You are currently viewing Jumia Log Hack: All You Need To Know Including The Tips & Tricks

Jumia Log Hack: All You Need To Know Including The Tips & Tricks

Jumia Log hack is simply an unauthorized access to Jumia users account with store credit.

These wallet credits can either be funded through Cashback, free vouchers or bundle credit promo offers.

Usually, hackers get access to these hacked Jumia logs through phishing attacks that enable personal information and credentials theft.

These accounts may or maynot have money in them however irrespective of the status, buying hacked Jumia accounts is illegal.

Every account hacked can be destroyed, stolen, sold or even prevent authorized users from accessing their accounts.

Although this act might not always be for malicious purposes, however, nowadays most references to hacking, and hackers, characterize it/them as unlawful activity by cybercriminals.

While Jumia logs can be legitimate, Jumia log hack or as sometimes called, Spam Jumia Log is illegal.



What is The Difference Between Jumia Log and Spam Log

Jumia Log is simply store credit you can use to buy goods and services on Jumia and they are real and can be gotten through legitimate means.

However, when these accounts become hacked, they become spam logs.

Jumia log hack or Spam Jumia Log, are simply hacked Jumia Store Credit Accounts.

Please note that these Jumia accounts with wallet credit are not easy to come by, so don’t be fooled by the waving free Hacked Jumia logs rumored around online, it is a simple a way to scam you.

Besides, buying Hacked Jumia logs is illegal and highly prohibited, patronizers are as guilty as the black hackers, if caught, can lead to imprisonment.



How Can a Jumia Account Get Hacked?

Jumia customers are also targeted by phishing emails and SMS where criminals pose as legitimate companies to steal personal information. 

These emails or SMS typically include a link to a website that requests you update your account details, such as your contact or payment information.

Sometimes, they also get your phone number, call and pose as a Jumia agent to request for your debit/credit account information.

The Pro Hackers also leverage software to access your account, and a user with a weaker password often falls victim.

Pro Tip: Never give OTP code that might be send to you. Its simply an authorization to scam you.


What Happens When Your Jumia Account is Hacked?

As a Jumia user, you can’t no longer get into your Jumia account if this happens. 

You’ll have to immediately contact Jumia through their contact page, live chat or simply call them at 01 888 1106 so that they can remove the fraudulent email address and lock your account until the issue is resolved.

Live chat is proven to be more effective but you will only be attended to within their business service hour as stated below:

  • Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm;
  • Saturday, 9am-5pm;
  • Public Holidays, 9am-5pm.


How To Get Free Jumia Logs Legitimately

Jumia is a top eCommerce store in Nigeria with many means of encouraging us all to buy online.

They have quite a number of ways through which you can get wallet credit free to shop your favorite product.

These wallet credits can actually be free but in most cases you must have also worked hard to achieve it.

Nonetheless, below is

How to Get Free Jumia Logs Legitimate in Nigeria:

  1. Free Vouchers

Often than you can imagine, Jumia gives its existing as well as new customers free vouchers to be redeemed when they make a purchase.

Sometime, Jumia run context or treasure hunt.

Winners are given large sum of free vouchers to shop anything on Jumia

Sometimes these vouchers can cover the expenses on your cart.

While also, these vouchers are sometimes credited to your account which reflect as your wallet credit.

These money can be use to buy anything on Jumia

  1. Jumia Treasure Hunt

During events like Jumia Black Friday or Anniversary sales, Jumia do offer a play-like game where winners end-up buying items for almost 99% off.

Sometimes, these offers can be given inform of free store credit which will be credited to your account.

To participate, you can use these  Jumia Treasure Hunt tips and tricks when next event comes up

  1. Cashback

Jumia through its JumiaPay App gives cashback to users for buying on Jumia.

These cashback are credited to your JumiaPay wallet from where it can be use to buy other stuff on Jumia or withdraw.

  1. Refund

Not all transactions on Jumia are successful, some you simply don’t like the product anymore, and in some instances maybe you see better prices somewhere else.

