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Jumia Anniversary 2024: What Deals To Expect This Season

The Jumia Anniversary sales 2024 are here again, what are the best deals to expect this season?

Jumia, an e-commerce giant of immense significance has no doubt become a household name in the digital marketplace. With its expansive reach and diverse product offerings, Jumia has revolutionized the way people shop and connect with sellers across various industries.

As Jumia Anniversary 2024 is here, excitement builds among customers and enthusiasts alike, eagerly anticipating the celebration of this momentous occasion.

In this year’s anniversary, Jumia intends to commemorate its journey of growth and success while expressing gratitude to its loyal customer base.

This grand celebration will serve as a testament to Jumia’s commitment to providing a seamless online shopping experience and revolutionizing the retail landscape in the digital era.

Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable event as Jumia unveils an array of surprises, promotions, and exclusive offerings to commemorate this special milestone.

Just like with every Jumia shopping event the likes of Jumia Black Friday, Christmas Promo, Ramadan sales, etc the essence of the Jumiua Anniversary is to mark Jumia’s 12th year in existence and appreciate all esteemed customers for patronizing their products across all categories and making them who they are today in Nigeria.

Jumia’s Anniversary sales in 2023 were fantastic, the year 2024 is going to be more amazing.

Checkout Current Anniversary Deals


When Is Jumia Anniversary Date 2024

The Jumia Anniversary 2024 official commencement date is yet to be announced, but as usual, it is expected to take place in the month of June 2024 to early July 2024.

As usual, expect a quite number of mouth-watering offers including free Coupons, Treasure Hunt Game, Flash sales, Wheel of Fortune,  etc

However, the anniversary is going to be characterized by two weeks of massive discounts across Jumia categories.

Expect anniversary deals all over the Jumia platforms such as PhoneVersay, FashionVersary, FunVersary, WorkerVersary, KidVersary, FitVersary, BeautyVersary, etc

Jumia Anniversary sales 2024 according to Jumia is going to be the biggest ever you have experienced so far with the introduction of bigger and better deal offers across all categories.


Right from the first day, you get to enjoy massive and exciting discounts on Electronics, Smartphones, televisions; Fashion products for men and women, and many more.


Jumia Offers & Deals To Expect In Jumia Anniversary Sales 2024


1. Free Jumia Vouchers

Jumia Anniversary Vouchers

Do you know that this season, Jumia will be offering free vouchers to all shoppers?

With these Jumia vouchers, you can shop your choice of products from a wide range of categories on the Jumia website at discounted prices.

Whether you need a smartphone or TV, or Shoes, there is a voucher for everyone

Seize this opportunity presented to you to shop as many items as possible and apply the Jumia voucher codes to enjoy some cash back.

These codes are specifically designed for each category depending on your preferred category

We also have a dedicated Jumia voucher codes page you can use to get the best discount on everything you buy on Jumia.

See Available Jumia Vouchers


2. Jumia Anniversary Treasure Hunt

Jumia Anniversary Treasure Hunt

This season of Jumia Anniversary will be characterized by Treasure Hunt Game with deals up to 99% Off

Usually how Jumia Treasure works is,

  • the item for the day is hidden randomly on the website (For example, a TV can be hidden in the Women’s Shoes category, under the name “Slippers”).
  • All item images will remain the same.
  • The date & time is shown on the calendar.
  • Clues are provided to aid the search
  • Once you find a treasure item, order it fast to avoid being taken it up by another person
  • Eligible winners will be asked to verify their identity online with an account on Facebook or Instagram
  • All staff families of staff partners and agents are not eligible.
  • Jumia reserves the right to cancel any Egg Hunt order at all times upon validation and inconclusive verification.

Note: The winner will need to be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office to pick up the item.

Learn More Here


3. Jumia Mega Flash Sales Offers

Jumia Anniversary Flash sales

Jumia Flash sales can be an amazing opportunity to enjoy unbelievable discount offers.

Throughout this season, Jumia promises to offer amazing Flash sales to those who can keep to time.

