You are currently viewing 7 Best Oraimo Power Bank & Prices in Nigeria (2023)

7 Best Oraimo Power Bank & Prices in Nigeria (2023)

If you need a good power bank to recharge battery-powered electronics on the go then you can’t go wrong with an Oraimo power bank.

Oraimo Company is a high-end smart accessories manufacturer that delivers top-notch quality products in Nigeria

Their power banks are one of the most sought-after in Nigeria because of their quality, durability, and capacity to charge multiple times.

With the Oraimo battery pack, you don’t need to worry about your phone battery draining.

These days, most smartphones come with inbuilt functionality that makes them consume more power, and because of this, you need a backup power pack.

It will not be polite to discover that your phone runs down when you need it the most. 

To avoid any emergency situation that will warrant you looking for where to charge your phone, you can own one Oraimo power bank today

The fun part is that the Oraimo power park is affordable.

Depending on your budget and power need, the Oraimo power pack comes in different capacities to suit different budgets.

It is also easy to carry about, in fact, small enough to fit in your pocket

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Best Oraimo Power Bank & Prices In Nigeria (2023)

Oraimo Power packs come in different models and capacities. Each model comes with its own unique feature.

However, below are the various types of Oraimo power packs available 

  1. Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh
  2. Oraimo Battery Pack 16000mAh
  3. Oraimo PowerBank 20000mAh
  4. Oraimo Power Pack 27000mah
  5. Oraimo Power Bank 30000mAh
  6. Oraimo Battery Pack 40000mah
  7. Oraimo Power Bank 50000mAh



1. Oraimo Power Bank 10000mAh

Oraimo 10000mAh

Under the Oraimo power park 10000mah, there are quite a number of different models with the best prices.

This Oraimo capacity is enough for you to charge your phone over 2 times without stress.

However, depending on your power needs, this might not be suitable if you have multiple devices.

  • Oraimo Toast 10 Flash 10000mAh 2.4A | Price: ₦8,500
  • Oraimo Toast 10 PD Pro 10000mAh 2.4A | Price: ₦8,500
  • Oraimo Toast 10 Byte 10000mAh | Price: ₦8,800
  • Oraimo Toast 10 Lite Ultimate Slim 10000mAh  | Price: ₦5,900
  • Oraimo Slice 10000 mAh Ultra Slim | Price: ₦6,000
  • Oraimo Toast 10 PD Type-C Fast Charge | Price: ₦8,200


2. Oraimo Power Bank 16000mAh

Oraimo 16000mAh

The Oraimo 16000mAh battery offers a better power pack than the 10000mAh

It is suitable for travelers and outdoor outings. The power pack in this category is the Oraimo Traveler 160 16000mAh which goes for ₦13,000


3. Oraimo Power Bank 20000mAh

Oraimo 20000mAh

This model of power bank can be used to charge a phone over 4 times

This is quite robust and most of its models come with Type-c and Micro USB two recharging ports for convenient charging

  • Oraimo Traveler 4 20000mAh 2.1A | Price: ₦11,500
  • Oraimo Traveler 2 Byte 20000mAh | Price: ₦13,600
  • Oraimo Pilot 20000mAh 2.1A | Price: ₦13,000
  • Oraimo Pilot Byte 20000mAh | Price: ₦12,700
  • Oraimo Traveler 4 Pro PD3.0 QC3.0 Quick Charge 20000mAh | Price: ₦13,780


4. Oraimo Power Bank 27000mah

Oraimo 27000mAh

This capacity of Oraimo is powerful and supports fast charging and some of the models come with LED Flashlights

It can be used to charge your device more than 5 times from 0-100%

The device usually comes with a powerful SOS lighting alarm that can give you a hand in case of any emergency.

  • Oraimo Traveler 3 Vision 27000mAh | Price: ₦18,000
  • Oraimo Traveler 3 Byte Massive Power 27000mAh | Price: ₦19,000


5. Oraimo Power Bank 30000mAh

Oraimo 30000mAh

Oraimo 30000mAh is a superb battery pack with enough capacity to serve multiple devices.

It is suitable for travelers with more than one device to be charged simultaneously 

The Oraimo PowerBox 300 30000mAh  falls under this category and comes at ₦23,000


6. Oraimo Power Bank 40000mah

Oraimo 40000mAh

This is a quality product from Oraimo with the best deal

It’s suitable for all those that want extra pocket-friendly power to carry about

We have the Oraimo 40000mah Superior Quality Two Way Ultra Fast Charging Power Bank under this category that goes for ₦31,300


7. Oraimo Power Bank 50000mAh

Oraimo 50000mAh

If you need a strong and lasting power bank that can power your devices including new generation laptops, then think of a 50000mAh Oraimo power pack.

Suitable for any kind of power need.

With this power pack, you don’t need to worry about your devices running down. 

A single charge can last days and support multiple charging

The Oraimo PowerBox 500 50000mAh goes for ₦33,900 in price




Is Oraimo Power Bank Good

Oraimo is a reputable company focused on creating quality products with a guaranteed warranty.

Their device comes in different capacities and models and the power capacity is measured in milliAmpere Hour or mAh.

All Oraimo power packs are equipped with Oraimo’s exclusive chip, AniFast™ 

This feature called “AniFas” can intelligently identify the fast-charging protocol of your devices to deliver the speediest possible charge.

Also, all Oraimo products support a premium Lithium polymer chip and this is not just safe, but also has a higher conversion rate, stable voltage, and reliable circuit protection. 

In other words, it means Oraimo portable device can withstand overcharging, over-discharging, and other faults, offering reliable protection for both the power bank and devices. 

This makes Oraimo products safe to use any time any day

Interestingly, their products are rugged and long-lasting, with many testifying to having been using them for years.


How Long Can An Oraimo Power Park Last?

A typical 10000mAh Oraimo portable device can hold enough to recharge your devices 2 to 3 times without worry.

And to recharge itself, it is equipped with fast charging technology, in just 3 hours, a drained-up battery can be fully charged.  

Likewise, when it comes to charging devices, it is empowered by high-speed charging technology. The Type C port comes with an even faster charging speed.


How Do I Know If My Oraimo Power Bank is Original?

Oraimo Counterfeit Sticker

On all of Oraimo battery packs, there is an anti-counterfeit sticker with a 16-digit code.

To verify the authenticity, you can either scan the QR code or scratch the coating of the sticker to reveal the 16-digit code and enter the digits or letters on Oraimo’s official website here.

By doing this, you are sure of buying the original Oraimo power pack


Where Can I Buy Oraimo PowerBank?

There are quite a number of online shopping stores in Nigeria where you can get Oraimo portable devices but our preferred store is or the official Oraimo Website

These stores are the best online stores to buy Original Oraimo Power Pack and other products manufactured by Oriamo company without stress.


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Oraimo Power Bank is no doubt a top recommended mobile accessories manufacturer.

Their power banks are loved by many like you and there is no denying the fact that you will fall in love with the premium quality product. 

Click on this Oraimo Jumia Official store to order or simply check it out on their official website


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