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7 Ways To Check MTN Number On Your Phone (2023)

Do you know there are many simple ways on how to check MTN numbers on your phone?

Many wonders if there are any instant ways they could leverage to check their MTN number when needed without wasting time.

While we are going to look at the top 7 ways through which anybody can easily check his/her MTN number.

MTN Nigeria is one of the most loved and top providers of wireless telecommunication services in Nigeria today.

To make it easy for those that might want to check their number over the phone, MTN has device simple methods including the use of a short USSD code to check MTN numbers as well as using their official app.

There is no doubt that it is very important to be able to leverage telecom providers to check your mobile number at any time.

If you have ever been in a situation where you want to share your number with someone but find yourself struggling to remember, then you will agree with me that it is worth taking a look at the methods I am about to share with you on how to check MTN numbers.

In an instance where you have more than one SIM card, recalling your number might pose some challenges, and even those that can still remember might still want to reaffirm the authenticity.

It is therefore without doubt that a simple way out is necessary. Learn the way out below


1. Dial The Code To Check My MTN Number

Using shortcodes to check MTN numbers is one of the fastest methods anybody can leverage.

This usually involves dialing a code afterward, and a screen displaying your number will pop up.

Any MTN users with or without a smartphone or data/internet connection can use these codes to check their MTN number 

How To Use Code To Check My MTN Number

  • Pick up your phone that has your MTN line (Basic or SmartPhone)
  • Dial *123*1*1# or *663# (Any of the USSD codes will work)
  • A screen will pop up with your MTN Number automatically
  • Copy or screenshot (or better still, call it out to the person you want to share with)
  • An SMS containing your MTN Number will also be sent to you (Check your SMS)



2. Use The USSD Code : *123#

Leveraging this USSD code can help you reveal your number and even give you the opportunity to carry out other activities

It simply involves dialing a code and following the onscreen instruction to get your MTN number 

How To Use *123#  To Check My MTN Number

  • Dial *123#
  • Choose “Account Info” from the on-screen option by typing or replying with “1”
  • Select “My Number” from the on-screen by typing or replying with “1”
  • A screen pop-up with your MTN Number will be displayed.
  • Copy or screenshot 


3. Use MTN Mobile App

Through the MTN mobile app, as a customer, you can manage your account, check your MTN number, monitor your data usage, and subscribe to any product or service of your choice. 

In fact, so much can be done with MTN Mobile App

How To Use MTN Mobile App To Check MTN Number

  • Download the MTN Mobile App
  • A welcome screen will appear welcoming you to the app
  • Click on “Proceed” to go to the next page
  • A dashboard with your MTN number at the top will be displayed
  • Copy or call out the number at will anytime you want to 


4. Ask or Call A Friend

One of the easy ways to check your MTN number is by asking a friend that has your number saved in his/her phone or by simply dialing a friend’s number and asking him/her to call out your number for you. 


5. Call MTN Customer Care

Customer care is there to help you with anything you find challenging.

The fun part is that the customer care line is available 24/7 to attend to any inquiries

To get started, you will need to dial the customer care number as shown below and follow instructions to be connected to a representative

Simply call from any of the networks you have at hand anywhere you are by dialing any of the below numbers that suit you. 

  • From an MTN line dial: 180
  • When using other networks dial: 08031000180
  • Outside the country dial: +2348031000180

Once you are connected, simply ask them to tell you your MTN number, and of course, they will be more than glad to do that.


6. Request Call Back

When all attempts proved abortive, you can leverage this method by asking a friend to call back so you can ask him/her to call out your number. 

This works by dialing a code and following instructions all through until you get your friend to call you back.

How To use Call Back To Check MTN Number

  • Dial the code *133# on your MTN line
  • Input the number of your friend/family or receiver
  • Select “Call Me. I need your assistance” from the on-screen by typing or replying with “5”
  • Once your friend calls you back, you can ask him or her to call out your phone number.


7. Memorize Your Phone Numbers or Save them Online

One of the weird things about brains is that they are efficient and powerful enough to memorize anything.

Memorizing your number can indeed help you in your time of need.

Human limitations and other factors sometimes limit our ability but notwithstanding, you can help your brain to recall anything by practice.

In an instance where you find it difficult to memorize your number, you can leverage remembering apps or simply use any online data-saving app to save your number so it can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

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Leveraging this epic guide on how to check MTN numbers can be of great help with all possibilities of ensuring that you are able to check your number at ease

Memorizing your phone number is the best bet but due to human limitations, relying on USSD code to check MTN numbers and other methods as discussed above is inevitable. 

Checkout out any of the methods above to see the one that resonates with you.


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