You are currently viewing 10+ Sites To Buy Electricity Online in Nigeria 2023

10+ Sites To Buy Electricity Online in Nigeria 2023

Did you know you can buy electricity online from the comfort of your home or office without having to go to any bank or Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos)

With the emerging number of sites where you can pay electricity bills online, there is no doubt you can save yourself time as well as money.

Best part of it, some of these vendors offer discounts to customers which further enhance the best shopping experience. 

Many of these companies hardly charge and instead offer free services at competitive prices.

As we all know, Electricity holds great importance in our lives, infact is an essential part of modern life and help us in many different ways.

We use electricity for lighting, heating, cooking and refrigeration as well as operating appliances, computers, electronics, machinery, etc

With all these benefits that come with power supply, it implies getting our bills paid should be a top priority.

Many a times, you want to pay but have no option but to visit a nearby Discos office or a vendor and along the process, valuable time and resources are wasted.

These days, even Discos officials urge people to visit their online platforms or vendors to buy electricity.

Although online payment is not without its limitations, it is still worth it.

Here we are going to look at 10+ top companies you can leverage to buy electricity online. These vendors are reliable and trusted and even recommended by most DisCos.



10+ Best Places To Buy Electricity Online in Nigeria 2023

1. JumiaPay

Electricity payment with JumiaPay


JumiaPay is a payment gateway and can be used to pay utilities bills including electricity.

The app offers easy and fast online payment for both prepaid and postpaid electricity bills.

If you are an existing Jumia customer you can access this platform or register in incase you are new to Jumia.

JumiaPay is a tested and trusted app and infact a favorite of mine.

You can use these Free Vouchers to enjoy some discounts along with the free service.


How To Buy Electricity Online With JumiaPay

  • Sign up or log in using your email address and password
  • Select Electricity from the list of services
  • Select your contract type – prepaid or postpaid
  • Select your electricity board
  • If prepaid, enter your meter number but if postpaid, enter your account number
  • Enter the amount of your bill
  • Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account 


2. BuyPower

Electricity payment with Buypower

BuyPower is one of the top companies that has integrated a simple process that comes with paying for electricity bills online.

You can buy electricity through their website or mobile app (Android and iOS ).

However, you will need to register an account with your mobile number before gaining access into the platform to pay for electricity bills.

The fun part with is that you can Buy Electricity on a loan and payback in 14 days

Also they offer USSD service to pay for your electricity bills where there is no internet.  

They have inbuilt app to help you set reminders to buy electricity as well as calculate how many Electricity units you will get for the amount you plan to buy.

BuyPower indeed worth taken a look at


How To Pay Electricity Bills Online With Buypower

  • Input your phone number and click on “Buy Electricity” to continue.
  • Enter your meter or account number
  • Fill in your state [Lagos, Abuja, Kogi, Niger or Nasarawa, etc],
  • Enter Amount you want to pay
  • Indicate whether Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Enter your email address
  • Click “Continue with payment information” to proceed with payment
  • Choose your preferred payment [through your bank or card] and pay. 

NOTE: Immediately after a successful payment, your electricity token appears on your screen.


3. IRecharge


iRecharge is an internet powered distribution platform that enables users to buy both prepaid and postpaid electricity online.

They provide you with multiple payment options including Credit/Debit Card, USSD, Wallet, Voucher and Bank Transfer.

iRecharge is available on both Android and iOs.

To use iRecharge, you will first need to sign up and an e wallet will be generated which can be funded by card, bank deposit or bank transfer

You can use the wallet credit to pay electricity bills on their platform


How To Buy Electricity Unit Online Using iRecharge

  • Sign up as a user and an automatic e wallet is created for you.
  • Click on “Power”
  • select Discos
  • Enter meter or account number
  • Click on confirm to confirm your entered meter/account information
  • Enter amount you want to buy
  • Enter phone number and email you want your token to be send to
  • Enter your password you used when signing up
  • Click on “Vend Power” to proceed with payment

Note: You will be required to fund your iRecharge wallet before you will be able to pay for electricity bills. Your wallet can be located at the top and funded through card or bank transfer


4. Quickteller


Quickteller is an easy-to-use and robust payments platform that enables anybody to pay for just about anything including electricity from the comfort of their mobile device.

