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10+ Best Smart Watch & Prices in Nigeria 2023

If you’re interested in wearing a fancy & top of the best Smart Watch in Nigeria but don’t want to spend beyond budget, you are at the right place.

Smart watch price in Nigeria falls within budget range and with less than 10,000 Naira, you can get one.

Although, it is washouts cons, the benefits of smartwatch can’t be over emphasized and on the whole, they are affordable.

Smart Wrist Watch are wearable computing device won on a user’s wrist that offers functionality and capabilities similar to those of a smartphone.

Generally, Smart watches are designed  to work, either  on their  own or when paired with a smart phone and often comes with features that enable them connect to internet, run mobile apps, makes calls, messaging via text or video, checking caller ID and weather updates,  providing fitness monitoring capabilities, offering GPS coordinates and location directions, and more.

Over the years, smart watch has gain popularity in Nigeria because of the ease it comes with.

Some of the Advantages of Smart Watch in our contemporary world are among others:  

  • Faster access to social network.
  • Reduce need to take out phone.
  • Less likely to miss call and notifications.
  • Camera features.
  • Able to synchronize data with smart phones.

Today we are going to look at some of the top rated and best smart watch in Nigeria market with their prices

Many of the smartwatches comes in different spec and pricing and also in various designs and patterns, depending on your taste and personality but on the whole, these smart wrist watch we are going to look at are some of the best smart wrist watches in Nigeria and prices affordable.


Best Smart Watch & Prices in Nigeria

1. m26 Smart Wrist Watch | Price: 6,000 to 13,000 Naira

m26 Smart Watch

With technological advancement comes the need to sync all your digital gadgets. It is for this reason that the Rwatch m26 smart watch was created.

The watch has caught on momentum thanks to the convenience it has provided to the users. The fact that it is a small gadget carrying almost all the features your phone has makes it a welcome addition to your wrist. Imagine a watch that has all the android capabilities you will ever need.

The smart watch comes with a number of capabilities. This is what makes it a must have. You can be able to sync all your music through the watch.

It can store up to 1000 phonebook contacts without running out of space


Another feature I like about the m26 smart watch is the fact that, you will be able to receive notification from a number of social platforms including Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook,.

You can also shoot selfies thanks to the remote capabilities of the watch.

One of the best capabilities of the m26 wrist smart watch is the ability to connect to trackers and anti-theft alarm systems. This gives you a higher level of security. You can also receive and make calls through the watch. The number of apps that the watch supports is amazing.

The m26 Smart Wrist Watch price in Nigeria ranges between N6,000 and N13,000

m26 Smart Watch features

For more on its features, check this link

2. A88 Smart Watch | Price: 11,000 to 18,000 Naira

A88 Smart Watch

The A88 smart watch is one of the best smart wrist watch, it comes with Heart rate monitor: Equipped with Power Pulse technology, it can real-time track your dynamic heart rate frequency of human body movement for viewing.

Among other functions built with A88 are:

  • Blood oxygen track: Built-in dynamic monitoring, it can record your dynamic curve in order to build a healthy body.
  • Sleep monitor: Automatic track your sleeping time and analysis sleep quality by a chart and you can even set an alarm clock to wake you up by vibration to avoid disturbing family.
  • Short charging time and long standby time: Just need 2 hours charging time and get 30 days standby time, but it just can be used for 5 – 7 days under using case.
  • Notifications with vibration: The great track also shows called-in names, messages, Facebook, Twitter, Wathsapp, iMessage(iOS), every notification shows from your cellphone! Your won’t miss nothing! Compatible with Android 4.3 or higher, IOS 7.0 or higher.
  • Life water resistant: Just suitable for washing hands or face, not for swimming or showering.

A88 smart watch price in Nigeria ranges between N11,000 to 18,000

A88 Smart Watch fuctions

3. KW18 Smartwatch | Price: 22,000 to 30,000 Naira

KW18 Smartwatch

KW18 Smartwatch with 1.3 inches Screen SIM Card Slot Sleep Monitor Heart Rate Monitor and Pedometer for IOS and Android.

