You are currently viewing 7 Best Hair Clipper In Nigeria For Home And Commercial Use

7 Best Hair Clipper In Nigeria For Home And Commercial Use

Do you know you can get the best hair clipper in Nigeria for home use or commercial purpose. 

As we all know, Hair clipper or Barbing Clipper are machines that are used to level hair.

They can be use for a multitude of things, from trimming the kids’ hair to trimming beards, cutting of hair and even shaving completely bald if that is desired.

There are many different models and styles with a variety of features that can be offered.

I’ve reviewed the top rated best hair clipper in Nigeria below so you can see what makes them customer favorites and why they are so good.

If you have a large family or have several boys that like to keep their hair shorter, you will benefit from having a good quality pair of hair clippers handy.

They are not difficult to learn to use since the whole purpose of hair clippers is not to do intricate hair styles but to trim and neaten things up.


Top 7 Best Hair Clipper In Nigeria 2023

When it comes to giving your family great haircuts, these best hair clipper in Nigeria will give you all the tools you need and more.

Easy to use and a great value too, you will save money while you help your family look great.

Hair clippers were used all the time in the 50s and 60s when getting professional haircuts wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. Women often gave the kids haircuts.

Now, clippers have come a long way and you can go back to giving great haircuts and keeping your children looking neat and trim easily while you save time and money.

One of the lovely key spec with these hair clippers, is that they can be use for both personnel and commercial.

Inshort, this list below also made up the best clippers for barbers in Nigeria



Here Are The Top 7 Best Hair Clipper in Nigeria 2023


1. Chaoba Hair Clipper | Price N5,000 – N10,000

Chaoba Clipper is one of the best hair clipper in Nigeria. It has been specially designed to ensure men can get precision haircut.

It is suitable for all types of hair which makes it the perfect hair tool to have.chaoba hair clipper

Having a quality clipper like this one will ensure you always get a nice haircut.

The blades of the Chaoba clipper are made from high grade carbon steel which ensures they not only stay sharp for a long period of time but also rust free.

Its low noise operation makes it super convenient to use at any time.

Having your personal clipper will guarantee you do not pick up any form of infection when you visit a barbing salon. You can use it to shave your beards from the convenience of your home for a tidy look always.

Chaoba Hair Clipper Key Take Away

  • The Chaoba Hair Clipper has been the choice of many because its easy to use and it has a long power cord which makes it easy for the barber to move around when cutting your hair.
  • Comes with two sets of teeth which ensures precise hair cutting and the adjustable lever makes it more convenient to achieve different hairstyles.
  • It has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to handle and ensures you are in absolute control.
  • It also has been built for peak performance which makes it ideal to use in a barbing salon for commercial purposes. Its sound motor ensures it runs smoothly at all times.

Chaoba Clipper Price in Nigeria

 Chaoba Clipper price in Nigeria ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 Naira and can be found in most of the top online stores in Nigeria

2. Wahl Hair Clipper | Price N17,000 – N100,000

Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro

If you take a moment to explore a list of brands with the best hair clipper in Nigeria, it is almost certain you will find the Wahl Company near the top of the list.

The company has been creating hair cutting products for many years and they’ve remained consistently impressive throughout the duration.

Infact, when it comes to quality, Wahl Hair Clipper are top-notch. 

They have all kinds of variety of Clippers you can use for your kids or commercial purpose.

Though Wahl Clippers are expensive but it worth it because it has top notch quality and can meet with your tasking demand anytime when it comes to trimming stubborn or soft hair.


Wahl Hair Clipper Key Take Away

  • High Quality Home Haircuts: A complete kit for home hair cutting & trimming, the Wahl Deluxe includes a quality clipper & guide combs, cordless touch-up trimmer, styling shear, and everything you need to achieve the precise style you want.
  • Complete Hair Cutting Kits: Whether you trim your hair between trips to the salon or barber, need beard or nose hair trimmers, or a complete hair cutting kit, Wahl has the high quality hair cutting and personal grooming tools you need.
  • A Smooth Cut Every Time: Wahl clippers & trimmers are available in a variety of styles to meet your home hair cutting needs. From Lithium Ion cordless & rechargeable clippers to heavy-duty corded models, Wahl clippers & trimmers deliver a high performance.
  • The Brand Used By Professionals: Wahl clippers and trimmers have been used by professionals in the salon & barber industry since 1919. With self sharpening precision blades & quality construction, Wahl clippers, shavers & trimmers deliver a smooth shave.

