This usually is the last resort when all attempts to resolve your MTN issues prove abortive.

But do you know there can be an MTN customer center near you

Use this store finder, to find a store near you MTN store finder

You can also schedule a time for visit using the MTN schedule tool, you can also decide to change the time frame.


7. Use of MTN App

Download MTN App

MTN apps can be used for diverse things including fast reaching out to Customer Care representatives.

Within the app, there is an option for you to contact MTN directly. 

With the help of the app, you can easily use Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, email or Telegram to contact MTN

Whichever means you want to use to reach out to MTN, you can do so using their app

If you are serious with your network provider, it is worth downloading their app.

You can use the MTN app to recharge, top up data, change MTN plan, make inquiries, lay a complaint, etc


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MTN is a very big company and could indeed be very frustrating and annoying if you need to contact them for urgent things and you don’t know how to go about it.

Leveraging any of the above methods, you can contact MTN customer care anytime of the day.

And be rest assured of getting top-notch service.



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