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How To Find My JumiaPay Wallet : Step By Step Guide

This post is about how to find my JumiaPay Wallet and the simple steps on how to fund it as well as the guide on how to withdraw your money from your wallet.

Jumia wallet is simply a secure account that allows Jumia account holders to hold store credit, cashback and refunds in escrow before either using it to make a purchase or withdraw to a bank account.

The Jumia wallet is simply a Jumia online purse you can use to collect cashback and refunds in case of failed transactions.

It is a digital wallet available to anyone that shops on

As long as you use Jumia, all refunds and cashback are deposited to the wallet.

Please Note, you can’t fund your JumiaPay wallet directly but you can spend it or withdraw to your local bank account. More on this later.


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Steps on How To Find My JumiaPay Wallet

Below are steps you can use to find your JumiaPay wallet

  • Go to JumiaPay Online portal or or use your Jumia Pay App
  • Login with your email and password or sign up if you are new
  • On the right hand corner is your Jumia Wallet

Jumia wallet



How To Fund My JumiaPay Wallet

You can’t fund or top up JumiaPay wallet directly.

The only way to fund your wallet is through:

Daily Flash Sales

  • Refunds of unsuccessful or failed transactions
  • Cashback
  • Promoted vouchers

All transactions are carried out directly from your debit/credit card or bank transfer

This measure is simply a way to curb hacking of Jumia logs

By not allowing Jumia wallets to be credited, it limits fraudulent activities

On the whole, you can use JumiaPay wallet as escrow to any transaction you do on Jumia.


Does Jumia Accept International Cards

Currently only support local bank card from Nigeria.

You can pay using JumiaPay delivery, cash or your local Mastercard, VISA or Verve card with their POS machine at delivery. 

They do not accept International cards on their POS machines.

However, if you want to make use of an international bank card, you can only do so by contacting them first through this contact page and they will configure the product you want to buy to accept such a card.


How To Use Jumia Pay Balance To Shop on Jumia

In an instance where you have money in your wallet and want to make a purchase on Jumia, please follow the steps below.

Steps You Can Use To Make Payment With JumiaPay Wallet Balance

  • Go to Jumia
  • Search Item You Want to Buy
  • Click on “Buy Now” to proceed
  • Click on “Continue Shopping” incase you want to buy more item or simply click on “View Cart”
  • Click on the Cart Basket at the top right hand corner
  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Select an Address you want the item to be delivered to
  • Click “Proceed To Next Step” to checkout.
  • Pick JumiaPay as your Payment Method
  • Click on “Confirm Order”
  • Click on Pay with JumiaPay Balance to complete your order

NOTE: If your total order amount is more than the available balance in your Jumia wallet, you will need to pay the difference.


How Do I Withdraw Money From Jumia Wallet

Below is how to transfer money from Jumia wallet to bank account

  • Login into your JumiaPay App
  • Go to the the tab “You” at the bottom and click on it
  • Scroll to the “Payment History & Withdrawal” tab and click on it
  • Select whether to withdraw by transferring to to a bank account or to a credit/debit card
  • Select your preferred bank and enter account details
  • Enter amount and follow the instructions to withdraw to your local bank
  • Within minutes, the money will reflect in your bank

NOTE: You can’t withdraw funds you get through cashback or promo vouchers, only funds of unsuccessful transactions on Jumia that is reverse back can be withdrawn.

Also Note:, you can withdraw everything in your Jumia Account. 

However, for your protection and as a standard financial security procedure, you will be unable to withdraw more than 200,000 NGN from your Jumia Account. 

To withdraw more than this amount, You will be requested to fill the ‘Contact Us’ form with your KYC documents: 

  • Scanned photocopy of valid ID – International Passport, Driver’s license or National ID
  • The email address linked to the card/account details, 
  • Name on the card/account name, bank name, account number, and first 6 & last 4 digits on your bank card.

Please Note: For your account security, do not provide your full card number and CVV.


How To Remove Card From Jumia Pay

Follow the step process below to remove card from your JumiaPay account 

  • Login into your JumiaPay App
  • Scroll to the bottom to click on the tab “You”
  • Click on “Payment method”
  • Scroll to the card you want to remove and click on “delete” tab
  • Confirm deletion by clicking on “Agree” 

In an instance where your Jumia Account Log has been hacked, to remove a card or account details linked to your Jumia wallet, you will have to submit the following requirements:

  • Scanned photocopy of your proof of identity (one of the following: International Passport, Driver’s license or National Identity Card)
  • The email address linked to the card/account details
  • Name on card/Account name
  • Bank Name
  • Account number
  • First 6 digits and last 4 digits on your registered bank card

Send information above by filling a contact us form here.


How Jumia is Protecting Your JumiaPay Wallet

In order to protect you from fraudulent acts and security reasons, your JumiaPay account can only be operated with the phone number that is linked to your bank account.

Every time you make a payment, your bank sends you a one-time password to confirm the payment. 

While adding this password on the JumiaPay verification screen, you authorize your bank to process the payment.

However, be rest assured, your JumiaPay wallet is highly secured with all measures in place to avoid possible hacking.

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JumiaPay is here to stay, and with insecurity when transacting online, JumiaPay is just the best to go right now

Besides, you can use this app to buy data, airtime, electricity and TV

With JumiaPay, all measures are in place to limit fraud.

Your wallet is highly secure and easy to access.

Incase of any compromise, you can always reach out to Jumia via their contact page

In a case where you can’t log in or have forgotten your password, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Jumia homepage.
  • Click on the “forgot your password” button.
  • Enter your registered email address used in opening the account.
  • Jumia will send you an email to reset and recover your password.


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