The KW18 is one of the best wrist watch in Nigeria and most loved smart wrist watch among young entrepreneurs.

It has an awesome displays as well as hypersensitive touch which can supply you clear display even in the glare.

Being made with anodized aluminium, the watch case is clear, robust and wear-resisting.

KW18 Smartwatch display

Key Spec & Functions of KW18 Smart Watch

  • Bluetooth Function: With bluetooth V4.0, the KW18 smart watch is available for smart phones with bluetooth function.
  • Sync Function: Sync phonebook, SMS, music and incoming call with smartphones
  • Smart Watch Design: Prefect Design: IPS LCD Screen, 1.3 inch screen
  • Remote Camera: You can take photos of whole family without other help, just use “remote camera” function.
  • Notification: When software on Android and ios phone has some information, the smart watch will remind you. So you will never miss them even if in noisy party!(Install FundoWear on cellphones first)
  • Various Time Show: There is 4 clock types, different moods use different time displays.
  • Pedometer: This smart watch can record steps, calories and distance. Let you know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and get a healthier life!
  • Sleeping: When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. Let you know your sleep quality right away.
  • Sedentary: Take a rest to avoid fatigue! Our smart watch has sedentary reminder function to keep fit! You can choose the reminder time.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitor your heart rate, help you do reasonable exercise!
  • Anti-lost: Alarm with sound or vibration if leaving your smartphone away from 5- 10 meters.
  • Adjustable Wristband Soft strap, comfortable wearing, easy to adjust the perimeter.
  • Mini Phone: The smartwatch can be used as a mini phone once inserted into 4G SIM card.
  • Other features: Recorder, Vedio, Alarm, canlendar, Music, calculator, stopwatch,magic voice and much more

KW18 Smartwatch price in Nigeria ranges between N22,000 to N30,000

4. ID115 Plus Smart Band | Price: 4,500 to 9,000 Naira 

ID115 Plus Smart Band

This is a multi-functional smart bracelet with a 0.96-inch TFT screen. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above. It will give you great experience!

Key Functions:

  • 0.96inch TFT screen, easy to see.
  • Support USB power interfaces such as laptops and mobile phone chargers.
  • Support heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring.
  • Synchronize phone contacts/call records
  • Easy to use and great for running and outdoor sports.
  • Automatic sleep detection
  • Support synchronous reminding of SMS, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Durable and comfortable to wear.
  • Support BT 4.0, Android 4.3 and above, iOS 8.0 and above.
  • Water resistant: Daily water resistance (not for showering and swimming).

ID115 Plus Smart Bracelet Price in Nigeria ranges between N4,500 to N9,000 and available among top online stores in Nigeria.

ID115 Plus function

5. Smart Watch Q18 | Price: 7,000 to 12,000 Naira

Smart Watch Q18

The Smart Watch Q18  is another top-notch smart wrist watch you can rely on. With this wearable computer, you can dial or answer a phone call from after inserting a SIM card at ease.

With its combination of built-in camera, health function, music, alarm and anti-lost function, you shouldn’t be missing any it!

It so easy to carryout messaging. Effortlessly send/receive messages to have a good interaction with your friends

You can as well sync phonebook / call log / message / music for better experience

Smart Watch Q18 display

The smart watch Q18 comes inbuilt with the following features and functions

  • RAM + ROM: 64MB RAM + 128MB ROM
  • External memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Network type: GSM
  • Screen size: 1.54 inch
  • Camera type: Single camera
  • Front camera: 0.3MP
  • Video recording: Yes
  • SIM Card Slot: Single SIM (Micro SIM slot)
  • TF card slot: Yes
  • Micro USB Slot: Yes
  • Sedentary reminder: Yes
  • Picture format: GIF, PNG
  • Music format: AAC, WAV
  • Video format: 3GP
  • Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health: Yes
  • Anti-lost/finding phone feature: Yes

The Smart Watch Q18 is an awesome device to give a try, you no longer going to miss those important calls, messages, e-mails and social media updates as you can easily do that with this smart watch: dial or answer phone calls, receive and send messages, take photos and videos as well as play your Mp3 music and Mp4 videos via Bluetooth.