As the Jumia flash sale is time base and can in some instances last only some seconds, the fastest finger within the stipulated time wins the game.

You can learn more about how it works here.

This discount can be up to 70% off given on a daily basis throughout the Annual event

Checkout Current Flash Offers


4. Groceries Discount offers

Jumia Anniversary Groceries

Discover a wide variety of groceries ranging from non-perishable food, cereals, baby food and milk, home items, cleaning supplies, gift items, and much more from the comfort of your home at affordable prices.

During this Annual Anniversary, expect even more discount offers across your grocery need including Household Supplies, Household Cleaning Supplies, Beverages, Toiletries, Wine, Baby Food, Slimming Tea, Green Tea, and much more

See Jumia Groceries offers


5. Up to 55% Off On Electronics

Jumia Anniversary Electronics

Electronics these days are a necessity.

They can make your work easier or could simply make the quality of your work a lot better

It is simply the best way to stay entertained

Quite a number of electronics deals on the ground, ranging from Television, Home appliances, Audio & Video Appliances to Security & Surveillance and more.

See Jumia Electronics Offers


6. Smartphone Deals

Jumia Anniversary SmartPhone

Discover amazing deals on Phones and Tablets from this year’s Jumia PHONEversary sales.

If you are a lover of a SmartPhone, then this is the time to enjoy massive discounts on your favorite brand.

All devices are designed in stylish perfect for your active lifestyle.

Quite a number of trending brands with amazing discounts will be on display including Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, iPhone, etc

See Jumia SmartPhones Offers


7. Free Shipping

Jumia will also offer free delivery on all Jumia Express Tagged products.

To qualify, you have to buy an item that worth at least 9,999 Naira or above in a singular transaction or multiple.

All Jumia express tagged products are eligible and you can learn more by clicking the link below.

See Eligible Offers


8. Extra 10% Off Brand Store Items

Jumia Brand stores

Jumia has something for everyone as long as you are buying from their brand stores.

10% Off extra discounts await all that will be buying via the Jumia Official Brand Stores

In fact, if you never enjoy discounts on things you buy online, here is the opportunity to enjoy discounts through these brand stores in this Jumia Anniversary sales 2024.

Once the Anniversary sales commence, shoppers will be able to find huge discounts across all product categories and still get an extra 10% Off just by buying from their brand stores. Stores listed on Jumia 

With over 1,000,000 deals to choose from, be rest assured you can’t be left out but you have to act fast.

Checkout Anniversary Brand Offers


9. Jumia Promo Sales Free Giveaway

Jumia Anniversary is going to be full of amazing offers including free Gift each day throughout this season of the anniversary.

Participants will have to open this page here through the official Jumia App

Each day a surprise will be revealed

Participants stand a chance to win vouchers, Cashback via JumiaPay, Discounts on Prime Subscription,s etc

Redemption is once daily per user.

Learn More


10. 10 Days, 10 Surprises

Jumia 10 days 10 surprises

This game involves you login into your Jumia account and ensuring you go to the official page of the 10 surprises here

Unveil the surprises at the stipulated date and time

Use these surprises to place your order

You can still come back on the next day on the calendar for the next day’s surprise

Checkout Next 10 surprises


11. Daily Jumia Hot 10

Jumia Daily Hot 10

Vote for the deals you want the discount to be applied to and that offer the best price per value of the product

Ensure you check this page daily to see the products per category that have the highest number of votes (i.e. product with the best price per value)

Color green highlights the product with the highest vote. Color red highlights the product with the lowest vote. The color orange highlights the product with the mid-range vote or products with the same vote count.

The top 10 products per day with the highest vote will be the Daily Jumia Hot 10 deals 

Learn More


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The Jumia Anniversary sales are an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy discounts across all Jumia products.

This year’s anniversary will take place both on the Jumia website and mobile app, however, to enjoy the bumper discounts, some of the deals can only be found on JumiaApp only.

So endeavor to Download the JumiaApp so you will be able to enjoy full discounts on your favorite products through this Jumia Birthday.


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