It has a very user friendly interface and a customizable dashboard with the ability to set up recurring payments 

This app is also available on Android and iOs for smartphone users

It is a very trusted app with guarantee transaction security.


How To Buy Electricity Online via Quickteller

  • Click on the Pay Bills menu.
  • Search or Scroll down to Utilities
  • Select the biller which can be Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Insert your email and Phone number 
  • Enter your meter or  account number 
  • Insert amount and click to continue
  • Insert Your Debit Card Details to make payment

NOTE: However, if you are an existing Quickteller customer you can login to make use of already saved card.


5. Remita

Electricity payment with Remita

Remita is a CBN-licensed payment system that attends to the payment needs of organizations and individuals

Remita is more than just a software for payments, it also offers users the opportunity to buy electricity and other utilities.


How To Buy Electricity Online with Remita

  • Visit Remita website
  • Click on “Buy Electricity” in the display menu
  • Scroll to your biller and click on it
  • Select the service type Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Enter amount you want to recharge
  • Enter a valid email and phone number
  • Submit and popup will display for you to pay using various payment options
  • make payment and your token will be sent to your email

NOTE: Immediately you enter your meter or account number, a display showing you your name, meter number and address will be display to confirm your meter


6. KongaPay

KongaPay bill payment

KongaPay is a top-notch payment gateway from which gives users the ability to pay electricity bills online.

It offers a very friendly interface and easy to see buttons.

Even though it is a payment gateway, you can use them to buy electricity as well as other utilities.

With KongaPay, you can automate bill payment

Be rest assured your fund or card are safe as security are top notch


How To Pay Online Electricity Bills Via KongaPay

  • Launch the KongaPay app or visit
  • Navigate to bill section
  • Click on “Electricity”
  • Select Biller which could be Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Enter Account Number or Meter Number
  • Agree To terms and Condition
  • Click on Continue to follow instructions and make payment

Confirm transaction amount and authorize the transaction via KongaPay 4 digit Pin and One time password sent to your telephone number from your Bank.

Your transaction is processed and your Wallet/Account/Card will be debited with the transaction amount.


7. Vtpass

Electricity payment with Vtpass

Vtpass exists to create value by ensuring that payments of DisCos billers can be made using digital technologies. 

To get started with Vtpass, you will need to  create an account using only your email and phone number or just by paying for a service. 

They can be relied upon for your day to day electricity or other bill payments.


How to Recharge Electricity Online via Vtpass

  • Visit
  • Select “Pay Electricity Bills” from the dropdown menu at the top left.
  • Choose your energy provider and click go.
  • Choose “Prepaid” or “Postpaid”
  • Enter your Meter number or account number 
  • Enter your Phone number and Amount 
  • Click on Continue and Input your payment details, 
  • Submit and receive your token in your email in a matter of minutes.


8. Instantenergy 


InstantEnergy is no doubt a top recommendation when it comes to sites that provide online payment of electricity bills.

A sign up with your phone or email is required to get started


How To Buy Electricity Online Using InstantEnergy

  • Visit the site
  • Signup or login
  • After successfully registering you will receive a confirmation mail that will allow you login.
  • Once you are in you can navigate through your dashboard and add your meter number.
  • Click on the purchase unit button and add the amount you wish to buy.
  • Select from the list of payment options and make your payment.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed receipt with your token will be generated


9. Lumia

Electricity payment with Lumia

Lumia has one of the simplest interfaces to buy electricity online.

From time to time, they reward their loyal customers with amazing loyalty gifts and discounts as a way of saying thank you.

