You are currently viewing Jumia Black Friday 2023 : What Deals To Expect This Season

Jumia Black Friday 2023 : What Deals To Expect This Season

Jumia Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year where massive discounts are on offer to both new and existing customers across all product categories ranging from smartphones, electronics, fashion, kitchen appliances and more.

If you’re looking for the best deals on your favorite products, you’ll find them during the Black Friday sales.

There will be plenty of deal offers ranging from Free Vouchers, Flash Sales, Treasure Hunt and host of others

You’ll expect to find some great bargains on all the latest and greatest tech, as well as home appliances, phones, children’s toys, beauty, fashion and more.

Unfortunately, the Jumia Black Friday countdown for the year 2023 is not yet on. However, it is expected to take place in early month of November 2023 as usual.

The event will to be one of the best Jumia festive event to take place in history, committed to deliver on better customer service to shoppers across the globe.

The Jumia Black Friday 2023 is being speculated be one of its kind as Jumia will be marking its profit season celebration.

Inshort, according to Jumia, this year’s black Friday is going to be amazing with crazy discount offers that you have not seen.

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When Is Jumia Black Friday 2023 Date?

Jumia Black Friday 2023 starting date in Nigeria and across Africa is yet to be officially announced but as usual it is expected to take place in the month of November, 2023

Basically, its Black Friday Every Friday with major Fridays in the month being taken over by huge discount offers.

What Deals to expect from this year’s huge shopping event? Find out below

Jumia Black Friday



Jumia Black Friday 2023 Offers: What To Expect This Season

As excitement time of the year! Jumia Black Friday 2023 is expected to be one of the best ever just as we have seen in Jumia Black Friday 2022.

This Black Friday, Jumia Nigeria promises to make it an amazing shopping experience for all.

So we are all expected to stay glued to our laptop or mobile phone so we all do not miss out on this exciting shopping event.

If you have been thinking about shopping on a budget, this is good news for you as this season, Jumia will be offering massive discounts of up to 80% off on millions of products across most categories.

Here Are What to Expect From Jumia Black Friday 2023


1. FREE 10% Off Jumia Vouchers

Valid – You can check it out

Jumia Voucher Of The Week

As a shopper on Jumia, you will be eligible to use free 10% off voucher on anything you shop this season.

And as you might have known, Voucher codes can be a great way to save big and enjoy unbelievable shopping experience.

Imagining buying your favorite product and still enjoy discount for same quality without any quality reduction. How cool is that.

This season expect coupon code that will score you great deals and in some instance even upto N3,000 off or more in cumulative on item(s) purchased. 

Click the link below for exclusive voucher of the day



2. Exclusive Daily Deals

Konga Deal of the day

When Black Friday commence, shoppers will be able to find huge discounts across all products categories.

With over 1,000,000 deals to choose from, be rest assured you can’t be left out but you have to act fast.

Check out current Black Friday Top Deals Offers today


3. Upto 70% Off Jumia Flash Sales

Jumia Flash Sales sample

Jumia Flash sales 2023 is an incredible discount offer you will enjoy every day on a limited stock across all products and categories.

It is called flash sales because items are limited in stock and can sell out very quickly. 

Selected products are offered to the public at highly subsidized prices by Jumia upto 70% Off every day at different timing.

Always ensure you checkout very fast as items you want to buy can sell off very fast

Here is 2023 Jumia Flash Sales deals for you to enjoy. Check it out below


How To Maximize Flash Sales Deals

  1. Log in to your Jumia account and head to Flash sale page
  2. Visit the page couple minutes before the Flash sale time and keep refreshing
  3. Click the BUY NOW button immediately to order


Flash sales are mega deals up to 70% off.
Faster finger win while stock last
Flash sales might last only a few seconds, hours or days depending on the demand and quantity available
Learn more here


4. Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt (Up To 99% Off)

Jumia Treasure Hunt Deals

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt is aimed at getting customers to search for a Treasure – usually a product that is almost FREE at 99% off hidden randomly on the website (For example, a TV can be hidden in Women Shoes category, under the name of “Slippers”). All other item will remain the same.

