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Top 5 Best Online Stores in Nigeria 2021

There are quite large number of online stores in Nigeria where you can shop for products.

But do you know what, not all of these online shopping stores are created equally, some are niche down to Cloth only, while others are, Groceries, Phones and Gadgets.

Our list of online shopping sites in Nigeria is made up of online stores with large inventory where you can shop for virtually any products of your choice at affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking to shop for groceries, smartphone, beauty products, new furniture or any other thing online, books, toys, television, etc we’ve got you covered.

These sites currently are the cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria with variety of products you can choose from.

They also offer 24/7 services – meaning you can shop anytime, even in the middle of the night at the comfort of your home.

Besides, these shopping sites also offer daily discount codes and price comparison filter search bar for shopping your favorite products at the best prices.

These compiled lists below remains the cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria and truly the embodied of quality, value for money and better customer service experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Jumia Nigeria
  2. Konga
  3. Deluxe
  4. Kara 
  5. 5. Kilimall


Top Online Stores in Nigeria 2021


1. Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria - Best online shopping site In Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is an online marketplace in Nigeria in specific and Africa in general for electronics, smartphone, kitchen and home appliances, groceries and fashion among others.

Everyday Deals

They are by far the most popular and infact the best online shopping site in Nigeria today. Reputed for superior products, services, delivery and returns policies.

Jumia Nigeria brings to this country a truly international online shopping experience. You can buy almost any products from Jumia with great discounts.

In Nigeria today, there is no doubt Jumia Nigeria is no. 1 online retailer and gradually becoming an household name for online shopping.

Besides the Daily Voucher Codes on Jumia, they also offer 5% additional discount when you shop through their Mobile App. And ofcourse as their app user, you are eligible for other bundle of discount offers.

Click below to leverage these coupon codes to enjoy whole lots of discount offers on Jumia Nigeria today

Visit Jumia Daily Vouchers


2. Konga

Konga Nigeria Homepage

Konga is the best alternative to Jumia NG as of today in Nigeria

It is a top of the ladder and best online store in Nigeria, founded in 2012 by Sim Shagaya and ever since has grown to become one of the most recognized Nigeria eCommerce store online.

They offers a third-party online marketplace, as well as first-party direct retail spanning various categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home apparatuses, books, kids’ things, and individual care items.

The merger between Konga and Yudala in May 2018 has ultimately transformed the new Konga brand into a strong e-commerce group.

The new Konga has since then been providing truly international shopping experience.

As at today, they are bigger and better with large inventory  that span across all categories.

Best of all, their product are affordable and comes with 7 days return policy.

Through KongaPay – their online payment platform, you can be rest assured of safe online shopping.  

If you have never shop on Konga, give it a try today!

Shop On Konga Today


3. Deluxe

Deluxe Nigeria Homepage

Deluxe is the latest emerging online shopping solution in Nigeria right now.

It is set to re-define the local online shopping landscape by bringing to shoppers across Nigeria eCommerce innovations that will transform online shopping into an unforgettable experience.

They offer all kind of products, ranging from Electronics, Home/Office Appliances, Security & surveillance gadgets, Security Safes, Cameras and lots more.

They also have an in-store experience where you can come in contact with several products, feel it and make an informed purchase.

If you are not tech savvy and need help, you can place your order by calling them.

Duluxe also have Promotion page where you can get huge discounts for your favorite products across all categories.

In their arsenal, they have top brands that list their products the likes of Haier Thermocool, Luminous, Nexus, etc

Duluxe is indeed a place to shop if you need a new shopping platform asides from earlier mentioned 


4. kara

Kara Nigeria Homepage

Kara is one of the biggest & best trending online e-commerce stores in Nigeria.

It’s one of the cheapest online stores in Nigeria where you can purchase anything you like from household appliances, blood pressure monitors, laptops, wrist watches, phones and tablets to generators, power inverters, and accessories.

Kara is stock with large inventory at discounted prices also offer nationwide delivery of their products.

When it comes to payment, Kara offers flexible payment options such as online payment via credit/debit card, bank transfer and cash on the delivery option.

Do you know Kara offer Buy Now Pay Later Option across it products

If you are interested, you can simply reach out to them and make a request.

Among their top brands are APPLE, SAMSUNG, INFINIX, SUMEC FIRMAN, DELL, etc

Kara is indeed a top-notch online shopping site you can leverage to shop all your products 

You can’t go wrong buying from them.


5. Kilimall

Kilimall Nigeria Homepage

Kilimall is Kenya’s largest online shopping mall which is now opening for Nigeria.

The company serves a retail customer base that offers products that span various categories including Phones, Clothing, Computers, Shoes, Home Appliances, HealthCare, Books, Baby Products, personal care and more.

The range of services is designed to ensure satisfaction of customers.

The services include 7-day free return policy, dedicated customer service support, order delivery tracking and many other premium services.


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Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria: What To Look Out For

If you have ever wonder how we come about the above list of online stores in Nigeria, then here are the tips we follow as all.

As earlier said, not all Stores are the same, some are niche down to specific categories while others have large inventory with unlimited niche category.

However, irrespective of the size, note that scammers are every where, meaning, you have to be careful on how and where you spend your money online. 

These tips am about to reveal will show you what to look out before venturing into buying anything online.  


What To Look Out For When Buying Online in Nigeria


1. Website Popularity

Keeping certain factors constant, the more popular an online shopping site is, the more reliable it is likely going to be.

That’s because the popularity of websites for shopping mostly stem from their past excellent records. As such, when you find yourself tempted to shop on a site that is relatively new, do your due diligence to search for reviews.

Without positive reviews from as many people as possible, such site is most likely unsafe.


2. Security Measures

The security of the website that you want to shop from is another important thing you need to observe.

The websites that are running on HTTPS (The “S” is very important) are more secure for you to shop from online.

These sites show you a lock at the top side corner of your browsers. The lock is a guide for your details against the activities of fraudsters.

SSL Certifate

It protects the fraudsters from getting your details during the course of payment on the sites for your goods.

This is the more reason you should always look for the lock anytime you want to shop online.

If the site does not have it, just stop loading it because it is dangerous to you.

This important tip should always be taken vital for the reliable online shopping experience.


3. Payment Options

Be wary of sites that do not have multiple payment options; they are most likely unsafe or unreliable.

Sites that are good for online shopping will have multiple payment options such as MasterCard, Visa Card, Cash on Delivery, and a host of others.

The more their payment options are, the more reliable the online shopping site is going to be.

If the site only parades cryptocurrency as the only mode of payment, you’ve got to be very careful. You cannot open a dispute to get a refund in case they run away with your money.


4. Size of Inventory

Although reliability is not always a function of size, you would find it disturbing later on to discover that the site you have banked on to always meet your variety demands fail you at the time you need them the most.

As a potential customer, you need an online shopping sites that has a large inventory to spice your needs/store with variety.

So, before settling for an online shopping stores, be sure such one has almost all items that you want and at a large quantity. This will ensure reliability and you don’t run out of stock in case you intend using them for business.

As it is, the larger the quantity, the more reliable they are.


5. Shipping and Return Policy

Of course, because it is an online shopping site, you would need assurance on things like returns and shipping.

To qualify as reliable, an online shopping site must have a reasonable time which must not go below 30 days for the return of orders that customers are not satisfied with.

Such a store must equally be ready to send you another order or refund your money too.

Verdict On Top Online Stores in Nigeria

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