Smart Watch Q18 price in Nigeria ranges between N7,000 to N12,000


6. M4C Smart Watch | Price: N3,500 – N6,000

M4C Smart Watch

The Smart Watch M4C is a lovely wrist watch with an IPS HD full color display.

This device can be use to track your sports activities like walking, running, swimming, etc

Just like with every smart wrist watch out there, you can use it to access your social media handles, make calls, set alarm and as well, set timing for any activity.

M4C Smartwatch is an IP67 waterproof smartwatch, which means you can wear it when it’s raining and even while swimming without worrying about the device. 

The device is indeed, lovely and fancy and can be worn by any sex.

Very easy to use. Whether its a call alert or social platform, information are display on the screen.

The Smart Watch M4C also comes with a powerful 105mAh battery you can use up to 5 days on normal use and up to 20 days + on Standby life.

The device strap are also replaceable

Smart Wrist Watch M4C

Check M4C Out (Up To 27% Off)


7. Z6 Smart Watch | Price: N5,500 – N10,000

Z6 Watch Wrist Watch

The Z6 Smart Watch is one of the best and affordable smart wrist watch in Nigerian market today.

It comes with a Micro SIM slot thereby enabling you to perform direct tasks on the device.

You can as well connect it with your smartphone through it Bluetooth.

This watch is designed with a 2.0MP camera and supports video recording.

For Android mobile phones, it supports APP download. For iPhone phones, it does not support APP download.

The Z6 also supports external memory cards of up to 16 G for all your media.

It can also be used to auto track sleep and remind you of when to relax.

The device is indeed a Smartwatch that worth taken a look at

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8. T500 Smart Watch | Price: N7,500 – N11,000

T500 Smartwatch

The T500 is a smart wrist watch that can be paired with your smartphone to enjoy all the beautiful functions

You have to connect this first to your phone via Bluetooth

The device is equipped with motion sensor, intelligent calculation of movement, walking distance and infants supports a lots of sports modes, running, jumping, sit up, etc

The T500 Smartwatch has a rechargeable battery with the capacity of 230 mAh with several days of standby time.

If you want to have an experience of a smartwatch with all the functionalities, you can’t go wrong with T500.

T500 smart watch price in Nigeria starts at 6,500 Naira 

T500 Smartwatch Function

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9. GM20 Smart Watch | Price: N5,000 – N9,000

GM20 Smartwatch

This is a multi-functional fitness smart wrist watch. 

It can track your steps and monitor your body status, helping you keep fit.

Once connected with your smartphone, data can be synchronized with the application

Supports clock set alarm, remembering sedentariness and weather reports.

You can simply charge the device by plugging in the USB interface therefore eliminating the trouble of carrying a charging cable and charging stand.

The GM20 can also be used in water. It comes inbuilt with the IP67 rated life waterproof performance.

Check GM20 Out (Up To 47% Off)


10. DZ09 Smart Watch | Price: N5,500 – N8,000

Dz09 smartwatch

The DZ09 SmartWatch is a one of the earlier smart wrist watch that is still trending.

It can be use independently or when paired with a smartphone. 

The DZ09 is compatible with most Android and iOS models though with little support for iOs

It comes with a SIM and memory card slots and can as well be paired with a smartphone if needed.

To use the internet function you will need both a SIM with data and an SD memory card with enough space.

On the whole, this device is good

Check DZ09 Out (Up To 32% Off)


11. V8 Smartwatch | Price: N7,000 – N10,000

V8 Smartwatch

The V8 Smart watch is one of the most lovely smart wrist watch with all functionality you could ever want in a smartwatch

Besides its fashionable design, V8 can be used as a sport smartwatch and also a business smartwatch.

