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Qservers Review 2023

Do you want to host with Qservers? Let’s find out if they are worth it or not in this Qservers review.

However, if you happen to fall in love there is a Qservers Promo code for you.

Qservers web hosting is said to be renowned for its world-class technology and is proud to offer its customers outstanding execution speeds and powerful processing capabilities, delivering exceptional site performance day in and day out.

But how true is this, and how reliable they are? Are they really legit or just another scam

We decided to carry out this Qservers review, testing them against uptime, load time (speed), and customer support experience as well as Qservers’s cost, features, and overall usability.

Before going deep into the review, let’s have a look at Qservers web hosting official website by clicking the link below.



Qservers Web Hosting Homepage

Qservers is a web hosting & domain registrar in Nigeria, founded in December 2004 by Seun Kehinde.

This web host is legit with a physical as well as an online presence. 

In fact, they are leading edge committed to customer satisfaction.

As of today, Qservers Network Limited has grown its base by delivering exceptional service through its perfect combination of technical prowess, commitment to its customers, and affordable web hosting options. 

Similarly to many other website hosting companies, Qserver offers new users a free ccTLD domain.

Their plans start from N9,000/yr and include improved security, a free SSL certificate, and easy to use control panel.

The Qservers SSL helps to keep your blog or website protected and safe.


Overall, Qservers is good with exceptional Uptime & Speed performance.

In this review, we are going to look into more of these exceptional services as well as the cons below

Qservers Review: Pros & Cons

Looking at the strength and weaknesses for better decisions is one of the major reasons for this Qservers review and what you must note is the fact that having a good web hosting service is essential if a business wants to retain and enhance its online presence.

Therefore, How good are Qservers? Can it be relied upon as a hosting company?

Let’s find out that by looking at their pros and cons for a better decision.

In reality, web hosting services may be widespread, but they need a lot of features to make them really stand out.


Pros of Using Qservers Hosting


1. Strong Uptime of 99.99%

If there is anything I should focus on first in this review is the Uptime, because when it comes to uptime performance, no hosting provider will be around for long if they fail in this crucial measure.

Qservers Hosting has been around for over a decade now and has invested heavily in technology to consistently offer not only a reliable service but also a speedy one.

I decided to conduct Uptime monitoring on a Qservers Web Hosting powered website in order to keep a close watch on Qservers network integrity.

The result: it returns a 99.99% uptime over the period of 303 days 


Qservers Hosting Uptime

Their average Uptime of 99.99% over the years is significantly higher than many of the other web hosting companies

In short, Qservers are so confident in their uptime delivery that they offer free credit on downtime below 99.9%.


2. High Speed & Impressive Server Response

Research has proven that a large percentage of website users will abandon a website or a webpage within 3-5 seconds if it hasn’t loaded, so we felt the need to test Qserver’s loading speed.

I decide to use a Qservers-powered website since their website might have been optimized already.

The result was impressive, the home page loaded in less than 3s and the server response was quite impressive as well.


Qservers speed test

Impressive server response

Qservers powered website speed test



3. Qservers Cpanel – Easy to Use 

Not all hosting is suitable for beginners.

Some use custom Control panels which might pose a challenge to nontech savvy.

However, Qservers uses the most beginner-friendly control panel for its Web hosting services – cPanel.

All Qservers hosting is Powered by cPanel.

cPanel is the industry Control Panel Standard.

The well-structured design makes it incredibly easy for webmasters to create and run their websites.

Utilizing Qservers ‘s myriad of cPanel features, building and maintaining a site is a snap.

Qservers cPanel comes with an extensive list of tools that will assist webmasters and alike to create their sites and indeed improve on them.

Content Management Systems such as Joomla and Drupal is on the list of available apps.

Of course, WordPress is also available too.

Forum software such as phpBB, and SMF are all part of the package plus so much more to expect from their rich cPanel.

Above all, it is user friendly

In a nutshell, Qservers cPanel is:

  • Easy to use, friendly interface
  • Website building tools included
  • Create new email accounts easily
  • Easily create and manage databases & lots more


4. Reliable Customer Support & Knowledge Base

At Qservers Ltd, customer support is a key focus and this is clearly demonstrated by way of the sheer number of support options on offer.

Online, there is a Help Center and Ticketing System.

An email is an option as is phone and chat help, which is available 24/7.

The teams of support staff are trained thoroughly to ensure they’re fully equipped to resolve any difficulties customers are experiencing.

You can even expect your call to be answered within approximately a minute.

My test of Qservers customer support was impressive and there is a huge knowledge base for sorting out most problems.

Everything from setup to troubleshooting is included, leaving support reserved for rare problems.


5. Cheap, Inexpensive Hosting

Whether you’re a first-time website owner or a web veteran, Qservers’s hosting services have a package for you.

Shared hosting starts at 9,000/year for eCommerce web hosting, VPS, and Dedicated server at affordable prices.

Qservers is one of the top web hosting company in Nigeria that offer cheap and reliable web hosting solutions


6. Ease of use

On the whole, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Qservers, when it comes to their user-friendliness.

From sign-up to being ready to launch your first website takes no more than a couple of minutes following a straight-forward process that involves nothing more complicated than choosing a domain name, entering some personal information, and paying via either credit/debit card, bank transfer or a number of other options.

Meanwhile, I found the user interface to be highly intuitive, with everything neatly categorized in a series of drop-down menus from your dashboard, and the majority of tools and features easily accessible through cPanel.


7. Free SSL Certificate

SSL is a vital component of a successful online business.

At the front end, this is the tool responsible for changing the HTTP in front of your website address into HTTPS with the green padlock icon, but there’s an awful lot more to it than that.

Behind the scenes, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology provides a secure, encrypted link between a user’s web browser and the server hosting your website.