Original Wahl clippers price in Nigeria

Original Wahl clippers price in Nigeria ranges from 17,000 to 80,000 Naira and can be found in most of the top online shopping stores in Nigeria. 



3. kemei Hair Clipper | Price N5,500 – N17,000

The Kemei hair clipper has been around for quite some time, and its digital nature and ease of use make it another best clippers for barbers in Nigeria especially among does that fancy tech.

The Kemei hair clipper will help you take control of all your trimming and shaving needs in a quick, efficient, safe, and cost-friendly manner. Looking your best and most groomed self couldn’t get easier than this.

Its best suitable for personal and home use.

Kemel Hair clipper also in thier collection do have Professional Rechargeable & Electric Hair Trimmer, Hair Cutting clipper and infact, the rechargeable made up one of the top rated kemei Hair Clipper.

kemei Hair Clipper

Kemei hair clipper Key Take Away

  • There is a LCD screen on the body, which can intuitive display the remaining electricity.
  • Sharp stainless steel blade to trim your hair fast and precisely, no hair get stuck and no hurt to your skin.
  • Powerful motor with two speed adjustable, suitable for all types of hair trimming.
  • A convenient blade lever for adjusting the length of the blade, providing a smoother and more precise performance on your hair.
  • Equipped with 4 different length limit combs(3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm), you can easily control the hair length you want to trim and create various hair styles.
  • Cord and cordless dual use, no longer to worry about no electricity, more convenient.
  • After 3 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 120 minutes.

kemei Hair Clipper in Nigeria

kemei Hair Clipper in Nigeria ranges from N5,500 – N11,0000 and can be found in most of the top online shopping stores in Nigeria.


4. Philips Hair Clipper | Price N9,000 – N29,000

If you need an hair clipper that will make hair cuts as easy as possible, Philips has what you’re looking for

Philips Hair Clipper

The Philips hair clipper is one of the popular hair clipper in Nigeria designed with a copper coil motor for constant, durable & cutting edge power.

They can be relied upon for any type of use as they come in varieties.

You can use if for cutting any style of hair, trimming of beard and Mustache and infact it can be use for pet grooming.


Philips Hair Clipper Key Take Away

  • Perfect for hair and face. The Philips clipper gives you the freedom to shape hair and beard styles, or achieve a clean shave.
  • Strong steel blades last up to 4 times longer. Philips steel blades are designed to withstand chips and cracks, lasting up to 4 times longer.
  • The Philips hair Clipper are built to last. They usually come with a two year worldwide guarantee and worldwide voltage compatibility.
  • Adjustable blades with close precision from 0.5 mm to 3 mm. With a convenient thumb lever adjustment, the blades can be set to achieve a bold cut as well as trim stubble without using a comb.
  • Additional combs will give you additional freedom to play with multiple hair styles.
  • Textured handle for easy, non-slip grip. A smart textured handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Extra-long 2.4 m cord. The 2.4 m long cord gives you great reach, making it easy to move around while clipping.
  • Specially designed blade tips for less cuts. The tips of the Philips blades are designed to reduce the risk of cuts while clipping your hair or beard.
  • Special blades for less skin damage. The Philips clipper is designed to ensure less bumps while creating your own unique style. Making you feel proud and confident. The clipper comes with 4 click-on hair combs. Select a desired length with each different comb and achieve a consistent smooth, even trim, time after time.

Price of Philips Hair Clipper in Nigeria

Philips Hair Clipper Price in Nigeria ranges from N9,000 to N29,000 however, this depends on the type you are buying.

5. Binatone Hair Clipper  | Price N8,000 – N26,000

The Binatone Hair Clipper is another best hair clipper in Nigeria that has been designed to enable every man to look their best at all times.

By owning your own personal clipper, you will have taken a huge step in protecting yourself from infections that are associated with barber shops.

Since you cannot control the kinds of people that visit the barber shop, it is essential for you to have your own clipper.

As a professional man, it is important to have a nice haircut and clean shave especially if your job involves interactions with a lot of people.

Having a smart look is a good business, it will also ensure you get a lot of respect from people you come in contact with for you will be seen as a man who is conscious of his personal style.