Whatever  might be the reason, when you contact Jumia customer care, they will cancel the order and the money be reverted into your JumiaPay wallet from where you can either use it to buy another product or simply withdraw.


How To Prevent Your Jumia Account From Being Hacked

Although there are quite number of measures in place by Jumia to prevent any of its customer account from being hacked, below are simple measures you can take on your part to ensure safety.

  1. Use JumiaPay to Shop

JumiaPay is a Jumia payment gateway and all in one app.

Once linked with your debit/credit card, you no longer have to input your card to buy anything on Jumia.

It comes with the highest level of security and safety you can be sure of.

  1. Never Leave Store Credit in Your Wallet

When you cancel an order you prepaid, the amount will be reverted to your wallet.

In an instance where the amount is huge, leaving such amount can be easily compromise when your account is hacked

You can withdraw the money to your bank or simply use it to buy things on Jumia

  1. Use Strong Password

It is always advisable you use a strong password for any of your accounts online.

And also avoid using the same password on many online accounts; it can get compromised that way.

A strong password should atleast contain 8 characters, the more the characters, the better. 

These characters should contain a mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters and a mixture of letters and numbers. Inclusion of at least one special character, e.g., !, )

  1. Ensure You are on

Whenever you are on Jumia, always ensure you are on the right website, as there may be clone Jumia sites used to collect data.

Also be mindful of the https before the name Jumia

Any Jumia account with no https:// security is fake

  1. Never Click Suspicious Emails Or SMS Links

Be mindful of free download sites or free offers as some can be used to deposit chips on your computer which can be further used to steal information from you.

Any email that looks suspicious or in some instances try to hide their url with a shortner should be avoided.

Also Note that, Jumia agents will never call over the phone or text to ask you to send your credit/debit card details.

  1. Dont Use Commercial CyberCafe to Carry Out Online Transaction

For your data security, ensure you use personal computers or your smartphones to buy from Jumia.

Using commercial Cybercafes as well as free WIFI can pose security challenges in the future.

  1. Never Divulge Your Username and Password 

Never under any condition give your password.

In some instance, you can give username but not password

As a seller on Jumia, it is not part of the procedure for you to divulge your username and password when shipping an item, so when asked, never give otherwise, a staff with a criminal mind might end up compromising it.


Measures By To Save Your Account From Being Hacked 

1. Uses High Level Security

Jumia use best security in the world verified by GoGetSSL

To protect your account, they have 2 level security checks for every transaction and also use OTP code to validate the authenticity of the person buying.

2. Uses JumiaPay

JumiaPay is a Jumia gateway designed so that you may not need to rely on inputting your card details to buy on Jumia.

This way, they avoid storing your card details on their website.

Also you can’t add money to your JumiaPay account therefore minimizing losses if the account is hacked.

3. Offer Cash on Delivery

Buying on Jumia, you don’t really need to pay with a card or even a Jumia Pay.

You can opt for cash on delivery.

4. Jumia Calls to Confirm orders 

No product can be order or delivered to you from Jumia without first calling to confirm if you actually do place the order and if they should go ahead

This measure is good to avoid unethical order on your account as well as to keep you informed.

5.  Use Tracking Device to help locate product ordered and buyer

To avoid missing products and ensure prompt delivery, a unique tracking code is generated for every transaction.

If there is any unauthorized transaction on your account, you can track this goods to either cancel or locate the buyer.

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Verdict On Hack Jumia Wallet

Having a Jumia Log hack is not an experience you should wait for

Taking steps with the tips above is first step to securing your account.  

Even the smartest person online can get hacked.

While the company takes measures to curb any rising situation, we on our own can also take proper steps to secure our account.

Leveraging a strong password is a good step and avoiding clicking on suspicious url or compromised links is another.

On the whole, Jumia has taken drastic measures to ensure your account is safe and that is why they still remain one of the best in Nigeria. 

If you enjoy this guide on Jumia Log hack, don’t forget to share and comment below


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