You can use it independently, insert a micro-sim card to the slot to make and answer phone calls or pair with a smartphone.

Virtually anything a smartphone can do, you can as well do with a V8 wrist watch.

You can use the device to automatically track your steps, distance, calories burned, monitor your sleeping at night, sedentary reminding, receive notifications from your smartphone, calculator, calendar, alarm clock, recording etc.

Other function supported is as shown below

V8 Function


Smart Watch Price in Nigeria 2023

Smart Watch price in Nigeria starts at N6,000 and can go way over N20,000 depending on brand and Key spec which you seek. 
It is also readily available with most top online stores in Nigeria


Smartwatch Benefits

Smartwatches is no doubt comes with lots of benefits.

As at today SmartWatch is one of the most popular and useful type of wearable devices with hundreds of affordable models available in the marketplace.

This days, there are so much more Smartwatch Benefits than just tell the time.

Depending on what they are built for, smart watches can range from those that look like regular watches but with one or two smart features, through to those that can be use for answering calls, general fitness tracker, etc

Smart watches are designed to, either work on their own or when paired with a smart phone.

Smartwatch can perform whole lots of functions as long as its has feature that can enable it connect to the internet.

It can run mobile apps, make calls, message via text or video, check caller ID, accessing stock and weather updates, providing fitness monitoring capabilities, offering GPS coordinates and location directions, and more.

Smartwatches have seen an increase in popularity over the years, and this number is growing year in year out.

Even though some are still skeptical about it, pros and cons of smart watches worth looking at for better grab of what to expect.

Besides, below are reasons why Smartwatch are being loved by many.


1. Enhances Everyday Tasks

Smartwatch does more than just telling time, it simply enhances every task.

Users can easily do quick math, set timers and alarms, monitor parking meters, review traffic patterns, make payments, receive travel notifications, check the weather, order lunch, and lots more.

While these functions may seem basic, it’s often the simple innovations that can save us time and make our daily tasks easier.

2. Make Phone Calls & Receive Notifications

One of the major Smartwatch Benefits is its functionality to allow its users to make and receive calls, send sms as well as receive notifications just as found in smartphone.

This can be standalone or when paired with smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi

3. Play Music or Watch Video

One of the benefits of a Smart Watch is is its entertainment feature.

You can use it to listen to music or  watch video on the go.

Users can as well use their smartwatch as a remote or pair the smartwatch with Bluetooth headset and listen to music from the smartwatch through a headphone.

This is a very convenient feature when doing sports and not wanting to bring a smartphone.

4. Browse and check mails

One key area worthy of note in this list is the Smartwatch internet accessibility functionality.

Smart watches allow users to surf the net as well as check mails on the go without the need to grab your phone.

You can as well use it to access social media accounts, respond to urgent notifications, chat, etc

5. Health & Fitness Tracking

If there is one things that worth mentioning in this list of Smartwatch Benefits is its functionality that enable health and fitness tracking.

Smart Watches make Fitness easier to track

Many smartwatches have fitness tracking as a core feature.

This can help you keep up with your fitness goals.

So if you are ever thinking of taking a fitness tracker or a pedometer, you can replace it with a good smart watch

Aside from the basic feature of tracking your steps, you can input your daily food consumption and calculate your calorie intake.

Smartwatches are equipped with sensors and record personal data.

It can also ,measure a person’s physical health such as heart beat and blood pressure

Infact, you can use smartwatch to track distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep and some even go beyond this to calculate other important metrics you might need.

Do you know, among Smartwatch owners, 41% say the reason for using the watch is to count calories or reach weight loss goals which imply how useful it is when it comes to health & fitness tracking.

6. Use To Manage Stress Levels

With the state of the world and the never-ending work to be accomplished, individuals are reaching stress and anxiety levels that are harmful to the body.

The innovators of the smartwatch saw a need and provided accordingly.

Now, a smartwatch can track your hormones that control your stress levels like your blood pressure and heart rate.

Some of the good ones use features that reminds one to relax.

