You are currently viewing 7 Hacks You Can Leverage To Save More at Jumia Nigeria

7 Hacks You Can Leverage To Save More at Jumia Nigeria

If you want to enjoy a real shopping experience, learning how to leverage these 7 hacked Jumia voucher codes can indeed save you money while you shop not only on Jumia but also on other top eCommerce stores in Nigeria.

In short, do you know that shopping online is becoming the most preferred way of buying things in Nigeria this days.

It is very convenient, no crowds, more variety, better deals and inshort better prices.

This inturn means, if you can make use of these hacks, then you can save more compare to shopping in-store.

Although there are still lots of limitations with online transactions, the likes of scam and what of you.

But if you follow the Golden rules of shopping online as discussed below, then you are rest assured of shopping the safety way.

Notwithstanding, a lots of thanks goes to eStores in Nigeria, the like of Jumia Nigeria, that is really motivating Nigerians to shop online through various offline campaigns and online deal offers.

The shopping experience gets even more exciting when the savings are more.

What’s better than getting the best at the lowest price.

Below are top hacks you can use to save money on Jumia and other online eCommerce stores in Nigeria.




7 Hacked Jumia Voucher Codes 2023

1. Subscribe  To Jumia Newsletters

Do you know that Jumia from time to time offer some exclusive discounts to its customers.

If you are not subscribed to them, there is no way for you to get these deals except you leverage coupon sites

As a subscriber you will be able to get informed about the latest discounts on products. 

You could as well subscribe to their social pages, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc 

This way, you are certain to take advantage of any offer.


2. Use Coupons Sites

This Hacked Jumia Voucher Code idea can greatly save you time & money when buying on Jumia.

In reality, subscribing and keeping eyes open for offers from eCommerce stores could sometime be tedious and time consuming, but using coupon sites could save you such time of figuring what is trending and cheap.

Finding coupons doesn’t have to be a difficult thing, we have top and best coupon and deal sites around or better still, you can use

Furthermore, you can consider subscribing to this coupon sites email newsletters and get the discount codes of various estores delivered right into your mailbox.


3. Use Price Comparison Sites

There are numerous eCommerce stores online in Nigeria aside from Jumia. Hence, inorder to get the best out of Jumia, you can choose to always compare price, that way, you know you are getting the best.

To further save you time, you can leverage price comparison site like Pricena to carry out your price research.

This price Comparison sites usually have a collection of updated prices of a variety of products across the various e-commerce sites.

You just have to perform a search on their portal for a particular product and it will display the different prices of the product on various shopping websites.


4. Use Jumia Search & Filter

Search Engine is good for product search

But if you want better result with better product search experience, then consider the use of Jumia Search 

Besides, the relevancy, authenticity, and reliability of the Search Results derived from Search Engines become doubtful sometimes

A simple Jumia Search can land you best of deals in varieties.

If you are good with search, you can as well take part in the Jumia Treasure Hunt – discount of upto 99% off. 


5. Take  Advantage Of Jumia Deal Offers

Jumia has tons of deal packages they use to appreciate new and existing customers.

These deals comes in various forms.

Some are seasonal, the likes of the Jumia Black Friday, Jumia Anniversary Sale, etc while some are not, the likes of Jumia Flash Sales, Jumia deal of the day and recently Jumia Prime.

Jumia tend to offer crazy deals during this events, planning ahead and partaking will save you money. 

I once bought a Blender that worth more than N8,000 on Jumia Flash for N500. Unbelievable right, that is some of the things to expect from some of the deals.


6. Use Jumia App

If there is one best way to save money on Jumia is via their app.

Most of their deal packages comes via the app.

Jumia loves their app and want you to love it as well.

If you can download and make use of it, they tend to appreciate it by given huge discounts on products purchased.

For example, the Jumia Treasure Hunt can only be enjoyed by those that use Jumia App. 

Some Jumia voucher codes and coupons are offered exclusive to its app users. 

So, using Jumia App can save you money while shopping on Jumia both in the short and long run.


7. Use of Jumia Voucher Codes

The Jumia voucher is a discount initiative developed by Jumia Team to assist both new and existing customers.

Although this hack has limitations but on the whole, it is a great way to save money.

My favorite is the Jumia Voucher Of The Day, where they display valid vouchers with estimate offers of up to N3,000 discount on some product. 

The use of Vouchers is indeed one of the hacks i leverage when shopping on Jumia and and other eCommerce stores in Nigeria.

A great saving secret you need to start using.


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Online Shopping Safety Measures

Using these saving tips, the online shoppers can stay secure and not loose money.

However, you must also note that you don’t need to let anyone access your personal and financial details.

There are a few safety measures one should follow while making online purchases. Here are few of them.

Jumia Safety measure

1. Check for the HTTPS prefix in the address bar

Many online shoppers don’t pay attention to the URL of a page where they are buying products.

However, overlooking this might result in online phishing. Not only on Jumia alone, but on all site you shop, first check for the HTTPS certification before making any purchase.

Most of the browsers display a lock sign next to the address bar that represents the HTTPS support as shown above.

And if there is no such prefix available on the e-commerce website, then avoid making online payments on such sites.


2. Record purchase details.

After making a purchase, always record the details of the time, date, receipt number, and order confirmation. If you cannot print one off, take a screenshot as proof of purchase.

This is to avoid being fool into believing that your transaction was not successful. Better still, you can check with your Bank when such case rises.


3. Use difficult passwords.

If your passwords aren’t well designed, a hacker can guess them and use saved account information to order products. Try to use different passwords for each website and avoid common words.


4. Avoid making purchases in public.

Do not buy anything on public computers, including those available at libraries. If you do, your private information will be saved where others can access it.

You should also be careful of free Wi-Fi network in airports, offline stores, or any public place is a nice option to access internet on the go. However, using an unsecured Wi-Fi network for making an online purchase can result in theft of your private data.


5. Check your statements often

To ensure that no unknown or fraudulent charges have been posted to your accounts, check your statements every month. If you see a charge that looks out of the ordinary, report it to your Bank immediately.


Verdict On Hacked Jumia Voucher Codes 2023

Leveraging this Jumia Hacks can indeed save you time and money but you must also note that, saving money does not mean always buying the cheapest product.

The quality of the product you are buying matters, too. Sometimes, something that costs a little more money will last longer.

However, that is not a guarantee. But best bet is to carry a little first hand research on products you want to buy then leverage any or all of the hacks above to get some discount.

The hacked Jumia voucher codes can save you money and the safety measure can prevent you from loosing money.

👏 Hope this Jumia shopping hacks is of help. Don’t forget to share your view below


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