They are also available on the Android and well as iOs Apps.


How To Buy Electricity Unit Online via Lumia

  • Visit their official website or download app
  • Select prepaid or postpaid
  • Enter your biller
  • Enter your meter or account number
  • Enter your phone number and email
  • Enter amount and click on “Buy Now”
  • Proceed to payment


10. PayPower


Paypower is another fast and secure software company you can leverage to pay for electricity bills online conveniently from the comfort of your desktop or laptop anywhere and at anytime

It is currently among top recommended places where you can buy electricity.

They offers a wide range of DisCos electricity at competitive price  to give you the best deals in the market

They are also available on the mobile app.


How to Buy electricity Online using Paypower

  • Visit their website or download their app
  • Sign in or Sign up with your mobile number
  • Click on “Buy Electricity”
  • Enter your Meter or Account number
  • Indicate if its Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Indicate your state (Some state not available)
  • Enter amount and click to continue
  • Review your order and make payment with your wallet balance

You can top -up your wallet via your debit/credit card


11. KoboPay


KoboPay is one of the fastest, reliable and convenient way to buy power online

They also provide services that allow you to send and receive money, make and receive payments; you can also buy and send airtime wherever you are.

KoboPay is available both on the Android and iOs Apps

To get started you will need to register.


How to Pay For Electricity Bills With KoboPay

  • Login or Sign up to  KoboPay
  • Pick Electricity as your service provider 
  • Pick a bill item. 
  • Fill in the required form.
  • Enter amount 
  • Review the details, 
  • Choose payment options and complete payment.

Note: A N100 convenience fee is charged for each successful bill payment transaction.


Code To Buy Electricity From Any Bank

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile(GSM) communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile and an application program

As USSD is used to make online transaction like transfer, buying of card etc so also it can be use to pay electricity bills online

Bellow are the list of bank codes use to pay electricity bills 

NOTE: A mobile transaction using USSD codes require account registration for first-timers and PIN code (either 4 or 5 digits depending on the bank involved)

 The PIN code serves as your security against fraudsters and would be required for all your next transactions.

Codes to pay Electricity Bills From Any Bank
Access Bank*901*3#
Fidelity Bank*770#
First Bank*894#
Heritage Bank*322#
Keystone Bank*7111#
Polaris Bank*833*7#
Stanbic IBTC Bank*909#
Sterling Bank*822#
Union Bank*826#
Unity Bank*7799#
Wema Bank*945#
Zenith Bank*966#


How To Buy Electricity Unit Online Using Discos

You can pay electricity bills through Discos official centers with cash or card but mostly recommend and support online payment as is fast and convenient

For official Discos centers online payment options, check it our with:


Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AEDC)


Benin Electricity Distribution Plc (BEDC)


Eko Electricity Distribution Plc (EKEDC)


Enugu Electricity Distribution Plc (EEDC)


Ibadan Electricity Distribution Plc (IBEDC)


Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC)


Jos Electricity Distribution Plc (JEDC)


Kaduna Electricity Distribution Plc (KNEDC)


Kano Electricity Distribution Plc (KEDC)


Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Plc (PHEDC)


Yola Electricity Distribution Company Plc (YEDC)


…read also:



If you are looking for how to buy electricity online, you must note that we have eleven(11) Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in Nigeria.

All of these have their online payment partners

However, must recommended one or two if not even all of the above list.

Infact DisCos listed most of them as their partner as seen in their online payment options.

Notwithstanding, you might need to checkout with the vendor that supports your state.

Most of the notable vendors support Eko, Ikeja, Ibadan and Abuja Electric Distribution which happens to cover Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja respectively. 

The unique thing about all the platforms listed above is that they allow you to easily buy electricity online for your Prepaid Meter or Postpaid Account number at your convenience and at any time of the day without any stress.

If this guide has been helpful, don’t forget to share, thanks


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