Inshort, some knows when you’re having a bad day and can remind you to take a short breather to prevent you from short circuiting in front of your friends and colleagues.

With everyone becoming more conscious about their well being, stress tracking has become one of the most demanded features in wearable tech–smartwatches included.

7. Easy Navigation And Location Accessibility

Getting lost is an unsettling feeling.

Most Smart watches comes with inbuilt GPS signals which allows you to find location faster.

Many States & Countries ban the use of hand held devices while driving for safety purpose.

Smartwatch are the best solution to this since they are attached to your wrist.

You won’t need to pull over to adjust the navigation settings on your watch.

You can change the GPS to the location you want before you drive.

The Apple Watch, for example, is able to deliver different vibrations to your wrist to tell you if you should turn right or left when following directions.

8. Internet Accessibility While Doing Activities

When you are running, cycling, swimming or doing any other form of exercise, you might want to peep into your messages, missed calls or notifications.

Sometimes it is not possible for you to keep a phone with you in those activities, and it’s just awkward and annoying when you do anyway.

Here is where a smartwatch becomes really useful.

Even when under water, some of this watch like The Apple Watch Series 4 has got a waterproof rating of 50 meters underwater.

This imply you can Just take a quick rest while swimming to check up on your messages without having to leave the pool.

9. Complement Fashion Wears


Smartwatches are beautiful, convenient and useful, and let’s admit it – they’re fun to wear

It is stylish, complementing every part of your wardrobe, while allowing you to stay connected.

Many of the manufactures  add some nice finishing touches to the design, making them more attractive than before.

If you think fashion, then you can’t go wrong with smart wrist watch

10. Increase Productivity

Another benefits of a smart watch is increase productivity

Promoting Smartwatch can assist employees with staying on schedule, both professionally and personally, which enhances productivity as well as work/life balance.

An employee with a smartwatch can receive email notifications, calendar alerts, calls, texts, news alerts, and other programmed notifications.

Receiving and previewing these messages on a smartwatch allows the employee to determine if the notification is something that needs to be addressed immediately, as soon as possible, or eventually, and gives the employee quick control over their daily notifications and responsibilities.


Cons of Smart Watches

1. Very Small Screen

Most smartwatch display resolution are small, not big enough for better view angle.

Typing and reading tiny words on screen is not good for every body

Also watching movies and navigation through may pose some difficulty for the eyes therefore not making it not suitable for a person with eye problem.

2. Security and Privacy

Smartwatches use WiFi or Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones, while WiFi and Bluetooth provide a signal to any computer within the range to receive it.

Such open signals can present a security risk because of intercepted data, security breach or unauthorized use.

For these reasons, encrypting wireless signals is needed.

Encryption involves disguising the data being transmitted so an intruder is unable to read the data and to understand their contents

Some companies have tried to improve security on mobile devices and Smart Watches by equipping them with biometric recognition such as fingerprint readers and iris scanners.

3. Limited lifespans

Technology evolves rapidly and electronic devices have limited lifespans.

This means that wearers will find themselves needing a new smartwatch at about the same rate as they need a new smartphone;

Depending on their needs and the devices they choose, that might be annually or every few years.

This is no problem for people who enjoy technology – in fact it can be a lot of fun to shop for a new phone with exciting, updated features that make life more convenient.

4. Limited Battery Life

This is one of the challenging area of smart watch

Most of the Smartwatches when fully charged hardly last for a day.

Since Watches are something you wear everyday to receive and make calls, browse etc, even the latest tend to suffer fast battery discharge.

This can be annoying especially when its being use for meeting notifications or sleep tracking.

However, technological innovations has made it possible to get smartwatches that last for days.

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Smart watches have many phone-like functions. This is one of the focal points for skeptics to dissuade people from buying one.

However, what you must note is that, while smart watches were invented to perform basic functions, they are now powerful enough to act like mini computers.

Fashionable and you also stay sharp and in control when looking at all the stats and even your daily goals.

Really, it worth having a smart watch in this our digital age


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