Binatone Hair Clipper Key Take Away 

Binatone Hair Clipper
  • The Binatone Hair Clipper 3.0 watts of power ensures high performance and precision cut.
  • It has a low noise motor that guarantees an efficient and smooth operation.
  • It has durable stainless steel blades that remain rust free for a long period of time.
  • You can use the Binatone Hair Clipper for as long as possible without having to change the blades.
  • By having this clipper at home, you can quickly have a shave before leaving the house for a clean look every day.


Binatone Hair Clipper Key Take Away 

Binatone Hair Clipper price in Nigeria ranges from 8,000 Naira to 26,000 and available with most online and offline superstores


6. GTS Clipper | Price N5,000 – N15,000

The GTS Clipper, is a long lasting durable and rechargeable hair clipper. This clipper has a powerful and long-lasting motor for even the toughest trim.

The clipper blades are tough enough to deal with even the toughest hair strands, therefore, recommended for people with tough hair.

GTS Clipper Key Take Away

  • Easy to use and long lasting.
  • Powerful and long-life motor.
  • Novel appearance.
  • Compact and attractive.
  • Powerful, low noise and sharp.
  • Voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Watt: 15W
  • Frequency: 50Hz

Price of GTS Clipper in Nigeria

GTS clipper price in Nigeria ranges from 5,000 naira to 15,000. Usually, this price is determined by the model you are buying but on the whole, it is not more than N15,000 at peak.



7. kiki Rechargeable Clipper | Price N4,000 – N13,500

kiki rechargeable clipper

Couple with unstable power supply in Nigeria, it becomes necessary to find better alternative to hair cut and that is where the kiki rechargeable clipper comes in

kiki rechargeable clipper is another Hair clipper that can be use with or without cord.

Being rechargeable, it can be operated without wires and is suitable for travelling and use where there is limited supply of electric power supply.

It has long life power motor with a rechargeable battery that support fast charging and can last up to 5hrs when fully charged.

Also, it comes with over charge and over discharge protection feature therefore making it idle for all occasion   

It can be use as shaving clippers and barbing clipper. Irrespective of what you want, kiki rechargeable clipper is equal to the task.

kiki rechargeable clipper Take Away

  • Suitable for Nigerian considering the epileptic power supply we have.
  • Suitable for travelers, since it can be utilized everywhere
  • Since you are utilizing cordless clippers, it makes cleanup faster, while you don’t have to wrap wires.
  • Kiki Clippers has Over charge and Over discharge protection with copper coil
  • Its blades are high-hardness and self -sharp which means you dont need to keep sharpening your clipper as found with other types

kiki Rechargeable Clipper Price in Nigeria 

kiki rechargeable clipper price in Nigeria ranges from 4,000 to 13,500 depending on the model you are going for. But on the whole, they are affordable.

See kiki rechargeable clipper Offers


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Best Hair Clipper In Nigeria Buyer Guide

Below is hair clipper buyer’s guide that will give you more information about the top best hair clipper in Nigeria and hair clippers in general.

With this information you will be able to choose the right hair clippers for your family.

Let’s start from the basis with What is Hair Clipper? the different types, then look into the buyer guide


What is a Hair Clipper?

Hair clipper or barbing clipper are handy machines that are used to level hair. They are meant to cut hair and sometimes used to shave the head completely or any hairy part of the body.

Many people confuse hair clippers, trimmers and shavers.

They have some similarities, although most Hair Clippers can do both the trimming and shaving but might not be compare to let say what a shaver trimmer is meant to do.

Hair clippers are designed to deal with the most amount of hair at one time.

Trimmers are for the finishing work like around the ears, neckline, beards and mustaches as well.

While on the other hand, Shavers are meant to completely remove the hair.


Before You Start Researching and Buying Of Hair Clippers

There are several things to consider before you start shopping for hair clippers you want to get.


The factors below can help you reduce the amount of choices you have and will make deciding a lot easier.

How much experience do you have?

If you are not new to using hair clippers, you may want to invest in a little higher quality hair clipper set since you know exactly what you’re doing with them.

If you are new to using hair clippers and are just starting out, you may want to start with a mid range model that will cost much less money than a high end model will.

Picking any one from our collection above could be a great start.


What Kind of Cuts will you be doing?