Anybody that finds it, wins. The game is usually backed by some rules

Treasure Hunt Rules

  • Only ONE item is available per treasure hunt & it is almost FREE at 99% off.
  • The item for the day is hidden randomly on the website
  • Date & time is shown on the calendar
  • A clues will be provided on the Jumia Mobile App to know where to search.
  • Once you find it, order it fast!!


How Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt Works

  1. Log in to the Jumia App
  2. Each item has only one unit to be found at 99% off
  3. Each item will be hidden in Black Friday deals page
  4. Start searching for the item at the exact time specified
  5. Once you find item, checkout and pay immediately or pay on delivery

NOTE: The Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunts 2023 are going to be happening on Fridays only and at 2 different timings:

First: 12AM midnight
Second: 6PM

These offers are exclusive to Jumia App users. So, if you don’t have the app installed on your device, now is the right time for you to go on App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on your mobile devices to download it in order to participate.


5. Extra 10% Off On Jumia Official Stores 

Jumia Brand Stores

Jumia is given you the opportunity to shop from top brands across different categories and still enjoy extra 10% off automatically at checkout.

But according to Jumia, this offer will only be available when you prepay your favorite product using debit/credit card or JumiaPay.

Checkout Jumia Official Stores


6. Free Delivery On Jumia Express Tagged Products

Jumia Express Logo

This season is also going to be characterized by free shipping offers on all of Jumia express tagged products.

You will also enjoy fantabulous discount on shipping even if your product is not tagged with the Jumia Express logo or better still subscribe to Jumia Prime for faster and free delivery on all of your goods and services. 

Checkout available free shipping offers below

Eligible Free Shipping Products


7. Extra 10% Off Your Order Every Weekends

This season, you will enjoy extra 10% Off every weekend in the Weekend Super Saver offers from Friday to Sunday on things you buy.

Inadditon, you will also enjoy faster shipping as well as best of customer support without any delay.

However, to enjoy all of the discount every weekend, shoppers are advised to download the Jumia mobile app to shop all the deals on the go as there is going to be exclusive app only discounts.



8. Jumia Black Friday for Phones Offer 2023

It is without doubt that there is going to be lots of deals to enjoy including on phone purchase.

The Jumia Black Friday for Phones will cut across all brand and models as this is the season of discount offers.

Simply expect more than usual mobile deals.

Many of the brands have a Jumia Official stores which further imply that there will be lots of deals

With discount offers of up to 80% Off, you are rest assured of getting your favorite device at affordable price.

Checkout below link for even more SmartPhone deals.

See Mobile Phone Offers


9. Lots Of Games To Win Vouchers

Jumia Games

Games, the like of Jumia Hero, Jumia Tower & Jumia Check-in & Win will earn you Jumia star point that can be converted to redeemable vouchers 

However, the game will only be available to Jumia App users and you will be required to sign in before you can participate.

Prize can only be redeemed once daily

If you are playing the Check-in games, you will be required to check in every day and if you fail to check in for a day, you will start from day one.

The game will usher in lots of prices which can be redeemable for Naira

Learn More about Jumia Black Friday games here

Check This Jumia Game


10. Jumia Wheel of Fortune

Jumia Wheel of Fortune

Jumia Wheel of Fortune is a game consisting of a revolving wheel with arrow to indicate win, loss or percentage discount.

To get started, you will need to download the Jumia App or simply login if you have one and then, open the page on the Jumia App & Click on SPIN

Winners are expected to take a screenshot of the item the wheel of fortune stops on and post the screenshot on Facebook with the hashtag #SpinandWindate Eg: #SpinandWin17 etc.

Afterword, you are expected to get your friends and family to like your post

The post with the highest likes with a minimum of 1000 likes, wins.

Winner will be announced the following day.


