You are currently viewing 7 Best Rechargeable Fan and Prices in Nigeria

7 Best Rechargeable Fan and Prices in Nigeria

We are going to be reviewing 7 Best Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria today

The truth is, inorder to have a backup plan to deal with harsh weather condition and unplanned power cuts, people naturally resort to backup plans like generator.

However, if the whether condition is major priority for going for a Generator, then i think is time to reconsider a Rechargeable fan, because is cheap both in the short and long run. Besides, it is a trending technology just like the bladeless fan that is revolutionizing the cooling sector.

Rechargeable Fan is a cooling appliances that is battery-operated and can work as well as charge its battery to save power to be use when there is no electricity supply.

Inorder words, it is a cooling appliances that can be use once fully charged for home or office when there is a shortage or no electricity.

We have different types of Rechargeable fan, this includes desk fan, mini fan, handheld fan just like your mobile phone, wall fan, and Standing fan, all comes with rechargeable batteries.

Among the top brands that manufacturer Rechargeable fans are: QASA, Lontor, Andrakk, Nexus, Sonik, ORL, LG, Samsung, Binatone, Ox rechargeable fan and many more.

Regardless of your choice, you get the cool breeze you need to neutralize the hot air around you with this our Top 7 Best Rechargeable Fans.

The reviews are based on these categories: Rechargeable Water Mist, Long Height, USB Charging & Solar among others.




7 Best Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria

1. Lontor Rechargeable Water Mist | Price: N34,000 – N45,000

LONTOR has been committed to providing high quality, energy-efficient, convenient lighting and emergency life electrical products for the global consumer.

The Lontor Rechargeable Water Mist is just another top-notch product of the popular LONTOR and one of the best rechargeable fan in Nigeria


The Lontor Rechargeable Water Mist Fan aka Water Fan is undoubtedly one of the best rechargeable fan with AC like feeling, superior quality and unique design.

It works like air-condition due to its ability to control the humidity of its environment.

When the weather gets too hot, an ordinary fan will emit hot air normally. But the Lontor Rechargeable Water Mist fan provides an air cooling effect through its automatic water atomization function.

It cools the air by drawing water from the inbuilt water tank reservoir and provide the much-needed humidity in the home.

It is beautifully designed and comes in various sizes often with major differences in specs.

This is a great cooling appliance for home, store and lecture venues.

Lontor Rechargeable Water Mist


2. QASA Standing Rechargeable Fan | N19,000 – N25,000

The QASA is a brand of the Qlink Group specializing in the production of home appliances.

The QASA Standing Rechargeable Fan remain one of the most sort after because of its key specs.

It features a speed control, Easy oscillation and height adjustment, Built-in LED night-light. Charging and operating indicator and Over-charge and over-discharge protection.

In all, the battery life is good as it will help keep your room cool and comfortable from the moment you turn off your generator until the morning.

Its expected that the more faster the fan, the faster the battery runs down. But on the whole, it worth checking out.

QASA Standing Rechargeable Fan


3. Lonen USB Rechargeable Fan | Price: N5,500 – N10,500

Lonen is one of the leading LED lighting company based in China with focus on providing day-to-day house hold appliances.

The Lonen USB rechargeable fan is incredible one out of their many products.

This portable fan is very handy and can be used as a table, wall-mounted or clip fan for baby’s cradle.

The fan works convenient to take anywhere and anytime, keep you cool on hot days.

It features a Battery charged by USB, a clip base that enable it to be use as a table, wall-mounted or portable hand held also comes with an adjustable wind control settings/remote.

It is very suitable for traveling, mini office or any space restricted areas.


Lonen USB Rechargeable Fan


4. OX 18″ Rechargeable Fan | Price: N22,000 – N32,000

When it comes to electric standing fans, OX is king. But what many don’t know is the fact that, OX brand also manufacture rechargeable fans.

The fan is design with the latest technology to meet your comforts and infact one of the best rechargeable fan in Nigeria today.

The OX 18″ Rechargeable fan features LED light, Powerful Airflow, Automatic Oscillation, Battery Indicator and a built in power cord with plug rechargeable battery that operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time.

The knob button gives you the authority to be in control of the speed level and the rechargeable sealed lead acid battery is quick to charge and last 18 hrs long for you to feel relaxed with fresh air all day long.

The blades are 18 inches in length. It has charging port for charging of phones, tablets, mp3 etc.