What kind of haircuts you will be giving will determine the type of accessories you need.

In general, it is always better to get a model of hair clipper that has a lot of different attachments to choose from so you have some flexibility in terms of length.


What Are The Hair Clippers For?

We are referring mostly to haircuts for humans in this buyer’s guide, but many people use hair clippers to trim pet’s hair as well since it is so good for that.

Pet hair is thicker than human hair so be sure to get a powerful motor in the hair clipper set you decide on if you will be cutting pet’s hair as well.


Will You Cut Your Own Hair? 

If you are the one doing all the hair cutting you may want to consider getting a lighter weight model of hair clippers since doing your own hair can really be very tiring if the clippers are heavy.

In addition, look for models with swiveling heads which make cutting the back of your own hair much easier.


Mirrors Are Great For Self Cuts 

If you will be cutting you own hair you can actually set up some mirrors in such a way that you can see what you’re doing much easier than trying to “feel” your way around.

Mount a swing arm mirror on the wall that sits perpendicular to the regular mirror that doesn’t move. This way you can easily see the back and sides of your head without having to hold up a mirror. It makes things much easier.


What Makes A Good Clipper Set?

There are several things that you should look at and compare when you start searching for that perfect hair clipper set for your family. These are things that a good set of hair clippers has and you can rely on.

  • Motor Strength – If you just cut your own family’s hair, a super strong motor may not be a necessity. If you cut a lot of people’s hair on a regular basis, look for a set of hair clippers that has a strong motor that will last and be durable. Universal motors operate both AC and DC and they can pivot or be on rotary duty.
  • Attachment Guide Choices – Pretty much all hair clipper sets will have attachments than range anywhere from 1/16” to 1”. These allow you to cut the hair different lengths from super short to layered.
    These guides make the cutting much easier.
  • A bit about Blades – The blades in your hair clippers can range from .2mm to 13mm. Many hair clipper sets have high carbon steel blades that are self sharpening and stay sharp for a long, long time.
    Different models have different blades, so be sure that you research to know exactly what kind of blades your hair clippers have.
  • Maintenance is Important – Maintaining your hair clippers means you will have them for a long time and that is always a way to save additional money. Most hair clipper sets have what you will need to maintain them included in the set. These will be things like lubricating oil, cleaning brush and the manuals so you know what to do with the maintenance tools. With the proper care and using the right tools, your hair clippers can last for years with no problems.
  • Design – Ergonomic design is always a good thing whether you are just going to cut only your family’s hair or do it professionally. You want a hair clipper set to be easy to handle and hold onto, so look for comfortable designs, soft grip handles and lighter weights.
  • Good Price – A low price on a set of clippers does not automatically mean it isn’t a good set. While price and budget are important, you don’t need to under or over buy, so be sure to look for the sets that have the features you’re looking for and then look at price. If it is not out of your proposed budget, you’ll be right on track and can get that set with no issues or worries.


How Much is Clipper in Nigeria

Hair Clipper Price in Nigeria varies and this can be attributed to differences in products as well as specs. But on the whole, the price of Clipper in Nigeria is affordable usually starting at 4,000 Naira and above. 

Taken a look from the list of best clippers and their price range above can better give you price ideas.


Hair Clipper Maintenance

It’s easy to maintain your hair clippers and it only takes a few minutes when you keep up with it. You will start off by cleaning the clippers with the cleaning brush that is included in your kit (or should have been)

Clean all around the blades and make sure all hair trimmings are cleaned off. Make sure no hairs are clogging anything. You will clean the hair clippers before you lubricate them and make sure you clean them before and after every use.

Oiling your hair clipper blades is very important. It keeps the blades conditioned which means they will not become dull and start being ineffectual for getting the hair cut nicely. You don’t have to over oil so be sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual as to how much? In terms of how often, you should figure on lubricating and cleaning every ten times of being used.


Verdict On Best Clippers For Barbers in Nigeria

Looking for the right hair clipper for hair cut in Nigeria can be an enjoyable experience when you have the knowledge and information you need to make the right decision.

This simple guide put you through the top 7 best hair clippers in Nigeria as well as buyer guide therefore making the right choice in choosing the right clipper becomes lot easier.

Besides, this day, having your own clipper remain the best and you can’t go wrong by choosing from any of the list above as it allows you to use it for both home and commercial if need be.


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