  • This is App only Deal
  • All Jumia employees and vendors with all 4th layer families are excluded from participating.
  • The Winner will have to come to Jumia’s HQ in Lagos to receive their prize if it’s not a voucher.
  • Previous winners are not eligible to win.

Checkout Jumia Wheel of Fortune


11. Jumia Vote For Deal

Jumia Vote for Deals

As a Jumia shopper, you will enjoy the benefit of voting for your favorite category

To get started, you will be required to log in to your Jumia Account

On each tab represents a Jumia category that has deals on products.

You can actually vote your favorite product that offers best price value 

The category with the highest number of votes wins

The color green highlights the product with the highest vote while color red highlights the product with the lowest vote.

Start Voting Today


…read also


 Jumia Black Friday FAQs


How To Enjoy Free Delivery On Jumia Black Friday

  1. Shop your favorite items on the App between Monday – Friday from 9am – 10am
  2. Leverage Jumia Express Tag products and shop for item upto 12k and above to qualify
  3. Use JumiaPay as payment option
  4. Your delivery discount will appear at the last step of checkout
  5. Enjoy your free delivery


  • Free Delivery During Black Friday is available only in Lagos, Abuja, Port harcourt, Ibadan & Abeokuta
  • Free Delivery offer is only available on the Jumia Mobile App


How To Win Cool Prizes With Jumia LIVE GIVEAWAY

Here is how you can Win Cool Prizes With LIVE GIVEAWAY

  1. Create an account on Jumia or sign in if you already have an account
  2. At 12noon, join the live session on and submit your number
  3. Jumia will randomly select 10 phone numbers to call during the live session
  4. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be required to answer questions relating to the giveaway item.
  5. If you answer correctly, you WIN


How To Order On Jumia Black Friday

  • Click on the product you want to buy
  • Tap on the button “Add To Cart”
  • Click Add Insurance if you want to or No Button to take you to next page
  • Click the button, “Proceed to checkout” or the button “continue Shopping” if you still want to shop more
  • Sign into Jumia or sign up if you are new using email or Facebook account
  • Select how you want your item delivered
  • Proceed to payment method
  • Apply coupon if available
  • Checkout



How Jumia Black Friday Works

Jumia Black Friday is a great experience, it works just like any other day but just that you get better deals

To enjoy Black Friday at the fullest, follow this steps

  • Download Jumia Mobile App for best of deals
  • Learn from the tips above on what to expect
  • Subscribe to Jumia Newsletter to get first hand information on trending deals
  • Learn more about Treasure Hunt, Flash sales and other deals to partake
  • Know what to shop on
  • Don’t waste time when shopping
  • Exercise patient with delivery as tons of other people are also shopping


How Can One Participate In Jumia Black Friday?

To be a part of Jumia Black Friday shopping event and enjoy best of deals, you will need the Jumia Mobile app downloaded on your smartphone.

If you already have it installed on your mobile phone, it is advisable you should check out the latest and upgraded version of the app so as not to miss out on any of the mouthwatering deals.

Most & best of Jumia Black Friday deals happens on their Mobile App.


How Black Friday Originated

Black Friday was originally an American tradition, dropping on the day after Thanksgiving each year.

Retailers offer massive discounts on masses of products in an attempt to persuade people to buy in the run-up to Christmas.

But giant online stores across the globe and  in Nigeria have jumped on the bandwagon over the years, thanks to the likes of Jumia & Konga, so bargain-hunters over here now get the chance to snap up incredible deals in the lead up to the festive period.

Most Black Friday here in Nigeria takes place before the Christmas/new year festive periods, usually between late October to early December.


Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Nobody’s entirely sure why its called Black Friday, but most suggestions relate back to how businesses and retailers detail their finances.

Many shops see the biggest profits of the year on Black Friday and businesses will detail their gains in black ink (and losses in red ink), hence the name.