This means that when private customer data such as their financial information is collected on your website, it passes to the server in such a way that it can only be read by the intended recipient, and isn’t susceptible to hacking attacks or other security vulnerabilities.


Qservers offered SSL certificate for all shared hosting

If you take the safety of your customers seriously (and I really hope you do!) then SSL should be critical to your online business.

Qservers offer free SSL (using Let’s Encrypt ) on all shared web hosting package and i hope you would not like to miss that.


8. Free Qservers Promo Code

Aside from the premium offers, you can take advantage of the Qservers promo code offers to enjoy some amazing discounts on your web hosting.

You can also buy any domain from extensive domain extensions in their arsenal


Cons Of Using Qservers Hosting

1. No data backup

Qservers does not support files or data backup, you have to do that on your own.

2. Refund policy is limited and they can decide not to pay at all

The following methods of payments are non-refundable (Bank Wire Transfers, Interswitch Debit Cards, Cheque), and if at all, they want to refund, it will be posted as credit to the hosting account

3. The use of more than 50,000 inodes on any shared account may potentially result in suspension.

 4. No support for Reseller hosting.

5. No addon domains 

6. As an affiliate, Qservers can only pay you once and after that, they will never pay you again no matter how much traffic and conversion you are getting. Affiliates, stay away.


Qservers Review: Web Hosting Packages & Pricing


Qservers Shared Hosting

Qservers Logo

Qservers has an interesting mix of services on offer, in short, a good array of service packages that cater to any website, but they really make their name by being ultra-competitive in the budget shared hosting plans.

Five shared hosting services are on offer here – Starter (N9,000/yr), Business (N15,000/yr), Developer (N20,000/yr), Pro (N29,000/yr), and Mega (N40,000).

The major difference is in the allocated storage space and bandwidth, others are a number of addon domains, sub-domains, and packed domains.

All shared hosting plans come with the following

  • Free setup
  • Free website migration/transfer
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited MySQL
  • Softaculous for easy installation of apps like WordPress
  • cPanel
  • PHP Selector – enables you to change the version of your Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
  • ….and many more


Qservers eCommerce Web Hosting

One of the reasons I love Qservers eCommerce hosting is that they come automatically equipped to cater to small and medium-sized eCommerce stores.

Getting your first web store up and running is often an expensive business.

Many providers offer little or no e-commerce functionality in their starter plans, and you’ll often have to fork out for a high-end specialist plan before you can do anything useful.

Qservers is a rare exception where even the most basic hosting plan gives you more than enough to get started.

However, they have a dedicated web hosting plan that caters to those who want to build their business online.

To make it even easier, Qserver partnered with Interswitch to provide their customers with bundled e-commerce packages.

These packages are designed to get your web store online and start receiving payments, using the Quickteller payment gateway – powered by Interswitch.

Their starter plan (E-1) starts at 25,000/yr, this can really get you going and of course, you can scale up as your store grows.

Interesting to know, the upgrade is free.


Qservers VPS Hosting

If you’re in need of a hosting plan that gives your website the flexibility of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the price, a virtual private server (VPS) could be just what you’re looking for.

With Qservers VPS plan, you can install nearly any type of software on the system, and configure it in any way you’d like.

VPS resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth can be clearly defined and allocated to your virtual server.

All Qservers VPS Hosting package comes with free setup and Migration

You can get started with their flexible plan


Qservers Dedicated Hosting

If you seek speed, power, and complete control, Qserver’s dedicated server should be right up your alley.

The dedicated hosting options available from this company hold their own in comparison to the Web’s other top hosts, and the cost of Qservers ’s packages are right on par with the rest, even cheaper.

There’s nothing especially noteworthy about this package, but if you have Medium-sized businesses or Large businesses, Websites with heavy traffic, then a dedicated server on Qservers is certainly worthy of consideration.

All Qservers Dedicated Hosting package comes with free setup and Migration

You can get started with their flexible plan


Qservers Domain Name Reseller

Whether you are a beginner in domain-related industries and will only register several domains a month or a robust hosting firm that will register up to thousands of domains a month, QServers has the right reseller program to fit your needs, with unbeatable pricing in the domain industry, no setup fee while you are free to set your own retail pricing.

When you become Qservers Domain Reseller, you will be able to:

  • Register a Domain
  • Renew a Domain
  • Transfer a Domain
  • Park a Domain


Qservers Promo Code

With these Qservers Promo Codes, you rest assured you are getting the latest and active top of deals from Qservers.

Feel relaxed and save big with any of your purchases from, Nigeria’s top-rated & fastest-growing domain and web hosting company.

You can get absolutely free domains, SSL Certificate and discounts on premium domains as well as web hosting packages leveraging this Qservers coupon page

Simply Login to  Qservers, Enter the Code at Checkout, and enjoy your discount

Checkout available coupons by clicking the link below or better still check out at

20% Off Shared Web Hosting 
Get or Domain For Free


Verdict On Qservers Review 2023

In a nutshell, this Qservers review shows that with >99.9% Uptime, fast loading site, free site transfers, free domains, cPanel, and the ability to pay in Naira, Qservers throws everything they have into making your site launch as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Some of our favorite Qservers hosting packages include Shared web hosting, eCommerce web hosting options (to enable you to build an online store), and VPS and Dedicated hosting.

Whether you’re a web savant looking for dedicated resources or a hosting newbie looking for a one-stop shop and domain hosting, Qserver has a service to meet your needs.

Best of all, they offer their products and services with 24/7 support available via phone, email, and chat.

As of today, Qservers remain one of the most reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria, so what are you waiting for, go sign up with them.

If you enjoy this Qservers review, don’t forget to share it with loved ones


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