OX worth the price and best suited for home or office use.

OX 18 inch Rechargeable Fan


5. Solar Rechargeable Fan | Price: 2,000 – 35,000

Solar rechargeable fan is one such invention that man has created to support the insufficient Electric power.

Couple with the fact that, there is epileptic power supply in Nigeria, technology invention has made it possible to tap into the power of sun.

Solar Rechargeable fan simply taps the natural solar energy and converts it into mechanical energy for providing air circulation.

inorderwords, A solar rechargeable fan is a simple construction – a fan attached to solar panels. These solar panels are either independent of the mechanical fan or sometimes mounted on the fan for convenience.

Many appliances use solar energy to operate, and now, we even have fans that do the same.

Many brands today in the home appliances sector are manufacturing solar fans with leading being Lontor, Qasa, Andrakk and host of others.

The solar rechargeable fans feature lightweight materials, energy efficient motors, and have aerodynamically designed blades.

This fancy fan and trending technology worth given a try.

Solar rechargeable fan


6. Andrakk Wall Rechargeable Fan | Price: N18,500 – 27,500

The ANDRAKK brand is a world class brand that seeks to bring maximum comfort to her numerous customers through the sale of innovative and unique products which are produced with high technology and control systems.

The Andrakk Wall Rechargeable Fan are durable and reliable. They are typically mounted onto a wall at about eye level and are designed to swivel back and forth to pass air from one corner of the room to the other.

The Andrakk fan features, Rechargeable lead-acid battery, Emergency function, Energy Saving,
Over discharge & Overcharge Protection, 3 speed rechargeable and super bright led light

Andrakk Wall Rechargeable Fan


7. Sonik  Rechargeable Fan | Price: N41,000 – N47,000

Sonik Rechargeable Fans is an innovative cooling device that has proved to be very effective in hot weather conditions.

They are ideal for homes, offices and even larger spaces too. They incorporate all the features you need to be comfortable in your home.

It comes with the capacity to keep a big room well ventilated and cool all day long owing to it’s fan that blows at a very high speed.

It also feature Remote Control, 3 Speed Air Cooler, Automatic oscillation vane system,1Liter Ice block for enhanced cooling, 8litres Water tank capacity and Battery 12v 7ah for long lasting performance.

This indeed worth checking out.

Sonik  Rechargeable Fan

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Rechargeable Fan Buyer Guide


Here Are Things To Take Into Consideration When Buying Rechargeable Fan



The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered when buying a rechargeable fan is the price.

This will help you narrow down the options that you find in the market.

Different brands provide their models at a different price.

The price of the fan can increase depending on the features built into it.


Customer Service

Customer service is another important consideration when you are seeking for a rechargeable fan.

This gives you mental peace of getting the best maintenance of the product or better still a refund.

It is advisable to choose a model from a popular brand that provides good customer service to its customers.

However, I don’t think this is necessary as majority of the selections here are from Jumia Nigeria.

This makes it easy to refund any product that might be faulty or not up to your taste.


Size and Dimension of Room

The dimension and size of the room is another important feature to decide the right type of fan.

This will also help you decide its placement in the room.

For example, if you are on a tight space room, then ideally you might want to go for a smaller fan.



Not all of the rechargeable fans comes with accessories. Though this depend on your specs need however, you might want to consider rechargeable fans with accessories like  embedded lights, micro USB port, etc

Learn about the utility of the accessories and how useful it is for you. This will help you form the right purchasing decision.



Battery, operational duration and charge time are all some of the important parameters that you might want to look at.

Most of these fan batteries are not created equally, some batteries charge fast and last longer than others.


Brand and Reputation

You can’t overlook the reputation and name of the manufacturing company when purchasing a rechargeable fan.

Devices from branded and established firms guarantee you of the top quality.

However our top picks for you are of the highest quality. You might want to get a glance at it once more by scrolling up.



If you think of quality, affordability and reliability, you can’t go wrong with any of theses top 7 best rechargeable fan in Nigeria i have listed above.

They are ideal for homes, offices and even larger spaces too. They incorporate all the features you need to be comfortable in your home.

And whether you are a business man, student, bachelor/ spinster or with a family, You can’t go wrong by picking one.

Checking out with any of these is sure to get the the best value for your money.

If you enjoy this guide on the best rechargeable fan in Nigeria, don’t forget to share and comment below


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