But according to The Balance, It was originally called Black Friday because the volume of shoppers created traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. Police coined the phrase to describe the mayhem surrounding the congestion of pedestrian and auto traffic in downtown shopping areas.

But retailers wanted to make the name “Black Friday” mean something positive. Which it is anyway.

The Friday after Thanksgiving was one of the most profitable days of the year. Accountants use black to signify profit when recording each day’s book entries. They use red to indicate loss.

So, Black Friday means profitable Friday to retailing and to the economy.

This explains why many of the online giant eCommerce came to adopt it.


Jumia Black Friday Products To Expect With Huge Discounts

Millions of products to choose from at cheap price.

Some of the products you are going to enjoys are as shown below:

Home Appliances:

Large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and more at best prices. Also, find small appliances like pressing irons, juicers, blenders, and more. Click here to see for yourself


Mouth watering prices off all kinds of electronics for your home and office. Electronics like televisions including LED televisions, smart TVs and curved TVs. Home theater systems, speakers, and all kinds of lighting accessories are also available at low prices.

kitchen appliances:

This is the time to give your Kitchen a new look with top of the deals kitchen appliances like Electric Food Processor, Microwave, Blender, Toaster, etc

Mobile Phones:

Large collection of the latest smartphones from popular and trusted brands like Samsung, Apple, Tecno, Infinix, LG, Huawei and more. You could even get up to 50% off your favorite smartphone during the Black Friday Festival.


Laptops from top brands like HP, Dell, Apple, Toshiba and a whole lot more.

Fashion items:

Discover the best of shoes, clothes and fashion accessories for men, women, and kids.

Shopping on Jumia now means that you can get much more at much lower prices. Enjoy!


How To Make Sure You Get The Best Bargain This Season

If you want to make the most out of online deal, then this is the right time.

If you really maximize this opportunity, you will realized how huge you will be saving from your shopping.

  • To avoid your coveted items selling out, it is advisable you get online early – whether you bookmark relevant product pages or add items to your basket ahead of time. Just make sure you’re ready to snap up the deals before stock sells out.
  • Before you spend a dime on Black Friday, it will be recommended you set a budget and stick to it. Make a list of everyone for whom you’ll be shopping, what you’ll buy them, and about how much you expect those items to cost. That’s your firm budget limit.
  • Research Pre-Black Friday pricing to know how (or if) they change over time, and what the sale prices actually look like now during Black Friday. With any luck, you’ll spot better deals as well as those products that has price spikes just because of sales rush, this way, you will avoid falling for gimmicks masquerading as deals.

You can as well keep eye on our Jumia coupon page as we are going to be releasing lots of deals and coupons this season for shoppers to enjoy.

In a nutshell, to make sure you take full advantage of the sales, plan ahead and find deals that interest you well in advance.

Get set, know what you want to buy and be ready for the Main Day.

Learn How To Get Free Coupon From Jumia 


Jumia Cyber Monday 2023 Deals

The Jumia Black Friday Cyber Monday is an online shopping event created to serve as a bumper bonanza for people to shop their favorite items, the last Monday of the Jumia Black Friday event.

With the Jumia Black Friday on its last lap, you can only take advantage of the Black Monday, to shop all you wanted to shop before the deals go off.

The Jumia Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for those that are yet to shop since the commencement of the event to do so leveraging this special one day event.

This Cyber Monday according to Jumia, will be characterized by lots of offers including Treasure hunt, Flash sales and Quiz to win big

Jumia Cyber Monday 2023 promo deals are expected to take place on the last Monday of the festive event and advance way strong throughout the day with best of deals cutting across all categories.

The fact that Jumia Cyber Monday sales happens during Black Friday, there is possibility that you still have an entire list of gift .

Therefore, it is expected that anyone unable to take part since the Black Friday stated, you can do so now.

There are going to be unbelievable discount offers ranging between 30% to 99% off on your favorite products.

Cyber Monday Deals (Upto 99%Off)


Jumia Black Friday 2023 & Cyber Monday Exclusive Deals

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